For Sale by Owner Port St. Lucie

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For Sale by Owner Port St. Lucie

      Making the Decision to Enter the
      Port St. Lucie Real Estate Market

      Deciding to enter the real estate market is one the most monumental decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. There are many factors that come into play, especially considering Port St. Lucie is the 3rd largest city in South Florida and the 8th largest city in Florida. About 50 miles north of West Palm Beach and halfway between the major cities of Miami and Orlando, Port St. Lucie’s favorable climate and attractive waterways make it a popular destination for nature lovers and tourists alike.

      Be smart before deciding to enter the market to either buy or sell a home. Make a record of all your current financial assets and savings, and then determine just how much you are willing to spend on costs and services required to sell your home. Is it worth it to hire an expensive broker or realtor who will ask for a large percentage of the profits?

      In order to make a profit, all these factors will need to be taken into consideration. Depending on your financial situation it may be smarter to find more affordable services or even personally handle the entire process yourself.

      Understanding the Port St. Lucie Housing Market

      Port St. Lucie sell your home for sale by owner

      The housing market in the city of Port St. Lucie is stable and continually growing. Strong economic growth has resulted in a significant demand for new and existing homes to be put on the market. The city itself has a strong infrastructure to support development and the growing community offers economic opportunity to anyone who moves there.

      You are in charge of taking advantage of this stable housing market. The smartest way to do this is to avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple realtors or brokers and handle the entire process yourself. But this task can be daunting to figure out on your own. can help you through the complexities by saving you commission fees and connecting you with buyers directly, as well as providing you with the legal documents needed to close the sale yourself. also offers a suite of marketing tools which include:

      • Listing on your Local MLS Printable promotional items

      • Listing on top real estate sites Receive full legal offers online

      • Virtual tour & Youtube© Video Home Visit Manager

      • Messaging Center Open House Scheduler

      • Photography Sessions Comparative Marketing Tools

      Looking Over Your Options to Purchase Port St. Lucie Real Estate

      Port St. Lucie sell your home for sale by owner

      The first thing to do when looking for a home to buy in Port St. Lucie is to go over the options you have available. Port St. Lucie is a popular place due to its natural beauty and location close to some of Florida’s other premier tourist locations. Buying a home in such a high-value location takes more than a quick look, it takes time and energy. You will need to work quickly and efficiently in order to purchase the right home for you. In order to do that, you will need to have a solid grasp on what your funds look like.

      The reason why understanding your funds is so important has to do with gauging your purchasing ability. The average cost for a home in Port St. Lucie is in the hundreds of thousands, with every square foot of real estate amounting to over a hundred dollars per piece. If you feel like this is out of your price range, do not throw out the possibility of acquiring financial help. Mortgages are available for a variety of financial circumstances and with varying prices. The average median down payment for mortgages across the country is 10 percent of the purchase price. You can find help with websites like who can research the best mortgage for you.

      Things to Consider When Shopping for Port St. Lucie Home

      Good mortgages are varied and the ones you are eligible for depend on what your credit score looks like. Better mortgages come with a better-looking credit score, money down, savings, and employment. Meeting the right requirements qualifies you for pre-approval after closing your home. You will also need to handle the fees that come required with private mortgage insurance.

      Some of the most common mortgages you will see include:

      • 203k Rehab Loan

      • ARM

      • Conventional

      • FHA

      • Interest Only

      • USDA

      • VA

      In order to ease the mortgage purchasing process, it helps to have the proper documentation ready such as:

      • Addresses for Involved Properties

      • Birthdates

      • Employment History

      • Paystubs

      • Proof of Homeowners Insurance

      • Purchase Agreements

      • Social Security Numbers

      • Tax Returns

      • Title Documentation

      • W-2

      What to Know About Vero Beach

      Port St. Lucie is a popular real estate location for its beautiful, natural areas, and calm atmosphere. The city is made for those looking for a quiet area with plenty of local charm and down-to-earth vibes. This area is also close to the beaches for days when a trip to the ocean is just the thing you need. Port St. Lucie’s housing market is on the rebound so plenty of housing is available in many of the areas most popular neighborhoods.

      Port St. Lucie Neighborhoods

      Port St. Lucie Neighborhoods

      1. Tradition: This area is actually fairly new and contains a variety of housing styles including single family, townhomes, villas, and condos. Homes here are within walking distance of several businesses conveniently located at Tradition square.

      2. South Bend: On the other hand, this is one of the older neighborhoods to find in the area. Homeowners here are known for their commitment to keeping the area well maintained. The area is near the neighboring county and has quick access to some of the better roadways in the area.

