Will my MLS listing update when I update my beycome.com listing?

It’s important to note that while beycome.com is an amazing and super cool website, we are not the MLS itself. The MLS is a database that real estate brokers/agents created together… thus, we are already very different from them! But, this doesn’t mean we don’t have access to this huge database (we just refuse to take a commission for providing this service to you).

Having said all of this, the answer to this FAQ would have to be: unfortunately, no.

However, can we still help you with updating your MLS listing? Of course, we can! It’s what we’re here for. The only thing you’ll need to do is send us an email (contact@beycome.com) with the updates you would like to make, et voila! We take care of the rest (and typically can make your updates within just 2-3 hours).

Now, we are able to do just about any sort of change on an MLS listing – what we can’t do (and no one else can either), is to place your specific listing at the top of a search list. For everything else – you’re good!