In Florida (FL), a Pet Addendum in a leasing contract may seem fairly common and straight-forward. But it never hurts to get a better understanding of the particulars that this type of addendum might contain. Provided above is a sample FL Pet Addendum in standard leasing agreements. Please do not attempt to download or export the document and use as a legally binding contract. While pet addendums may vary by owner (especially if For Rent by Owner) or rental property associations, there are certain pet-related aspects (in the provided examples) that will remain consistent among leasing agreements (ie. the requirement (or not) of a pet deposit, breed restrictions, etc). Particularly for homeowners leasing their homes


For Rent by Owner (FRBO), it is important to understand what a good Pet Addendum might contain. For potential tenants with pets, reviewing what a standard addendum looks like only proves to be more advantageous when searching for properties to rent and move in to.