      3. Sandpiper Bay: This southeast location also has a good rate of upkeep with its community. The locale also contains some of the more popular areas including Club Med Sandpiper Bay and Ballantrae.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

      4. St. Lucie West: This area was once the fastest growing areas in the city, with a variety of different communities to be found throughout it. This area has multiple locales including shopping centers, restaurants, theaters, bowling alleys, hotels, and the Mets stadium.

      Port St. Lucie Transportation

      Port St. Lucie Neighborhoods

      1. Treasure Coast Connector: This bus route has several routes that run through the city and to other counties.

      2. Downtown Trolley: A free trolley system that takes you through key business and healthcare centers.

      3. Community Transit: A service that takes you directly to a specific location per your request. You will need to call 24 hours in advance to schedule a ride.

      Port St. Lucie Colleges

      Port St. Lucie Neighborhoods

      1. Pharmacies: CVS, Walgreens, VH Pharmacy

      2. Grocery Stores: Publix, Whole Foods, Sedano’s

      3. Convenience Stores: 7-Eleven, Stop'n Shop, Red Apple Market

      Port St. Lucie Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores and Pharmacies

      1. Keiser University: A private non-profit university, Keiser University offers degrees at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate levels. 9400 SW Discovery Way, Port St. Lucie, FL 34987

      2. Indian River State College: Voted the 3rd most affordable college in the United States, IRSC offers over 100 programs. 419 SW Irving St, Port St. Lucie, FL 34983

      3. Fortis Institute: One of Florida’s top vocational schools, the Fortis Institute prepares students for life in a career beyond the classroom. 9022 South US Highway 1, Port St. Lucie, FL 34952

      Buying the Right Port St. Lucie Apartment, Condo or House

      Port St. Lucie sell your home for sale by owner

      Information is key to a great purchase when approaching any home for sale by owner in Port St. Lucie. You should have a list of questions ready to go when you meet the owner in order to have any concerns addressed right away. You need to focus in on factors like convenience, privacy, and comfort. These are the aspects of a home that really make it worth looking into for the long term. These are also aspects of a home better viewed in-person with a personal visit to the home to see is attributes for yourself.

      However important comfort is to a home, basic utilities are also a huge factor in whether or not a home is worth your time. Port St. Lucie has a variety of homes in different architectural styles that provide different levels of amenities. The more you know about a home, the better your options will be when deciding whether or not to buy it and how much you are willing to pay.

      Common Property Aspects

      The list of homes you look through should adhere to a certain set of standards when it comes to their interior and exterior. This includes the surrounding neighborhood, which can have issues with smells, noises, or overcrowding. If the neighborhood does not reach your standards, then that home should be placed lower on your list of priorities.

      When looking for a home for sale by Port St. Lucie owner, it becomes an important point to make note of utilities such as:

      • A/C Systems

      • Ceiling Heights

      • Closets and other Storage Spaces

      • Floor Plans

      • Natural Lighting

      • Number of Rooms

      • Numbers of Floors

      • Garages or Parking

      • Plumbing Systems

      • Numbers of Porches or Decks

      • Room Locations

      • Room Sizes

      • Sight Lines

      • Stair Types

      Searching for Port St. Lucie Apartments, Condos and Houses

      Port St. Lucie sell your home for sale by owner

      Going through the options on your list of homes available requires focus and an attention to detail when handling the process. It helps to have clear goals and an idea of what you can do in order to reach them. This includes gauging your price range, the window of time, and willingness to negotiate. A list of Port St. Lucie homes for sale by owners becomes much shorter when you have a clear set of standards to filter out the best choices. There are plenty of resources available to help you, but you should strongly consider visiting the home in-person for a first-hand impression.

      Visiting a Port St. Lucie Property

      One of the best things you can do to gauge a home’s worth is to visit it in-person and overview it first-hand. When you actually visit a home, the experience can fully provide an understanding as to how attractive the home is, what its exterior is like, and the quality of the surrounding neighborhood. This trip also provides an important opportunity to ask the seller about the home and take notes about the property. Ask the questions you need to and mark down any issues you feel will become a larger problem later on so your decision becomes fully informed.

      Questions to Ask When Visiting a Port St. Lucie Property

      • Are there any association fees?

      • Has it recently been refurbished, redecorated or renovated?

      • What are the price comparisons like?

      • How long have the homes in question been listed for sale by their owner?

      • How much time to do you have to make a decision?

      • Is there a deadline?

