Maximizing Your Property Value: The Impact of Quality Roofing on your Real Estate Transaction

Roofing is one of the most important parts of a home. Buying a home with a roof that needs replacing can cause major issues for the new homeowners, and therefore reduces the value of the property. If one sells a home with roofing issues, it can force them to lower the asking price significantly. Roofing doesn’t last forever in any case, but higher-quality materials can raise property value and lengthen the amount of time needed between replacements.

The Problem With Low-Quality Roofing

Low-quality roofing or roofing that needs updating provides a significant issue for all real estate transactions, including buyer and seller. They can lower the cost of the home but contribute to significant repair costs for the buyers. Roofing issues lead to other repair problems in the home as well, including mold or water damage.

On the Seller’s End

When you sell a house with a damaged or old roof, you may not get as much for it. It can also cause various delays in selling the home.

Lower Property Value

A damaged roof lowers property value, as roofing can be costly to repair or replace. This means when selling the home, you won’t get as much money as you put into it over the years.

Selling Delays

Many homebuyers rely on financing to buy a home. If a home fails inspections or shows serious roofing problems, it can be an issue to secure a mortgage properly with many lenders. This can cause many delays, which means your home takes longer to sell or it deters current offers you may have.

Failing Home Inspections

Failed home inspections can scare away buyers and realtors, causing serious delays with the selling of the home. Most home inspections will note roof damage and buyers may require you to fix it before selling.

On the Buyer’s End

Most people don’t want to have to worry about costly repairs when buying a new home unless one is purchasing a significant fixer-upper. Buying a home with roofing issues causes delays and costs money.

Home Insurance Troubles

Many home insurance companies will not cover a home that has been proven to have serious roof damage or roof age. It can also raise the cost of home insurance as well. This adds to the overall monthly cost of the home, which can deter you as a buyer.

Costly Repairs

Fixing a new home’s roof costs money, which adds to the overall price of the home. If the roof isn’t immediately repaired, further damage can occur which can cost even more than the roof replacement alone. Many new homeowners can’t tackle huge projects after providing a down payment.

Problems Beyond the Roof

Roof damage can lead to more damage to the home. Rain can cause water damage, including mold. Wind damage can cause issues to attics, overall structure, and more.

The Benefits of Quality Roofing

A high-quality roof puts everyone’s mind at ease from seller to buyer. They last a long time and reduce the risk of overall damage.


Lower-quality roofing materials may be cheaper upfront, but in the long run, a better-quality roof will last longer and be sturdier. This saves costs, protects the overall structure of your home, and makes inspections smoother.

Curb Appeal

It shows when solid, high-quality materials are used in a home’s roof. This improves curb appeal, adding to property value and making it easier to sell at first glance. Great curb appeal is an added benefit for buyers as well, making your’ jobs easier.

Lowered Costs for Both Parties

A better roof reduces the quantity of damage over time, which saves the owner costly repairs. It also helps with home insurance costs, saving on premiums and claims. It also allows sellers to receive the true property value of the home.

 What Makes a Quality Roof?

A quality roof is made with solid, sturdy materials that can protect against harsher climates such as rain, wind, snow, and even excess heat. When using a shingled roof, shingles need to be of the highest quality. The roof membrane needs to last the test of time. A good quality roof can last decades, creating a peace of mind most homeowners dream of. It should also have quality drainage capabilities, avoiding water damage over time. Energy efficiency is also a must, which adds to the value of home and saves on utility bill costs.

 Finding Quality Roofers

The first step to finding quality roofers is to search online to find reviews, materials used, and experienced information. Local searches are also important, as local companies can provide good prices.

For example, Ohio residents looking for Dayton roofers can find some decent, local results that are a short drive away.

It’s no secret that roofing is important; it provides durability and cover for any home. A high-quality roof adds longevity, value, and protection for both homeowners, buyers, and sellers. Sourcing high-quality roofers will maximize property value in the real estate world.

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