7 Simple Tips for a Successful Home Tour

home tours fsboI) Clear it out!

Before showing your house always remember these three words; DECLUTTER, DECLUTTER, DECLUTTER!

Prospectors can easily get discouraged when they enter a house and see it filled with another person’s furniture simply because they have a hard time imagining what it looks like empty.


Many buyers like an empty canvas so that they can really imagine how they can make the space their own. Plus, many worry that the extra furniture that is placed throughout the home can be used to hide unpleasant surprises such as moisture stains behind a picture frame or worse.

The more traces that you leave of yourself in your home, the more of a chance that a buyer will feel outside of their comfort zone. This gives them a hard time imagining themselves living there. In the case of staging a home – less is more!


Beytips– We know, packing is the WORST! However, you’re going to have to do it at some point, so get those boxes together and make sure to get them out of the house. Not only will you have a HUGE weight lifted off of your shoulders but also it will clear the area of all of the items that a prospect won’t want to see.

Make sure to get the boxes out of the house to avoid the additional clutter. Store them with your friends, family or local storage units for a place to safely leave the boxes.


Home Staging Tips – Not everyone has the same taste when it comes to home décor. Make sure to always take a step back when staging your to choose neutral pieces to bring out the best qualities in your home.


II: Tidy up!

While this may seem like common sense, we cannot stress further the importance of having a spotless home whenever you are planning to sell or rent your home.

By keeping your home neat and organized it leaves a great impression in the mind of a prospector, while a dirty home makes people feel like they’re rummaging a yard sale. An unorganized house can give the impression that as a homeowner, you cannot maintain a home. Therefore, whenever you know that you will have visitors make sure to bust out those cleaning supplies and tidy up! Also, don’t forget to double check all of those pesky little spots that you may avoid on a day-to-day basis such as the closets, balconies, garage and more!

Not only will this help sell your home, but also you’ll feel great knowing that your home is spotless!


Beytip – With real estate prices on the high, the price of square footage has gone up.

This means that the amount of square footage that an average person can purchase has gone down. It is essential to get the most out of all of the space your home has to offer. You can do this by highlighting your storage spaces, clearing them out or straightening them up to give your visitors the ability to really dream.

Another way to highlight your space is by getting rid of extra clothes that you no longer wear to avoid a cluttered closet and making the space look bigger.


Home Staging Tips – If you did not put all your moving boxes in a storage unit or at a friends place and moved everything in one specific room instead, avoid showing it.

This leaves a negative impression with your visitors and does not put extra value on the home.


III: If it’s broken, FIX IT!

You know that to-do list that you’ve been avoiding? Well we hate to break it to you, but it’s time to get it done! Home staging is not about hiding flaws, it’s a matter of doing all of the small household repairs that may be a pain to get done but make all of the difference when it comes to appearance.

While you may have gotten used to living with a hanging electrical cord or an exposed socket, a visitor will notice it right away. All of these little flaws in the house are a quick fix and ensure a prospector that the house is NOT run down. This gives a client the peace of mind that the wall with cracked paint is not because of flooding or severe water damage. Also, the smallest insignificant flaws in a home can lower the sale price, because you risk a buyer or renter pointing them out.

If you don’t want the price of your home to dwindle down dramatically and you have the skills to repair them yourself then get to work!


Beytips –Future buyers have a 15-day window to retract a commitment to a purchase and are protected against hidden flaws that exist before the sales. This means that it is essential to properly fix those leaky faucets and other small flaws or else it will come back to haunt you!


Home Staging Tips – It goes without saying that anything that is broken downgrades the image of your home. So repair that damaged house, take notice of all the dingy sections, replace the missing doorknob and fix the loose electrical outlet. This is a common flaw seen by all sellers who tend to forget to be detail oriented, which in the end turns into a large headache and leaves a terrible impression.


IV: Light it up!

Lighting can make all of the difference in a home so make sure to maximize this to the max!

Take down the drapes in your home, clean the windows, get great lampshades and increase the wattage in your light bulbs. By doing this you can make the space seem airier and bigger.

Showing a home that is light and cheerful reflects positive energy on the seller and will help you bring in happy buyers and renters, so light it up!


V: Curb Appeal

You know that expression “don’t judge a book by its cover?” well that expression applies for everything but homes.

We cannot stress the importance of making the exterior of your home look fantastic. That means the outdoor lawn should be impeccable, the exterior paint of the house should be nice and clean and that everything should be kept in place.

Love at first sight is an extremely important factor when it comes to investing in a home and that will rarely happen if there are weeds and cracked paint. So get your hands dirty and get to work!


VI: Kitchen Fixin!

We live in a world in which people love things that are new and shiny. For that simple reason we cannot further stress the importance of a beautiful kitchen!

While you may think that you want to update on a budget, remind yourself that anything that you put into your home is an investment. Some quick economical kitchen updates can be as simple as painting, updating the kitchen hardware or replacing the kitchen countertops.

If possible, always try to update your kitchen with a neutral color palette to give buyers a blank canvas to later work with. If you have the extra cash, everyone loves stainless steel appliances, which gives the impression in the house that the rest of the appliances in the house are modern, plus it updates the kitchen.


VII: Get the pets out

At beycome we LOVE animals (we even have a mascot dog named Surya)! However, when selling your home keep the pets out of the house.

If possible drop the pets off with your neighbors just to keep your home in staging condition.

Remove all pet accessories such as toys, dishes, litter boxes and anything else that might resemble an animal living in the home.

Seeing your super cute puppy might attract some people, but more often than not, it’s distracting. Plus, it might put some parts of the house such as carpet stains into question.

Be on the safer side and tell your puppy you love him but you’ll pick him up in an hour!


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