The MLS© (also known as the Multiple Listing Service) is a mecca of information regarding the real estate industry. Whether you’re looking to rent a property, sell or purchase a new residence, it covers it all! Today’s market is an extremely competitive one.

The MLS© is a private service and can only be accessed by a real estate broker or agent, and only the BROKER has the ability to list a property on the MLS©. Real estate agents do have access to search properties but cannot add them. That’s why it’s crucial to increase your exposure with this instrumental tool to reach your own personal needs and goals. Here at we don’t see the MLS© as a threat but rather a tool to help you step your game up and sell/rent fast! We offer a cheaper alternative to listing with a traditional real estate agent, who will charge you hundreds of dollars to be listed on the MLS and then still expect their commission at the end of the day. We are for the people, we want to help you keep that money in your pocket!

Why the MLS©?

Once upon a time, real estate professionals didn’t have the proper technological tools to share information, instead they would gather associates together to discuss homes that they were trying to rent or sell. Now, with latest technological advances such as the MLS©, they have been able to improve the way that individuals find their dream home. This database holds one of the largest inventories of homes that are ready for sale or rent.

The MLS©, which is typically operated by the Board of Realtors©, plays host to all of the specifics that you’re looking for when house-hunting such as the age of the dwelling, square footage, address, number of bedrooms and baths, upgraded features, school districts and financial considerations. Now, with the click of a button, you can sift through various photos of the interior and exterior of the home, and even take a virtual to tour the home to see if it’s worth a visit or not. Thanks to the MLS©, love at first site on your home begins online.

Typically, all homes for sale or rent listed by a real estate professional can be found on the MLS© because real estate agents recognize the importance of finding the ideal location for their buyers or renters. They utilize it to advertise their client’s properties to other consumers in the market for a home. What you may not know is that only real estate professionals have access to the MLS©. If you’re not a real estate professional, you can still get this visibility, just without direct access to the MLS©, don’t worry! We’ll gain the access for you!

If you’re looking to sell or rent your home fast and with a ton of exposure, online is the way to go and the MLS© can save you time and money. Recently, the National Association of Realtors© conducted a survey and found that approximately 87% of individuals looking for a home use the Internet. So when a potential buyer or renter is interested in home ownership or renting, the chances of them viewing your property increase because the MLS© listings can be found on every major real estate buying or selling/ renting platform.