Upgrade Your Tiles with Paint and Stencils

Custom tile is a beautiful way to add style and texture to your home design. It’s also a great way to drain your bank account. If you’re looking to upgrade the tile in your home, but are hesitant to invest in the cost and labor of installing new flooring, a bit of paint and stenciling can go a long way.

Here’s how to get the look on your own:

Choose a stencil that works with your existing tile.

Royal Design Studio and Stencils Online are great places to start. Consider going with a pattern that has a bit more detail, as it can hide any smudges or mistakes.

Find a paint you love.

Choose two, one for the base and another for the stencil. For a high contrast look, go with black and white- or play around with more neutral colors that will match your home’s color scheme. The sky’s the limit here, so have fun exploring what works best in your space.

Assemble the tools.

Along with the stencils and paint, you will want to have a small stencil roller, a large roller, a paintbrush, painter’s tape, a paint tray, and a can of sealer.

Get painting!

Before painting your base layer, start with a clean, dry floor. This coat is going all over, so be sure to also get the grout. Once the floor is evenly painted, allow the coat to dry completely.

Decide on your pattern, then start stenciling.

Once you know what pattern you will use your stencil in. Lay down your stencil on your first tile, then add a couple of pieces of painter’s tape to the edges to keep it from slipping around. Tip: plan to start from the back forward so that you don’t paint yourself into a corner. Using the small stencil roller and your paint pan, cover the roller in the paint, making sure to roll off any excess. With a light touch, roll evenly over the stencil. Remember, it’s much easier to add paint than it is to remove it! Start off gently until you feel how much paint and pressure you need to apply.

Repeat, repeat, repeat. This is a great time to put on a podcast. Continue your stencil pattern until the whole floor is finished!

Add a couple of coats of sealant to finish.

Once all the tiles are painted and dried, cover the whole floor with two coats of sealer, allowing them to completely dry between each application. Do not skimp on this step! This will enable your handiwork to keep up through whatever traffic your floors get.

Admire your new floor, and prepare for the compliments streaming in.

Isn’t the satisfaction of a DIY transformation what it’s all about? Go ahead and take it all in.

You did it, enjoy!   

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