      • What are the current utilities like?

      • Why are the owners selling?

      Making the Offer for Your Port St. Lucie Apartment, Condo or House

      Port St. Lucie sell your home for sale by owner

      Purchasing a Port St. Lucie home for sale by owner requires several steps to complete. When you finally decide to buy a home, next comes the offer you make to the seller. You want to make sure you are not spending more than required, without losing the trust of interest of the seller. You should come into negotiations informed, preferably having studied up on comparative market analysis for the average prices of homes in an area. You will also need to know about contingencies and all the many advantages they can give you.

      Common Home Buying Contingencies

      A contingency is a sort of safety net that you can add unto a purchase agreement to protect your interests. These contingencies work when certain criteria have been reached that violate a requirement you had added into the agreement. The contingencies then allow you to back out of the contract with no penalties to you. The buyers in a deal can add as many contingencies as they want to a deal, although this is not always recommended. Too many contingencies can make sellers and can imply a lack of commitment to the deal on your part. Common contingencies to note include:


      • Financing Contingency

      • Home inspection Contingency

      • Sale Contingency

      • Title Contingency

      • Home Appraisal Contingency

      Competing for a Home

      Port St. Lucie is a popular location and it may reach a point where you could be facing competition from others for a home. You should focus on strengthening your bid. Work quickly by increasing your offer or earnest money to show commitment to a purchase. Lowering the contingency periods and connecting to the seller personally also does wonders to help create a stronger bid. You want to give the selles a face to your name, it also helps to send a cover letter, some photos, a photocopy of the earnest money check, and even an opinion on the property.

      The bidding price you put out for a Port St. Lucie home for sale by owner can have different effects depending on how much the asking price is. When a bid is too low that provides others for an opportunity to come in and bid themselves, leading to a bidding war. Bidding too high may lead to overpricing and lose you money. Striking a balance is key and requires that you have a firm grasp on your financial capabilities.

      Sellers also appreciate clients who move through a process without a hassle. They do not work well when you drag your feet or cause unnecessary slow down in the middle of a deal. You want to move quickly and efficiently in order to keep the process progressing as smoothly as possible. The more efficient you are, the better you appear to the seller.

      Closing your Port St. Lucie Property

      Port St. Lucie sell your home for sale by owner

      The final step of purchasing a Port St. Lucie home for sale by owner is the closing costs and final signings. These costs include lender and third-party fees that range from 2-5% in price. The window of time to finalize this deal should range 30-45 days and the steps involved include:

      • Make the earnest money deposit

      • Order the title

      • Inspect the home (personally and professionally)

      • Purchase insurance

      • Walk through the home again.

      Afterward submit the cashier’s check for the down payment and closing costs. Once you close the escrow and sign the necessary paperwork, you become a proud Port St. Lucie homeowner.

      Things to do in Port St. Lucie

      Listings that mention any number of eye-catching locales such as these will increase interest in your property. 

      Port St. Lucie Entertainment

      Port St. Lucie entertaiment

      1. Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens: Enjoy some live jazz twice a month at one of the most visited and beautiful places in Port St. Lucie. A perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. 2410 SE Westmoreland Blvd, Port St. Lucie, FL 34952-5301

      2. Club Med Spa by L'Occitane: Choose from a variety of packages at Port St. Lucie’s #1 spa. Relax and refresh with a massage or a facial or learn about nutrition from one of the spa’s specialists. 4500 SE Pine Valley St, Port St. Lucie, FL 34952-6125​

      3. ​​​​​​River Lilly Cruises: Explore Port St. Lucie’s many rivers and waterways aboard one of River Lilly Cruises’ 34-passenger pontoon boats. Rides start at just $20/person. River Park Marina, 500 E Prima Vista Blvd, Port St. Lucie, FL 34983

      Port St. Lucie Restaurants

      Port St. Lucie restaurants

      1. Fernando’s Dockside Grille: Enjoy a melting pot of cultural food with the best seafood New England has to offer brightened with a Portuguese and Mediterranean flair. 2214 SE Veterans Memorial Parkway Port Saint Lucie, Florida 34952

      2. Berry Fresh Cafe: In the mood for some breakfast or brunch? Brighten your day with some fresh, made-from-scratch food. 1718 SW St. Lucie West Blvd. St. Lucie West, FL 34986

      3. Pueblo Viejo: Authentic, simple, and delicious Latin food at a reasonable price. 291 SW Port St Lucie Blvd, Port Saint Lucie, FL 34984-5089

