What is the Multiple Listing Service? Why should I be featured on it?

The Multiple Listing Service(MLS) is used by brokers and realtors to list and search for properties. As a result, being featured on the MLS is a surefire way of getting your property noticed because it is accessible to agents in the MLS system, giving you the most exposure to buyers.

Is the Multiple Listing Service the same as MLS?

Yes indeed. Other names would be local MLS and  MLS listing. They’re all one in the same.

Is the MLS used by Beycome the same one used by Brokers and agents?

Yes. There is absolutely no difference as they are the same service.

How do I get listed on the MLS?

There are two packages that we offer which will feature you on the Multiple Listing Service.

The $79 Flat Fee package, which comes with the listing and features your property on over 100 different websites.

The “Closer” package comes with the MLS listing and syndication to the other websites but, also includes promotional items to give your property more exposure. Lockboxes, for sale/rent signs, sold stickers, three background checks, and much more!

If you’re interested in purchasing a premium MLS package or want more information check this page out here

How much commission do I have to pay Beycome.com for listing my property?

None at all! The best part about these MLS packages is that there is no commission, contracts, or hidden fees, ever!

Is this a nationwide listing?

No. Each county has their own MLS. We currently only cover MLS listings in Florida but, are working on expanding to other states in the near future.

How will buyers contact me?

The Buyer’s Agent will contact you via call or email. Your number and email address will be shown in the “Broker’s Remarks” if you so choose to have them put there. If not, we will enter Beycome’s number with the extension and email address.

How long does the MLS listing last?

MLS listings last until the closing of the property.

I’ve paid for the Premium Package. What now?

A brief questionnaire will be sent after a premium package has been paid for.  After you complete the questionnaire, our broker will activate your listing. The survey is there to ensure accuracy when listing the property on the MLS and to get information otherwise unavailable through public means. Make sure to sign at the end of the survey, giving Beycome the greenlight to start your MLS listing.

How can I view my MLS listing?

Once you complete the survey and your listing is active, you will receive a link to view your listing. For a more details check out our other FAQ here

How many pictures can/should I have? Are there restrictions on what can or can’t be in the picture?

There must be minimum of 3 and no more than 24 pictures. The inside and outside of the house must have pictures. There can not be any type of propaganda or advertisements in the pictures. Therefore, anything with a company logo, including for sale signs, are not acceptable.

Can I hire someone to take professional pictures for me?

Of course! The only thing we ask, is that there be proof that you have permission to use the pictures.

What is and is not allowed in the MLS?

Certain words are not allowed. Anything describing a person such as, race or religion is strictly forbidden. The property should be the only thing being described in the description.

How do I make changes to my MLS listing?

Changes on the MLS can only be made by a broker, licensed to list on the MLS for that area. Therefore, you will need to make changes to your listing on Beycome.com. Afterwards a message will be sent to our broker informing him of the updates. 

How can I remove pictures from the MLS or the syndicated websites?

If you ever need to change or remove pictures from the MLS or the syndicated websites let us know. You can call or email us with the request and we will make the changes ASAP. Changes to the syndicated websites will take more time but should usually populate within 2-3 hours.

How long does it take to update my MLS listing?

All MLS updates are worked on in the order they came in but, should be updated between 2-3 hours after changes are made on beycome.com. After the change is made on the MLS, give the system another hour or two to populate on the syndicated websites. Changes made on Sunday will be updated on Monday.

Why does my name not appear on the syndicated websites? Why is Beycome.com’s information there instead?

The reason that beycome.com is listed on the syndicated websites is because we are listing the property on the MLS for you. Because you have to be a broker to list on the MLS, your name cannot appear. There must be a broker license number attached to every MLS listing.

What if I close the property or the property is no longer available?

Beycome.com must be notified immediately so that the changes can be made on your listing. Doing so ensures that the status of your listing is not only up to date, but also meets the requirements of the MLS.