Tips for House Shopping With Your Pet

Matthew Henry

We all have close and extended friends and family, sometimes, these family members are furry and four legged. But not everyone is a fan of your furry friends. So what do you do when you need to find a new place for you and them? Enter pet-friendly homes.

Compile a List of Pet-Friendly Homes

The first thing to do to simplify the apartment/home search for you and your pet is to narrow down your places of interest by crossing off apartments that do not accept pets.

Expect to Pay a Pet Fee

Now that you have narrowed down your apartment choices by pet-friendly vs. not-so-much, your next step is to follow up and find out their pet fee deposit and/or restrictions.

Consider the Space

Depending on your pet’s size, considering your apartment/home square footage may make a big difference. For example, is there enough room for your pet to have playtime AND rest time?

Consider Single-Family Homes with a Yard

For renters with larger sized animals or multiple pets, a single-family home that has a yard may give your pets the room they need to play with each other, get quality time outside with fresh air, all while still being considerate of your neighbors within a close proximity.

Have Your Pet's Paperwork Ready

Some breeds are preferred over others. Just in case your beautiful American Bulldog resembles a Pit Bull to the common eye, it is important to have your pet’s official paperwork to prove it’s breed, as well as it immunizations.

Pet Training Classes May Be Needed

If you’re moving with a new pet or baby animal, you may want to look into pet training classes. The last thing you want is for your new pup to stain the carpet and walls with urine, or to be considered the “neighbor with the annoying dog that won’t stop barking.”

So now that you have found your home & pet haven, here are some tips on how to enjoy your new place and neighborhood:

Pick Up Your Pet's Poop!

What more is there to say, really?

Minimize the Barking

As we mentioned earlier, being labeled as the neighbor with the annoying barking dog is not a good look. Instead minimize your dog’s barking by giving it toys, crate-training & voice commands

Tire Your Pets Out Before Bedtime

Aside from having a dog that over-barks, pets can also tend to run around playing all night. When you are the person living below you, you may get annoyed hearing animal paws up and down over your ceiling at night. Walk your dogs for a good amount of time before lights go out.

A tired pet is a well rested pet. A well rested pet creates a well-rested neighbor, a well-rested neighbor creates a friendlier neighbor interaction.


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