Why Having Storage Space Is Useful When Organizing And Cleaning Your Home

Despite most people viewing the task as a chore, cleaning out and organizing your home can be fun and refreshing. When your space is pristine and your belongings sorted through, suddenly your home feels welcoming and inviting; it’s relaxing to sit in the living room knowing that behind the closet door, there isn’t a mountain of stuff you’ve got to sort through. The following will explores some of the things you might want to keep in mind when giving your home a good spring (or autumn) cleaning. Special attention will be paid to the bigger reorganizing tasks and how storage can be used to help.

Go Storage Space By Storage Space

When you’re planning an overhaul of your home organization, you’re usually highly motivated. You’ve got the whole day and the energy to get the work done; the only problem is, the work might take more than a day which means it might bleed into next week when you’re not feeling as motivated and energetic. One of the best ways to avoid feeling swallowed by your home organization project is to start by reorganizing the storage spaces you have in your home. Everyone has that drawer that’s filled with an absurd amount of misfit items or a closet where the kids hide everything when they’re cleaning up or a cupboard where they keep the pet things that’s a terrible mess; they’ve got an attic, basement, or garage. Start with these spaces. That way, when you’re cleaning other rooms, you have all this extra storage space to put things in.

Go through them and throw out anything that is trash, in particular cosmetics and medications that are expired or you can’t remember when you bought them have to go. Yes, that color of lipstick is gorgeous, but it’s at least a year old, which means it’s teeming with nasty bacteria. Throw it out.

You can also recycle any manuals for electronic devices or other objects in your home if you take a picture of the name first. Though the internet comes with its problems, it allows you to search for any user manual you want and access it for free. That’s right, if you type in the full name of your product (company, title, make, model) + manual, you will have access to the manual without needing to store it.

While you’re at it, throw away anything that you don’t know what it is. Yes, you can ask your spouse or kids—if no one knows what it is, you can bet no one is ever going to use it. It might look like an important piece to something, but even if it is, no one knows what it goes with, so no one is ever going to use it. Throw away anything that is broken that you’re not actually going to fix. 

Consider Additional Storage OptionsConsider Additional Storage Options

If you have too much stuff for the space you have, short-term or long-term, you need to seek out additional storage options. This might mean getting a shed set up in your backyard for all the gardening stuff you have and outdoor kids’ toys. It might mean finding a local self-storage company to hold all the furniture and appliances you’re going to need when you finally move into the bigger home you’re saving up for. Seeking out extra storage is sometimes one of the best steps you can take for mental peace. It also makes it way easier to keep your home clean.

Create A Donation Pile

Anything that you don’t want to keep but could be used by someone else should be donated. The secret to this is to put the pile right by the front door or in the trunk of your car so that on your way home from work or on your way to the grocery store, it’s easy to grab the donation box and take it where it needs to go. Too often, the donation pile sits in the garage, waiting to be given away for weeks, if not months or years.

Seek Out Clutter Solutions

Everyone has those few things that get out of control in their home. It might be corded for your family, and you’ve got chargers and USB connectors and hard drives and dozens of other cords scattered all over the place. It might be the 1000 plastic bags beneath the sink that you need because you use them to clean up the dog skat but are always taking over your kitchen storage. Whatever it is in your household, look up solutions specifically for those items—there will be something.

The above information should help you get started on reorganizing your home. Of course, it is critical to remember that this is a process, and it will take time. If you’re going through items with sentimental value, it’s going to take even longer. That’s okay.

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