Just in case you didn’t know by now, the MLS Listing Service is a database that was made by real estate brokers/agents for real estate brokers/agents. Therefore, the MLS does not permit the main contact to be a non-real estate broker/agent. Thus, it is our broker information ( beycome) that appears as the main point of contact on a property listing.

With that said, because this is your home and you should have full control over the home selling/buying process, beycome makes it known to potential prospects that ‘any interested buyer or renter needs to contact the owner directly’… and thus, we list your contact information in the Broker Remarks section (a section visible only to individuals with access to the MLS – AKA typically real estate broker/agents).

This also means that our brokerage firm will be the main contact on all sites that syndicate your listing from the MLS (ex: Realtor.com©, Zillow©, Trulia©, Redfin©, Century21©, Coldwell Banker©, IDX© etc) – but, be assured that if/when we are directly contacted about your property, we immediately relay that information to you (and we provide the interested homebuyer or renter with your contact information), by email and to your beycome dashboard so that you can seal that deal directly!

Just think of us as your secretaries, constantly available to make your home closing process easy and fair.


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