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So you want to sell your home online, which means we’re guessing you’ve probably done some research. Which means, you may have fallen on articles that tell you why selling your home independently is a bad idea and may not work. Let’s discuss further:

Many homeowners begin with the intent to sell their home independently but end up hiring a realtor in the end due to the complicated nature of real estate sale. Let us reassure you that this is NOT the case with! There are many reasons that homeowners may have problems selling their home on their own but we’ve done the research and we’re providing you concrete tools and support so that you don’t bump into these problems.

Consider the following issues in selling a home without a realtor and the tools we offer to overcome these.

Problem: Homeowners Don’t Have the Data or Objectivity to Select a Fair Price.

Solution: Beycome Has an Automated Calculating Tool.

It’s a fact that if you price your home incorrectly that there’s less of a chance that it will sell. However, a realtor doesn’t need to be the one to approximate the correct listing price for you. We have a handy online automated calculating tool that will recommend a fair market price based off of data from the county and the MLS. This will help you make an accurate and fair estimation of your home’s selling price.

Problem: Homeowners Don’t Have the Time to Market Their Homes.

Solution: Beycome Offers Tools for reduce this time consuming task.

Custom yard signage, flyers, sharing via social media, open house scheduler and online calendars are just some of the tools that are provided for you by Not only does this help you correctly market your home but it saves you time and money too! A realtor may point out to you that you won’t have time to do showings and handle the correspondences involved with a real estate sale but they’re wrong! Beycome assists you in handling the task in a time-effective manner.

Problem: Homeowners Don’t Understand the Details That Sell a Home.

Solution: Beycome Offers Tips for Staging and Minor Repair.

Staging a beautiful home is not an industry secret. Sometimes, all you need is a friend to come in and give a fresh set of eyes to help you with this. Plus, we’ll constantly update you with all of the advice you need to best stage your home to sell it quickly. We’ve done this before and we know what a buyer is looking for to make your home market-friendly on a budget. Now start saving and start selling!

Problem: Buyers Are Uncomfortable Dealing Directly With Homeowners.

Solution: Beycome Offers an Interface Making It Less Awkward to Interact.

No one likes to cold call. In fact, many people don’t answer calls when they don’t recognize the phone number, which means you can be missing out on a sale! This is why is all-digital. With our platform you can securely schedule home showings and interact online. Because initial interactions are done through Beycome online, buyers and sellers can get a feel for each other before meeting in person.

Problem: Homeowners Don’t Have Marketing Expertise.

Solution: Beycome Has a Busy Home Listing Website as Well as Tips for Marketing Locally.

While realtors may have more professional marketing experience this does not mean that you cannot do this on your own! We offer you a great online platform to list your home that’s full of potential buyers that are looking for a home just like yours. Plus, we’ll give you tips of how to properly market your home in your area along with other opportunities to give it prime visibility.

Problem: Homeowners Lack Contract Negotiation Skills and Knowledge of Regulations.

Solution: Beycome Walks You Through the Process.

Realtors don’t want to lose business, that’s why they’re going to argue that their knowledge of negotiation and also legal regulations makes their services invaluable. However, you’ll still get those save services through Beycome because we’ll walk you through the negotiation! Plus, we’ll make you aware of any Florida laws that may affect your home’s sale and give you any of the necessary paperwork to complete your real estate transaction.

DIY Home Sales Increasing

We’re not reinventing the wheel here by any means because “For Sale By Owner” homes are not a new trend. In fact, we’re taking it back to the basics! Awhile ago, most real estate sales were conducted this way but people started assuming that they couldn’t do this on their own and started hiring realtors to help. Recent statistics suggest that this attitude is changing. Traffic to popular DIY real estate sales websites have gone up 200% in just a year.

Can You Get a Good Price Without a Realtor?

If you sell your home yourself will you get a fair price? Statistics show that you will! As a matter of fact, last year the average cost of a “for sale by owner” property has gone up 2.2%! This makes it 11% more than average real estate sales using an agent. Numbers don’t lie! Those who sell their homes themselves using a website such as Beycome are getting a higher price for their property while reducing the amount of commission they must pay to a third party.

Real estate transactions can be painful but we’re taking out all of the complications to help. We’re making sure that both sellers and buyers get a new home at a fair price and in fair trade with all of the guidance they’ll need.

Still concerned and have questions? Reach out and try us!

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