3 Important Things You Should Know About Property Insurances


When you are a property owner, then before looking for expensive items to put in your house, you must ensure you have property insurance. This will ensure that everything inside is safe and you can claim in case of damages or theft. Even if you are renting your property to a tenant, property insurance must be done. Below are 3 things you must keep in mind when you are planning to get property insurance.


The Type of Insurance

This is very important, to begin with. If you are living on your own property, then you should prepare ahead of time and know what you are covered for. This will help you understand what coverage you will receive in case the structure of the house or your belongings are damaged. If there happens to be a disaster then you will need to move out of your property and rebuild it. At such times, you will need enough coverage. The same goes for when you are renting your property and would need to take landlord insurance. If you are wondering what is landlord insurance, then you must learn everything about it before renting your house. Through this type of insurance if the tenant files a liability claim against you or if there is a burglary in the rented property, then you claim coverage for it. This provides you a smooth passage to enjoy your passive income from renting a property without any financial burdens. 

Replacement Insurance Value

While your possession could bring different value if you sold it in the open market, when dealing with insurance, it is different. In case of an accident on your property, you will want to replace everything you lost. You would prefer to replace them with new or similar items at the least. When you are considering property insurance, make sure that the policy includes the value of all parts of your home plus the contents inside and a guaranteed replacement policy will make sure that everything is rebuilt and replaced regardless of what the cost might be. When you take such an insurance policy for your property, you have the contentment that if anything goes wrong, you will get the 100 percent replacement to rebuild it. 

The Claim Process

Claim Process

While the insurance policy will hold value as long as you pay your premiums, you must also make yourself aware of how the claims process works. While different policies may offer the same amount of coverage, they can differ in the claims process when you actually suffer a loss. Make sure you ask your insurer to give you the insurance agreement in writing so you know how the claims will be handled and how the payment will be done. Also the time it will take for the insurance company to pay and how much will they pay at a time must be noted. Some insurance companies ask you to replace everything yourself and then give them the receipts to prove. After assuring that they are all correct, they then release the payment. Sometimes you may not have the necessary funds to buy these things yourself or the money repayment can be delayed. 

These are just the basic benefits of property insurance. It can bring in many more benefits against vandalism or any other occurrence that can cause damage to your property. 


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