How to Make Your International Move Less Stressful


How to Make Your International Move Less Stressful


It’s a lot of people’s dream to go live abroad, and it makes sense, the call of adventure shouldn’t only be confined to traveling two weeks a year, and there’s a whole world out there to explore. While the process of getting citizenship, finding work, or relocating your children’s schooling is difficult, the payoff is worth it to experience life in a new, fresh country.

A big hurdle to moving abroad is the moving itself. Getting your things ready and taking off isn’t the same as hiring a moving truck to go from city to city, you have to consider that you may be going thousands of miles overseas by plane, so being prepared is a must. 


Here are some tips on how to make an international move less stressful.

Hire a Professional Moving Service:

The first step you should always plan is to hire a professional moving service. Not just any moving service, an international one too. International movers at show how it’s a different task to moving abroad, one that needs more time and effort. You can’t just throw your boxes into the family car and take off, you need to weigh your belongings and get them secured. This is a must unless you think you can do it by yourself, which is unlikely.

Pre-Pack the Non-Essentials:

There will be plenty of things you’ll still be using up to the day before your move, so you can keep these things lying around until it just before time to go, until then, pack all of the non-essentials early so you don’t have to rush and get them boxed up for when the movers come. This helps save a lot of time and gives you plenty of advance on doing a final checklist or rundown of what you need, and what you’ve forgotten to do. 

Figure Out Your Destination Route Beforehand:

Figure Out Your Destination Route Beforehand

Getting to your new home is going to be exciting, but don’t get too caught up in the ceremony of the experience and forget the logistics. You want to hit the ground running and not waste any time because the biggest hurdle in moving internationally is getting settled in. Figure out outrides, destinations, and planning before you get there so once you are in your new country, you have a more grounded approach to getting to your home with your stuff, with help from the movers too of course.

Consider the Costs of an International Move: 

You’ve likely already done the cost evaluation of flights for when you get there, but you want to do a full-on evaluation of how much it’s going to cost to fully move. This is something that will help you avoid any sticky situations regarding your budget. Factor in the cost of taking taxis or renting cars once you land, how much it’ll cost to pay for declaring belongings to be shipped, if anything goes overweight and you need to pay more fees, the cost of the movers, etc. when you can figure out these factors in your move, it’ll be much easier to get through it smoothly.

Get the Right Paperwork Filled Out:

On the topic of logistics, you want to make sure your paperwork is all in order. Declaration of shipping, your passports, all of your identities, visas, citizenship, legal documents. Anything that is going to be integral to you and your family starting your new life abroad should be well organized and kept together so it’s easily accessible. You also want to make sure everything is approved before hiring any movers just in case there’s a snag and you end up shopping your stuff to a new country before being approved.

Make a Plan:

As a culmination of everything you’ve learned thus far, you want to write everything down into a checklist. Keep a journal where you can record all of your tasks and check off each one as you complete them. Make a rundown of all the things you will need to pack before your move so you have them ready and you can see what is or isn’t missing. Get travel-safe carrying bags for your important documents as well, and make duplicates you can keep somewhere secure when you get to your new home.

Moving abroad is exciting, but also a lot of work, however, when you know what to do and are readily prepared, it can be more exciting than stressful. Hopefully, you can use these tips on how to move abroad to take full advantage of your move and make it a successful one.


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