Going to an open house or organizing a visit is always exciting, especially with the possibility of purchasing your dream home. 

However, because these places are unfamiliar, it’s always best to come prepared in case something should happen. 

That is why we created the Safety Timer and the way it works is very simple. 

When you are at an open house or during a visit simply start the timer and a pre-set countdown will start. 

As you are leaving click the stop button to stop the timer. In the instance that something happens and you cannot stop the timer, an email and text alert will be sent to the emergency contact you provided, informing them of your location. Cool, right?

Now that we know how the Safety Timer works, let’s learn how to set it up.

The Safety Timer Setup

Log into beycome.com and click on the My Dashboard > Tools > Safety Timer.

saftety timer home beycome

Read the summary at the top of the page before continuing.

saftety timer read summary 1

Next, go down to the “Current showing address box and type in the address you will be visiting.

saftety timer property adress 2

Type in the phone number and email for the emergency contact you want to have notified.

saftety timer number and email 3

The emergency contact should be someone you know is available at the time of the open house and must be able to receive email and text. Once done, click the Save changes button to save the information.

Look right at the Safety Timer section to setup the timer

saftety timer timer 4

The three boxes with the numbers in them are the hours, minutes, and seconds


Fill them in with the amount of time you believe you will need when visiting the property. When you are at the property click the Start timer button

If you need more time at the property, click the+ 5 minutes tab to add five minutes to the remaining time

When you are leaving, click the Stop timer button to stop the timer

And that’s it!

As you can see the Safety Timer is, easy to access, and simple to use.

*Please remember that in case of an emergency you should not try to contact beycome.com. 

Always dial 911 in case of an emergency.