Bought a Home that Still Needs Fixes? Here’s How to Handle the Situation

Bought a Home that Still Needs Fixes? Here’s How to Handle the Situation

Bought a Home that Still Needs Fixes?


Many of us find ourselves buying a home that we fall in love with. However, it is not unusual for there to be a few fixes that you need to get sorted, which you may have missed when initially viewing your property. A lot of us aren’t sure how to assess a property, especially when it’s our first. Don’t worry if you are one of these people, we are here to help.

To check what might need fixing in your new home, you should create a check-list of different things that are in your house. If you want to save time, you can be sent a free home check-list to your email if you search online, which means you can thoroughly check over your house to examine what is fine and what might need to be fixed from a professional’s point of view. These are called home inspections, whether you do this yourself or hire out an external company to do this for you. If you get an external company to conduct it, they can then leave you with a full, detailed report of their findings.

According to professionals, there are five main systems to start examining first when checking possible home repairs, as these are found to be the most costly. Though, it is important to remember that pretty much everything in your home should be explored at some point so you don’t miss anything out. Prioritize the most expensive things first, then move on to the smaller, cheaper issues, which you will probably find are easier fixes. 



The HVAC, also known as the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, is the system that keeps you comfy, warm, and cool, within your home. It brings hot air outside and cool air inside. Where would we be without our HVAC?  It is more important than what we think of it on a day-to-day basis. You may have experienced having no HVAC in the past, it can be very uncomfortable, therefore make sure to check it is in working order before you end up with a problem! 

2. Electrical

If you don’t know anything about electricity and wires, then we suggest getting a professional to check your electronics for you instead! There is no shame in asking someone else to evaluate them for you. That is the benefit of an external company doing the work! Your electronics needing repairing can be costly but also dangerous. It may just leave you in a struggle that you just don’t have the time for, so, make sure to get the wires and sockets checked!

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3. Plumbing 

Make sure to get your plumbing checked. This is the system that allows you to have clean water and removes waste, without this is no way to live. Again, if you aren’t a plumber or have no experience, then ask someone you may know to check for you, or again, ring that external company so you result in having a thorough examination and accurate findings.

4. Roofing

Your roof may look fine at a glance, but what can you see without being up there close to it? Roofing can be an expensive fix if the problem is deteriorating, but the faster you check to see what shape it is in, the better – and safer! You don’t want any leaks or holes that you were not aware of, so you may as well get it quickly checked just to be on the safe side.

5. Foundation

The foundation of your house is so important, but would you ever sit there in front of your T.V and think of it? Probably not. The foundation of your house is essentially what keeps it from falling. It is what keeps it strong and holds it in place, and not to forget, what keeps it waterproof. An interesting fact is that in North America, the three most used house foundations are the basement foundation, crawl spaces, and slab foundation. A few things you can do to check the quality of the foundation of your house: have a look if you can see any mold, test your doors and windows, look for any sagging floors or ceilings, check for cracks…  If there are obvious signs, you probably have a repair to add to your list.


What To Do With Your Completed Report

Once your house has been inspected, you will be given a detailed house assessment report, which you may not completely understand – but that is perfectly fine! Experts can analyze this report for you, taking away some of your worries. Some companies will provide you with home repair estimate costs, saving you from doing the hard work, and finding individual repair costs yourself. 

Hopefully, after reading this article you will feel better about your new home. The majority of people aren’t experts at problem hunting without a helping hand, which is completely fine. Now you’re aware of what to look out for, you will save a lot of time and money in the future by getting a head start with fixing your issues prompto. 


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