      Port St. Lucie Bars

      Port St. Lucie bars


      1. The Office Sports Pub: Enjoy pool, darts, or karaoke with a drink at this friendly bar that’s great to hang out with friends. 8589 S US Hwy 1 Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952

      2. Side Door Brewing Company: Try a new unique tasting beer, and enjoy good company at this must-try brewery. 1419 SE Village Green Dr Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952

      3. The Vine & Barley: Relax with a craft beer or glass of fine wine and listen to local musicians. 1680 SW Lucie W Blvd Ste 101 Port St Lucie, FL 34986

      Port St. Lucie Clubs

      Port St. Lucie Clubs

      1. Good Times West: One of the few clubs to remain open for an extended amount of time in the area. This locale comes complete with dance floor, pool table, and bar. 2096 NW Courtyard Cir, Port St. Lucie, FL 34986


      2. Monarchy Nightclub: A flash neon nightclub with plenty to offer to partiers deep into the night. The bar is stocked, the DJ is live, and the dance floor in full swing every night.

      Port St. Lucie Lounges

      Port St. Lucie Lounges

      1. The Stillery: This is a great locale to relax and enjoy some of your favorite meals cooked up on the grill. The drinks are up to par as well, with shines, spirits, and beers to help you enjoy your evening. 1921 Broadway Nashville, TN 37203.

      2. Island Root Stuart Kava Bar: This location provides a mellow atmosphere, sparkling conversation, and a unique South Pacific Kava experience. Try some Kava drinks and see just why they are so talked about. 603 S Colorado Ave, Stuart, FL 34994

      Pricing An Apartment, Condo or House for Sale by Owner in Port St. Lucie

      Port St. Lucie sell your home for sale by owner

      When deciding what price to sell your home, research will be invaluable to you. Try to price your home competitively in accordance to other homes on the current market. Search key phrases like “for sale by owner in Port St. Lucie” or “Port St. Lucie for sale by owner” to see what qualities or similar features your home might have that would increase your listing’s value.

      Also, consider what the demographics of the city or neighborhood your home is in. Port St. Lucie tends to attract a vibrant mix of residents due to its proximity to Florida’s major cities and it’s government’s vision and dedication to enhancing the quality of life for those who live there. It would be helpful to research and come up with a list of what your city has to offer so potential home buyers will have an idea of what to expect.

      Preparing your Port St. Lucie Home

      Any home you are planning to sell needs to be properly prepared before it can be put on the market. Here are a variety of services available in Port St. Lucie that can help you make your home more presentable.

      Local Port St. Lucie Inspectors

      Port St. Lucie home inspection for sale by owner

      A qualified specialist can provide an accurate appraisal of your home to determine its value and quality.

      Port St Lucie Appraiser                                  

      4322 SW Jarmer Rd                                        

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34953


      Ken Maurer Appraisals PA
      2044 SE Bisbee St

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34952


      Treasure Coast Appraisals LLC

      2182 Newport Isles Blvd

      Port St. Lucie, FL 3495

      Lake Appraisal Services

      5846 NW Cullom Cir

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34986


      ACJ Financial, Inc.

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34983


      Clair Appraisals Inc.

      1632 SE Mistletoe St

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34983

      Home Repair in Port St. Lucie

      Port St. Lucie plumber services

      If your home is in bad condition or in need of maintenance, it must be repaired before it can be sold.  A good plumber will make sure all the pipes in your home are working correctly so it is fit to be sold.

      Port St Lucie Plumbing Inc

      6907 Heritage Dr

      Port St. Lucie, FL 3495


      Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

      1631 SW South Macedo Blvd

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34984


      First Choice Plumbing Solutions

      1687 SW South Macedo Blvd

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34984

      Hedden Plumbing

      317 NW Biltmore St

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34983


      I Need The Plumber & Air Conditioning

      1537 SE South Niemeyer Cir

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34952


      Art Stover Plumbing

      552 NW Mercantile Pl

      Port St. Lucie, FL 3498

      Port St. Lucie Handymen

      Port St. Lucie handyman services

      A handyman is useful for various repairs and other smaller scale carpentry needs around the house. 

      Definitely Home Repairs LLC

      551 SE Evergreen Terrace

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34983


      Versatile Improvements

      Port St. Lucie, FL


      Dr Handyman LLC

      Port St. Lucie, F

      HandyPro of Southeast Florida

      Port St. Lucie, FL


      Bobby And Brothers Handyman Service, LLC

      Port St. Lucie, FL


      James Petrie Handyman Services
      1100 SE Mitchell Ave # 801

      Port St. Lucie, FL 3495

      Port St. Lucie Contractors

      Port St. Lucie contractor services

      Contractors will handle larger scale repairs for your home. 

