There are actually two answers here, as this question can apply to two different scenarios. beycome offers homeowners two options for online property exposure:

  1. The free exposure where home sellers can list their property on
  2. Exposure through plus the Florida MLS (through one of our Flat Fee MLS listing packages)

With those in mind, let’s go over each one:

In Scenario A, you list with us as a FSBO (rightly so), so it is logical that your contact information, like your phone number and email address will be shown to all potential buyers and/or renters. Answer: yes.

In Scenario B, you chose one of beycome’s Flat Fee MLS packages and will have your property listed on the Florida MLS. So, we need to remember that this is an exclusive database that only licensed real estate broker/agents have access to, with their own set of regulations – one of which is that if an individual is not a licensed real estate professional, the MLS will not list you as the main contact. Rather, it will list the brokerage firm (layman’s terms: the MLS will list beycome as the main contact). HOWEVER, to put you at ease, the MLS does include a special section to share instructions/additional information with other real estate agents – this is where beycome will always write: “For showings and/or more information, please contact the homeowner directly, Mr/Ms XXX by phone at XXX-XXX-XXXX or by email at XXX@XXX.COM.

In the cases where a potential prospect contacts beycome, we will always redirect them to contact you directly. Then you’ll just be in charge of sealing the deal!