Beach Cottage Decor: 5 tips for decorating your beach house on a budget

So you’re the brand new owner of a tropical dream house that takes up residence on pristine, crystal shores. You get to wake up every morning to the smell of sea salt and a view that millions vacation to see each and every year. A beach house is the perfect investment for those who crave a tranquil alternative to the hustle and bustle of the city, who don’t mind the feeling of sand under their toes, or anywhere else (because, trust me, it will get everywhere). But now that you have the key and a lease in your name to this gorgeous house, it raises the question: what to put inside of it? Fortunately for you, this guide will provide a plethora of chic ideas to make your house as flawless on the inside as the natural landscape surrounding the outside.

Tip One: Go for a maritime-inspired bathroom

Embody a shipwrecked vibe in your bathroom with a collection of seascapes, a navy-colored tub, and framed treasure maps on the wall. For a cute pop of color, get some glass vases and fill them with sand (a short walk from your house!) and colored shells in an easy, DIY project.

Budget-Saving Tip: Save some coins by printing free treasure maps off of google and picking up a frame for under twenty dollars on Amazon.

Tip Two: Water-proof your furniture

Since you live so close to the water now, make sure your furniture can stand up against guests who are soaked in ocean water and sand. Consider subbing out regular couches and chairs for ones made of rattan, wicker, and bamboo. It’ll add more to the beachy look!

Budget-Saving Tip: hayneedle has a 50% markdown for resin wicker sofas going on now!

Tip Three: Wall Hooks

Consider dedicating a section at the front of your beach cottage just to wall hooks, so guests can leave their beach hats, bags, and accessories and avoid tracking sand into your home.

Budget-Saving Tip: Don’t spend unnecessary dollars on a fancy hook rack when you can transform an old shutter to suit your needs perfectly! Turn it horizontally and drill in some silver or white hooks to make it the perfect addition to your sandy oasis.

Tip Four: Nautical and Seascape Wallpaper

Give your rooms a rustic, beachy charm with wallpapers dedicated to gorgeous ocean fronts and sloping sandy terrains. For your kids’ room, go more quirky with colored anchors.

Budget-Saving Tip: Instead of spending more money per-foot of nautical wallpaper, which can soar into the hundreds of dollar range, just get nautical anchor stickers and apply them to any wall for the same effect.

Tip Five: Turquoise Accents

Bring home momentos of the sea with pops of turquoise in your beach cottage. Whether it be through a throw pillow, a shaggy carpet, or a pop of unexpected color in a hidden nook somewhere, you’ll definitely up your coastal quotient.

Budget-Saving Tip: Pick up some cute blue pillows from Walmart for under $10. They also have economically-priced shag rugs.

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