      Coastal Building Contractors, LLC

      751 SW South Macedo Blvd

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34983


      D S General Contractors Inc

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34952


      Amant Homes of Florida, Inc.

      1669 SE South Niemeyer Cir #106

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34952

      ARCA Construction Inc.

      2508 SW Bayshore Blvd

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34984


      Versatile Improvements

      Port St. Lucie, FL


      Southeast General Contractors Group

      Port St. Lucie, FL

      Port St. Lucie Landscaping

      Port St. Lucie landscaper

      Any home that needs to be sold has to look good in every aspect of its appearance to attract potential buyers. A landscaper can help the outside of your house look neat. 

      Landscaping By Anthony, Inc

      Port St. Lucie, FL



      Port St. Lucie, FL


      Port St Lucie Florida American Landscape

      2340 SW Cameo Blvd

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34952

      Albert's Landscaping LLC

      Port St. Lucie, FL


      J Guerne Landscaping

      1498 SE Vesthaven Cir

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34952


      Bushel Stop

      1701 SW South Macedo Blvd

      Port St. Lucie, FL 3498

      Home Declutter and Staging in Port St. Lucie

      Port St. Lucie staging decluttering

      Once repairs have been completed, you will need to host an open house to show potential buyers the property. Here are some professional services that can help you make your home look presentable.

      Picture Purrfect Home Staging

      Port St. Lucie, FL


      Dump It Junk Removal Inc.

      Port St. Lucie, FL


      Five Stars House Cleaning

      Port St. Lucie, FL

      Port St. Lucie Pet Hotels

      Port St. Lucie pet hotels

      If your pet needs a place to stay while showing your house, pet hotels or boarding services are available:

      Bayshore Pet Grooming & Boarding

      1704 SW Bayshore Blvd

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34984


      Waggy Resort - Cage Free Dog Boarding

      638 SW Todd Ave

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34983


      Animal Kingdom Doggy Motel and Rescue
      1677 SW Biltmore St

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34984


      GG's Gentle Pet Care LLC

      2402 SE Allen St

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34984


      Treasure Coast Pet Sitter, LLC

      634 SE Strait Ave

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34983


      Aubrey's Oasis for Animals

      1338 S E O'Donnell Ln

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34983


      Marketing Your Port St. Lucie Home to Potential Buyers

      Port St. Lucie sell your home for sale by owner

      When your home has been sufficiently prepared for sale, you are now ready to market your property. Start with online advertising, which is the simplest and most cost-effective way to spread the word to potential buyers. is an easy-to-use website that facilitates exchanges between buyers and sellers for a small fee. Craigslist is a widely used site that provides free advertising.


      Physical means of advertisement such as yard signs, pamphlets or flyers may also be used to attract attention. You may also want to take out advertising space to place your listing in one of Port St. Lucie’s local newspapers such as:

      • Port St. Lucie News

      • Haiti Front Page News

      • Your Voice News and Views

      • El Hispano Newspaper

      • Port St. Lucie Tribune

      • TCPalm

      • Palm Beach Post

      Port St. Lucie Photography

      Port St. Lucie sell your home for sale by owner

      It may be helpful to enlist the help of some local photographers to take some pictures of your home to showcase its best qualities and assist in your marketing campaign. Good photos posted in listings or shared on social media will grab the attention of potential buyers. A few suggestions for Port St. Lucie photographers include: 

      Captured Memories Photography

      2601 SE Snapper St

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34952


      William Uz Photography

      3441 SE Hart Cir

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34984


      Dawn V. Gilmore Fine Art Photography

      1533 SW Iffla Ave

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34953

      Manuel Photography

      2239 SW Import Dr

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34953


      LuvmixPhotoStudios Photography

      2533 SE Robin Cir

      Port St. Lucie, FL 34952


      Jonathan James Photography

      324 SW Kestor Dr

      Port St. Lucie, FL 3495

      Looking Up a House, Condo or Apartment for Sale by Owner in Port St. Lucie

      Real estate in Port St. Lucie is a rapidly growing market and the demand for homes is greater than ever. You deserve the maximum profit possible from selling your house, instead of dealing with an overpriced broker or realtor who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. List your home for sale yourself and handle the process directly with, the proactive and smart way to list your home for sale by owner in Port St. Lucie.

      Call us at 1-844-239-2663 and we’ll help you get started on your home buying journey!