How Home Automation Can Increase Your Home’s Value

10 months ago

When it comes to selling your home, not every investment makes the most sense when you’re looking to make your home more marketable. To maximize that first impression with potential buyers and increase your home’s perceived value, seriously consider adding one or more of the smart home automation options from this infographic to your home before the next showing.

The graphic, from Advanced Overhead Doors & Service, introduces you to some of the most recent smart home devices and also includes some interesting stats. If you’re serious about wanting to make your home more desirable to prospective buyers, but you don’t want to invest a lot of money, time or hard labor, you should seriously consider some of the options below to really impress potential buyers.

When you have buyers making that emotional lead and picturing themselves living in your home, with all it’s added conveniences and security, you’ve overcome a serious barrier and are one major step closer to reaching your goal. Getting buyers connected to your home is the first step to getting them to consider making an offer.

The infographic also provides a few details on security cameras, automated garage doors, and data about the growing industry and why people want their homes to be smart homes.

The information here about smart home automation might be old news for tech geeks and early adopters, but for the average homeowner who’s not sure extremely tech-savvy, and whose main technology use is their phone or tablet, this stuff is really eye-opening and good to know (an added benefit is that most of these solutions work through apps on your phone or tablet).




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