Our Best Tips and Advice to a Successful Moving

Be thrifty, find free moving boxes. A great source of packing boxes of all sizes is your local chain supermarket. Supermarkets have the quickest turnover with stock. Those boxed items get unboxed usually right away. Find out what day they receive shipments and come that evening or early the next morning. They are more than happy to get help in getting rid of their “junk boxes.” Don’t forget – one person’s trash is the next person’s treasure- and with the money you’ll save on buying boxes, we’re sure you will treasure the free ones!

Bins, Hampers, Baskets, Oh My!

Having a hard time gathering up free durable boxes? Cut down on the box search and utilize what you already have. This is a great time to make use of your baskets, laundry bins, hampers, and suitcases. Use your smaller boxes to pack drawer items in bathrooms kitchen, and bedrooms. Use larger bins for shoes or tabletop items such as lamps. Use suitcases with wheels for items that may get too heavy for a box (i.e. books). If you have smaller children, bins are a great way to store toys and get the children involved in the process.

Throw it Out!

Be a great packer, be a memory holder, but don’t be a hoarder. Moving is a great time to chuck all those items you no longer have use for. Maybe one day you’ll fit into that shirt again, maybe not, let’s stay in the present moment though. We know that something may have sentimental value, like that grandfather clock that doesn’t work but it’s been in the family for 6 generations.  Let go of old things and allow room for new things in your life. And If it doesn’t work- it’s TRASH!

Make Use of Old Clothes

Why not get the most out of your items prior to chucking them? Before you get rid of some of those old rags, you can utilize them as padding for boxes or coverings for more delicate items such as glass items. Another great option is to use those old items to clean up your new home/apt or clean out your old home/apt. Whatever way you decide to use them, know that it was there for you all the way until the end- that should help with separation anxiety and serve as a form of closure when you separate from it!

Create a Donation Pile

Donations are a great way to get rid of the items in your home that are still in decent condition, but just taking up space. Find a local organization, shelter, school, family members, a random family in need of a church and donate items from furniture to clothes and toys. Remember, one person’s trash may be the next person’s treasure. Plus, donating has 3 great perks: 1) Get rid of clutter 2) Give back to those who may need 3) Tax write off (keep your donation receipt)!

Garbage Bags Make Great Wardrobe Covers

When you need to make sure your clothes in hangers stay in hangers and free from dirt, you can use a handy household item in more ways than one. Its super simple, just take a large garbage bag, make a small hole on the closed end with a scissor, then put the hangers through the hole and bring down the bag to cover the clothes. For longer items, use a pants hanger and attach the bottom of the pants to the hanger clips. Tie the bag on the bottom and voila! Instant wardrobe bag!

Pack a First Night Box

A first night box should contain anything and everything you may need when you move into a new home. Here are our top FNB suggestions: Sheets, paper towels, toilet tissue, toiletry, prescriptions, credit card or checkbook, nightclothes, and undergarments. Each family member should have their own individual first night box. That way, each individual can decide what items they want to include for themselves.

Packing Jewelry

Use egg cartons to easily transport your jewelry. Tape them shut so nothing falls out! Also, use toilet paper rolls for packing necklaces or loose bracelets. Just put one end through the roll and fasten the clasp.

Use Moving Labels

Moving is difficult enough. Simplify the drama by using labels on your boxes for organization purposes. After you’ve completed packing each box, use a label or write directly on the box. Include the owner of the box or what room the box belongs to a general idea of the contents inside the box, and additional notes needed for the box ie. Fragile or Handle with Care or Do Not Move. If you have a moving company or friends assisting, this will allow for a smooth flow and easy unpacking.

Pack Plates Vertically… like those old school records

What’s worse than arriving in your new place and finding out that your dishes are broken or cracked? Okay, to be honest, we can name a few things that are worse, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is you want your dishes to arrive in one piece, literally. A great tip for packing plates is to pack them in a box that’s fairly tight and either wrap them in one of your pieces of clothing.

Should all else fail and you’re really sold on using professional moving help, visit here!

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