Home inspections are one of the most highly recommended contract contingencies, and for good reason. Because purchasing a home is one of the largest investments you will make in a lifetime, an inspection can provide peace of mind.

The best thing about a home inspection is that they empower both the buyer and the seller. A home inspector can verify the overall condition of the home with a report that states whether their findings are either a safety hazard or simply minor defects. They usually take up to a few hours and cover the functionality and integrity of a living space.

A home inspection is conducted by a licensed individual by the state. Their impartial opinion describes and itemizes any repairs needed before space is deemed livable. Typically an inspector will also itemize the costs of these repairs as well.

For a seller:

An inspection prevents legal liabilities and establishes the true value of a property. If a seller chooses to afford the home inspection before it goes on the market, it can give them an opportunity to fix these repairs themselves beforehand. A higher overall cost of the home is justified when an inspection reveals no dangers or damages.

For a buyer:

An inspection not only ensures the safety of you and your loved ones, it prevents costly surprises down the road. If repairs need to be made, a buyer is given a choice to purchase as-is, renegotiate terms, or simply opt out of the agreement without any penalties.

While in Florida the most common defects include issues with roofing materials, termite damage, rotten wood, or electrical hazards, an inspector also checks for building violations or add-ons constructed without permits. Unpermitted construction means that the previous owner added rooms or closets, windows, storage sheds, or anything built beyond space’s original blueprints. These add-ons must be compliant according to the city or state standards.

Of course, there is a certain timeframe for the discovery of these issues, and all repairs must be made before the closing date. The bottom line is that a home inspection is absolutely worth every penny. Take time to trust the process and get started with your home inspection!

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