Otherwise known as Flat Fee MLS listing duration:

We always received this great question, so before we answer it, let us give you a few proven facts in regards to what you can expect out there.

You can expect to pay anything from $199, all the way to $999 for you to list your property on MLS… yeah crazy, we know… and to make things worse, they only last 6 months. And let’s say you weren’t lucky enough to sell or rent your house within that time frame; of course, you want to be shown again since the MLS generates the maximum amount of exposure, so you pay again. Now, we are talking about a $400 to $2k investment within a year that you did not see any results from.

It really is too bad, but do not panic, that is why we are here. For those who don’t know, our Flat Fee MLS listing service is the most affordable MLS listing rate you will find in Florida, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Georgia, South and North Carolina, Rhode Island and Minnesota. You only pay a one-time fee of $99 – forever. (Or at least until your property is under contract or until you want to stop).

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Isn’t this how real estate is supposed to be? Again, you do not need an agent, so you won’t pay any commission.