Real Estate Background Checks: Know Your Home’s Next Tenant

1 year ago
Know Who Wants Your House  – Real Estate Background Checks
You want to know more about the person in front of you? The one who’s asking you to trust him/her to rent/sell you house?
Who wouldn’t? In a perfect world, this would be very simple to do, one, two, cash in, cash out, give away the keys and ciao! but unfortunately, now things are a bit different and you can’t just hand over your keys to the first person who is interested in living in your house, the one you have built since day one.
So what do you do? You want to rent/sell your house but you don’t want to leave it in the hands of a complete stranger?
Well, smart landlords and property managers do a very thorough job on tenant applications. They check references and workplaces, former landlords, addresses and of course, they have a background check and tenant credit check was done… or so they should.
Remember that effective resident screening serves a variety of purposes. In addition to verifying the likelihood that applicants will fulfill the financial obligations of their lease agreements, background research helps communities confirm the identity of applicants and detect individuals with criminal records before they move into the neighborhood.
After all, you want to keep your neighbors and beloved ones safe and secure.
That’s the reason we are here today, offers you our “Screening Report” option, this will help you identify the highest quality renters on-the-spot and quickly convert the applicant to a resident.
Remember that any decision is only as good as the data behind it, therefore, in beycome’s report you will find:
– Eviction History on a 35+ Million Records database
– Criminal History such as Felony, Misdemeanor… on a 175+ Million Criminal Records database
– Sex Offender
– Terrorist
– Fraud History & verification
– OFAC/Patriot Act Search
– SSN verification
– Credit Score verification & History
– Collection verification & History Public Record
– Fico® Score by Myfico®
– RentBureau® rental payment history data from Experian®
This should be more than enough information to put you at ease and let you sleep at night.
You’ve done good, don’t worry…
Choose the $9 The Closer package in our “Premium Option” Page.

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