A video tour of your home is an amazing way to set your listing apart from the competition… and with beycome, adding a video is a piece of cake

Here’s how to add a video:

Connect to My Dashboard
On the menu “Edit” select “Photos & video”
On ” Photos of your property” copy/paste the link of your YouTube™* or Vimeo™ video

*Important note: Your YouTube™ video link can be found on your YouTube™ video page by clicking on “Share“(located under subscribe) and “copy“.
The structure of your youtube video link needs to be  https://www.youtube.com/videoID or https://youtu.be/videoID
Ex: https://www.youtube.com/-fkaeGGbptw  or https://youtu.be/-fkaeGGbptw
We don’t accept YouTube™ link structured with watch?v= 
Ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-videoID

Once the link is added, confirm your selection by clicking on “Save

MLS doesn’t accept:

  • Branded video ( brand, company information, ID#)
  • Video with yard signage
  • Video with information written or recorded (phone number, email, website)
  • Human or animal representation

Please remember, for security purposes, we will need to be notified by you via your beycome account only to be able to adjust your listing with your modification. We can’t accept any change requests by email or phone call.

We highly encourage that you also share your listing on all of your social media platforms and to take advantage of the marketing tools we offer completely free, which include flyers, business cards, and a personalized yard sign!