For Sale by Owner Fort Myers

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For Sale by Owner Fort Myers

      Making the Decision to Enter the
      Fort Myers Real Estate Market

      With a rising population in Fort Myers, Florida—from 62,298 residents in 2010, to 77,146 in 2016—value on real estate has grown tremendously. Home to famous sports figures’—such as former Boston Red Sox left fielder and NASCAR driver, Mike Greenwell, and Hall of Fame NFL cornerback and Major League baseball player, Deion Sanders—Fort Myers attracts celebrities and commoners alike. As an entryway to the Southwest Florida region, this city continues to track widespread admiration. From popular landmarks (including, Bennett-Hart Park and Billy Bowlegs Park) to exquisite museums (for example, the History and Science Center), Fort Myers appeals to both families and individuals.

      Thus, there’s no better time than the present to enter the Fort Myers real estate market. However, it is important to first review your finances. According to Data USA, the median property value increased by 9.5 percent between 2015 and 2016, which affirms the likeliness of dealing with a high-costing real estate. You will need to consider your timeframe and the budget available for repairs (along with the total time it will take). It is essential to opt out of impractical services and to negotiate lower prices when using certain businesses.

      Typically, it takes anywhere from a week to a month (or more) to complete a real estate transaction in Fort Myers. Ultimately, the process is best done by using a storage unit while on the market, and promoting the estate yourself (or with some help) by listing a home for sale by owner in Fort Myers.

      Understanding the Fort Myers Housing Market

      Fort Myers sell your home for sale by owner

      As mentioned, property value in Fort Myers increased by 9.5 percent a few years prior. Neighborhood Scout reveals that there’s an average annual rate of 3.6 percent currently—an indicator that there’s a high-demand for Fort Myers estate. Median listing price is around $249,000, however, with the right selling crew and resources (such as high-quality photos), it could sell above the district’s average. With all this in mind, you should take advantage of the rise in home value as it continues to rapidly increase; luckily beycome has all the marketing tools to improve your chances in selling for asking price.

      Stay away from expensive middle-men, like real estate agents and brokers, and take full control by selling your home yourself. Selling on your own may sound intimidating or stressful, but beycome offers top-notch marketing tools and a free platform that connects you directly with buyers. Additionally, they include all the legal documents—all of this will save you a lot of money. Marketing tools that are on-site include:

      • Step-by-step guides to marketing online

      • Videos and a virtual tour

      • Listing on your local MLS

      • Listing on top real estate sites

      • Open House Scheduler

      • Messaging Center

      • Photo Sessions

      • Printable Promotional Ads

      • Outside Marketing Tools

      • Home Visit Manager

      • Full Legal Offers

      Looking Over Your Options to Purchase Fort Myers Real Estate

      Fort Myers sell your home for sale by owner

      Searching for a home for sale by owner in Fort Myers may seem like an easy task, but it is harder than it seems. With the real estate market in Fort Myers being so full of great opportunities and choices, it may be difficult to choose a home right for you. Fort Myers is a hub of different people, all taking advantage of the low real estate prices and grabbing land as it becomes available. You will need to move quickly if you want to purchase the right home for you, but you will also need to stay organized.

      Once your financial affairs are in order it becomes easier to know what you can and cannot afford. This helps since Fort Myers real estate is famously affordable. However, low prices do not mean that purchasing a home will be easy. The cost of the average home for sale by owner in Fort Myers is still in the hundreds of thousands. You may need financial help in the form of a mortgage. Mortgages are not free though, the median down payment for mortgages across the country is 10 percent of the purchase price. Watch the pricing and look through your options to find the right mortgage for you.

