6 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Home’s Interior Design

Sometimes a small tweak makes all the difference. One little change can result in a completely new feeling to your home’s space. The following will explore a few of these instantaneous alterations and explain why and how they make such a big shift in your home’s interior design.


Wash Around Anything That People Regularly Touch

The human body produces oils no matter how clean a person is. Over time, these oils build up on the areas around doorknobs, light switches, cupboard handles, buttons, and other commonly-touched features. Washing the cupboard around the knob might not seem like a home decor tip, but once you try it, you’ll understand why we brought it up. These areas get grimy so slowly, and on a gradient, so we often don’t realize they’ve tinged a different color than the rest of the wall, cupboard, door, etc. Other popular areas to give a wash include the trim (especially if you have pets, you’re going to be shocked), door frames, and walls around hand height (particularly if you have children who run their hands along the walls). You might also want to give the ceiling above your stove a little scrub. A quick clean of these areas can result in an immediate luster to your space. We have no doubt this will become part of your regular cleaning routine once you see how spectacular the impact is.


Update Fixtures

Updating something small and inexpensive—like your doorknobs, for instance—can radically alter the way your home feels. There are far more options than you’d ever imagined possible, that are inexpensive and quick to switch out. For details on different styles and options for doorknobs, read more here. Other small fixture changes can be made to things like:


  • Lighting fixtures
  • Window latches
  • Cupboard knobs
  • Dresser handles
  • Light switch covers
  • Outlet covers


Deal With The Devices And Cords

As we move towards an increasingly digital world, households are finding themselves with more tech devices and cords than ever before. While we love the convenience and connection these devices offer, they don’t always add charm to our space. Designating a space (like a basket or drawer) for cords can not only make your space instantly more inviting, but it can also help keep you from frantically running around looking for your laptop charger when your work meeting starts in seven minutes. Likewise, find a place to keep screens safely tucked away. You might also want to invest in a cord organizer—they’re ridiculously cheap and instantly tidy up those pesky areas beneath the tv stand or around the desk. There are dozens of options for disguising the less attractive elements of modern living.


Vary Texture

This tweak can take place in a single evening, or it can be spread out over a few shopping trips. Keep your eyes open for throw pillows, blankets, rugs, mats, or seat covers that are outside the texture norms of the rest of your design. This is a really easy way to add variety and nonchalance to your space without clashing patterns or colors. Even a rough spun wool scarf hanging on the coat rack can add texture to the environment. Texture invites people to feel around the space, which in turn makes it feel comfortable, welcoming, and cozy. You may need the best puppy pads for your pets.


Change Your Lightbulbs

Seriously. Change your lightbulbs. Get all matching bulbs of a tone you like (think about whether you want cooler light or warmer light) and spend an hour swapping them all out. You’ll be amazed at what consistent lighting can do for your space.


Wash Your Windows

Wash Your Windows


We know. Another cleaning tip, but this makes a world of difference. Windows get cloudy slowly, so slowly that we don’t always notice it. You could have a brighter, more vibrant space begging to be illuminated by some gorgeous natural light just waiting beneath the window grime. One afternoon is all it takes, and you’ll be blown away by how fresh space feels. While you’re at it, open the windows a crack to get some fresh air into your home. 


The above six tips should help you radically change the vibe of your space with minimal effort. Once you see how massive results can come from teeny tweaks, you’ll be on the lookout for more changes you can make that boost the ambiance or welcoming-nature of your space. Over time we can get used to things that with a little polishing would make a drastic difference in our homes—that one thing that’s been broken for ages or that area the dog always lies that is covered with fur—try to look at your space with fresh eyes and see what is dated and where a little spruce would make a big difference.


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