Does My Contact Info Appear on MLS, Showings & syndicated websites?

There are three answers here:

So, first, we need to remember that the MLS is an exclusive database that only licensed real estate broker/agents have access to, with their own set of regulations – one of which is that if an individual is not a licensed real estate professional, the MLS will not list you as the main contact. Rather, it will list the brokerage firm (layman’s terms: the MLS will list beycome as the main contact and syndicated websites also).

But don’t worry! your name, phone number, and direct information are listed in the MLS under the “Owners Section”, in “showing Instructions” ( when available) and also in the “Agent Remarks / private remarks” as “For more information and showing, contact the seller “your name” at your “phone number”.

With those in mind, let’s go over the different reaching scenario:

In Scenario A, the real estate agent, check the MLS and contact you directly. Yeah! < aka the best way👍!

In Scenario B, the real estate agent didn’t check the MLS and contact us directly. If it’s by phone call, we provide them your information. If it’s by email, we provide them your information and forward the email to you.< aka the common way 😀!

In Scenario C, potential direct prospects contact us directly. In this case, we will always provide them your direct contact information and redirect them to your beycome listing.< aka the best way for you👌!

Then you’ll just be in charge of sealing the deal!

Important: we never, ever ( like no joke) keep prospect information for us. Just think about that, what can we do with a prospects leads as we’re a flat fee company?! ugh🙃!


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