The Internet is the New Home for Real Estate

The real estate industry is changing. Thanks to the Internet, it is now possible to negotiate private transactions without the need of costly middlemen, and the sale and purchase of homes is exactly the kind of transaction that can benefit from some online simplification. already offers these key services, but what exactly about the industry is changing, and why are people turning to the Internet so quickly?


The days of paying huge percentages of your home sales are over, and online platforms like are making it easy for sellers to post their property online and negotiate sales direct with a buyer. Online tools and resources make it easier for sellers to understand how the market and process work, and with just a small learning curve, sellers can save thousands of dollars.


A Global Market Shift

The move towards online real estate is not just happening across the United States, either.  According to a report by The Guardian Nigeria, the amount of prospective tenants using the Internet to find properties rose by 10% last year. This is a 5% increase over 2015 figures. Even buyers are moving online, with direct home buyers making up 8% of the market last year. The Guardian’s investigation found that estate agents have mixed views about the huge growth of online real estate portals, with few admitting that they pose a serious threat, and others suggesting that the Internet is making it possible for property owners to more easily market and advertise properties themselves.  


Similar news comes from Australia. Michael Gilbert, the CEO of an online rental platform called Cubbi, told

“What it boils down to is that a lot of landlords were simply just fed up with using an agent, and they’d go from one agent to another and they weren’t happy.”

It appears that the problem of costly agents, and their long waiting times, is an issue all over the world.


Why Turn to Online Real Estate?

There are many reasons why people are turning to the Internet to sell their homes, and they go beyond saving money on commissions. Sure, the fact that you could save thousands (or tens of thousands) in commission is definitely a selling point – but the whole process of selling your property will become much simpler, too.


First of all, you’re able to sell your house on your own terms. You can choose when potential buyers can come by your property, and you can provide the tours. With, you can even arrange digital tours of your home, making it easy to sell your home even during summer time when homeowners might be busier than normal.


The ability to negotiate with buyers is another key advantage. You’ll be able to discuss the deal with interested parties, and not have all communication be processed through an agent. This speeds up the process significantly, and allows you to come to a deal that you’re truly happy with.


Remember, also, that you will have total freedom over how you market your home. You’ll provide the photographs and videos of your home, and because you know your property better than any agent, you’ll be able to sell it better than anyone else.


Using, you can save money, speed up your sale, and enjoy a simplified selling experience. It’s also better for the buyer, as it makes communication simpler and easier. In a market with a low supply of houses and high demand for new properties, online real estate makes it possible to get deals going quicker, more easily and more seamlessly.