First Impressions Matter: The Importance of Curb Appeal

First Impressions Matter

First impressions matter, and that’s why you want to start by making sure your home exudes curb appeal.

Psychologists say that we make up our minds about a person within the first fifteen seconds of meeting them. And the same is true when viewing a house. It’s likely a prospective buyer will have made up their mind before they’ve even walked through your front door. So making sure that first impression is the right one is all extremely important.

The appearance of the approach to a property is absolutely crucial. Try to literally place yourself in a viewer’s shoes; go outside, and walk up to your house as they would. Take notes along the way; you may want to bring someone with you, so you benefit from an outsider’s perspective.

Many houses look really abandoned on the outside and great on the inside, but you can’t get [potential buyers] in the door, as we say before the first impression matters.

You’ve decided to sell your home, and you want to get top dollar for it. And you’ve seen TV shows where homeowners spend thousands of dollars staging their homes for sale, but there’s an important detail to consider: You don’t have thousands and thousands to spend.

The good news is there are many things you can do to spruce up the look of your home without shelling out a lot of money.

Go all out with small do-it-yourself projects. Cut the grass, trim the bushes, get rid of dead branches and consider planting some flowers. Replacing the mailbox and house numbers and painting the front door can also make your home more appealing to a prospective buyer driving by.

Finally, it is important to bear in mind that a viewer will almost always have seen pictures of a house’s exterior prior to their visit. In fact, their decision to visit will almost certainly have been partially influenced by these photos. Even before a potential buyer has come to see your house, the first thing they are likely to do is view photos of your property online. So take a photo of your house as it is and ask yourself “what do you see?” If it isn’t up to scratch take the time to take some yourself or even get a friend or family member to help; it could mean the difference between ten viewings and none. Always use photos taken on a sunny day, the light will make your property look much more appealing.


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