Yes, WE ARE A REAL ESTATE COMPANY!  Probably a new and better “version” of a real estate company;) In fact, the whole idea of our platform is to cut out the middlemen and help you save thousands on your real estate needs by doing it yourself.

So, without further Do.

beycome is all about making Selling, buying, and renting a home easier, faster, cheaper, and fair by helping buyers and renters through every step of the process, consolidating all necessary logistics in one spot, online, and putting commission dollars back where they belong: your pocket.

We know, it looks too good to be the truth, but we can assure you that it is like that.

What’s the catch? You might be wondering, or so how do we make money?? And both are great questions, to answer the first one, there is no catch we are legit and free, the second one is a bit more difficult to understand due to its simplicity of it…. We are not in for the monetary privileges, we are somewhat a new website and we want to first gain your trust and business before we can charge you anything what so ever.

Believe us when we say this will save you thousands of dollars when you close on your property.