6 Ways to Add Value to Your Apartment or Home Using Smart Technology



We all want to add value to our properties, and there are other ways to do it beside undertaking major remodeling projects. A great way to make your space more valuable is the addition of smart technology. Let’s look at six areas where smart tech can pay off for you:


This was one of the first areas where smart technology appeared. If you ask your parents, they’ll tell you that their home’s thermostat was a round thing with a tube of mercury inside of it attached to a spring. When heat made the spring expand or contract, the mercury in the tube moved and made an electrical connection that started or shut down the furnace.

Digital thermostats were next, and those were followed by smart units. Smart thermostats allow you to control your home’s climate remotely, and newer apps can interface with the local weather forecast to help you set your home’s temperature correctly.


With a new smart garden app, you can see the condition of your soil on your smart device, and your app will help you determine when to water. If everyone had a smart garden app, you wouldn’t see automatic sprinkler systems diligently watering lawns during thunderstorms. Smart apps take the humidity, cloud cover, temperature and the weather forecast into consideration as they formulate an efficient irrigation plan.


When we think lighting, we think LEDs. LEDs are cheaper, last longer, and are more energy efficient than both incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Some newer LED fixtures do not even have traditional light bulbs and will last 30 to 40 years. According to the experts at ABODO, a company that produces trusted rent reports for specific cities like Athens, Georgia, “add a smart lighting app to your new LED system, and you can control your home or apartment ambience remotely.”


Motion detectors were a great innovation, but now you can have cameras in every room, and you no longer need an alarm company to monitor them. With a smart entry system, you can remotely change door entrance codes and also speak with anyone you deem questionable through a speaker/microphone embedded in the doorbell.

Music Controller

A few years ago, you were probably excited when after a trip to Radio Shack you figured out how to connect your phone to your vintage music system, but now all of that can be accomplished with one app. Buy the right one and you’ll be able to stream music from all of your favorite e sources to any sound system you have.

Automation Center

A smart home automation center takes all of the above and puts them in a single location 

like your computer or a pad for easy access. With a sophisticated home automation system, you can control your HVAC, lighting, irrigation, security and music all from one device, and this is the best way to take full advantage of various smart innovations.

Smart technology is an absolute must in new construction and can also make useful additions for a first time buyer, and with a little research and work on your part, you can add it to your existing property for an instant value increase.

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