About Home Inspections

A home inspection is often used as a contingency in a home buying agreement. And yes, it’s always a smart idea to have one – whether you’re a buyer or a seller.

Your home may have a few flaws, but do you know which ones are deal breakers? Certain deficiencies can be completely acceptable, but an inspection covers your liability and safeguards the actual value of the home. For sellers, a perfect inspection is also a great negotiation tool!

If the house is unfit for living, or the problems are costly to repair, it doesn’t make financial sense to follow through with the purchase. Significant or serious problems found within a certain timeframe allow the buyer to back out of the contract without penalty.


What Happens During the Inspection?

An official inspection lasts a few hours and will cost a few hundred dollars. The buyer should be present to get a line by line explanation of the findings and for the opportunity to ask questions.

The inspector is a professional licensed by the state. They determine if each problem is a matter of vanity (like a minor defect) or a safety issue. Certain appliances may need to be serviced or replaced altogether. They may even let you know how often certain items need to be maintained, and what you can update on your own!

Carbon monoxide, radon, mold, and faulty electrical wiring are all examples that put your health and wellbeing at risk. Don’t ignore the smaller details like a leaky faucet, which may be indicative of expensive plumbing issues down the road.

Inspectors also root around for pests and Wood Destroying Organisms (WOD) that may live within the walls of the home, eating away at the house’s foundation. Speaking of foundation, pinpointing foundational or structural issues could be the difference between a signed contract or backing out of one. This also affects the insurance payments.

A previous owner may have added renovations or installations on their own. These add-ons, like an extra room, may not meet the local building codes because they stray from the house’s original blueprints. Knowing about these add-ons, especially poor workmanship and defective materials, prevent construction costs as well.


In our eyes, a home inspection is worth every penny. Schedule yours today and see how your property measures up!

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