      Finding the Right Mortgage

      Research your credit score, and then use the resulting data to help you pick out the right mortgage option for you. If you meet the correct requirements, then you may qualify for pre-approval after closing your home. You are more likely to qualify for higher level mortgages with good credit score, money down, savings, and employment. Common types of Mortgages you could apply for include:

      • 203k Rehab Loan

      • ARM

      • Conventional

      • FHA

      • Interest Only

      • USDA

      • VA

      Mortgages often come with fees, which are increased with the inclusion of private mortgage insurance. Avoid additional costs and streamline the process by using websites like, which are designed to help you save. You should also save on time spent by having the documentation you will need and ready. Applying for a mortgage requires that you have:

      • Addresses for Involved Properties

      • Birthdates

      • Employment History

      • Paystubs

      • Proof of Homeowners Insurance

      • Purchase Agreements

      • Social Security Numbers

      • Tax Returns

      • Title Documentation

      • W-2

      Things to Consider When Shopping for Fort Myers Home

      You know that real estate in Fort Myers is cheap and that people are flocking to the city to take advantage of the prime market. But what about the city itself? Fort Myers is a quiet town that has rapidly expanded to host a wide variety of businesses and residents. Your living experience in the city will be altered depending on which area you decide to settle down in.

      Fort Myers Neighborhoods

      Fort Myers Neighborhoods

      • Alva, Buckingham & Lehigh Acres: The community boasts a large amount of space dedicated to outdoor living and recreation. You can find areas for kayaking, fishing, golfing, tennis, horseback riding, hiking and biking trails alike. This area is primarily a retirement community and is among the oldest in the city.

      • Boca Grande & Outer Islands: If you are looking for a home with a tropical paradise theme in mind, then these areas are a great place to start. The island chain consists of hundreds of sun-soaked pieces of land lined with beaches and bike paths.

      • Bonita Springs & Estero: A neighborhood filled with some of the cities best malls, public beaches, and parks. Natural wonders dot the area as do historied districts that are host to a wide array of flora and fauna. The area continues to expand with new attractions, with some areas only reachable via boat or kayak.

      • Cape Coral: Primarily for boaters, this is a waterfront based community with plenty of offshore attractions to take note of. This area is also known for its mangroves and bicycle-friendly pathways. Nature lovers come for the views and stay for the varied community.

      • Fort Myers Beach: This area is filled with businesses that bring even more life into the already vibrant and culturally enriched area. Fresh seafood is brought into the restaurants while different resorts and cottages line up along the coastline. Anyone interested in the outdoors is sure to enjoy the opportunities for hiking, kayaking, and fishing set up through the area.

      • Downtown Fort Myers: Otherwise simply known as Fort Myers, it is generally considered the heart of the city. This area has been around for centuries, evolving and becoming molded by the times in the central hub it is today. The neighborhood is known for its varied attractions including historical landmarks, ecological wonders, and cultural marvels. People of all ages can enjoy their time here, with families settling down in the area for its vibrant atmosphere and the huge list of things to do.

      • North Fort Myers: This area absolutely glows with natural beauty and luscious green landscapes. The blue waves are host to boats and other water based activities that are fun for the whole family. The neighborhood is littered with coastlines and coves ready for exploration. There are multiple eco-systems, which provide homes for a breathtaking amount of animals.

      Fort Myers Transportation

      Fort Myers Neighborhoods

      Leetran Buses: A transit bus service provided by the county and reaching as far as Bonita Springs, Cape Coral,  and most of Lee County. Buses operate all day, everyday, with monthly passes available. 

      Trolley Route: Trolleys are available for more local movement. The routes run all week, 6:30 A.M to 9:25 P.M. 

      Fort Myers Colleges

      Fort Myers Neighborhoods


      • Florida Gulf Coast University: A school dedicated to quality education and providing the finest campus possible for its students. This school has had research & sponsored programs since 1997 and 170 doctorates awarded since 1997. 10501 FGCU Blvd S, Fort Myers, FL 33965

      • Nova Southeastern University: An accredited university that also has a campus in Fort Lauderdale. The school is a nonprofit, independent research university providing quality education and a dedicated staff. 3650 Colonial Ct, Fort Myers, FL 33913

      • Hodges University: An acclaimed private, nonprofit institution in Southwest Florida. This school has celebrated 25 years of educating and has conferred over 10,000 degrees over the years. 2647 Professional Cir, Naples, FL 34119

      Fort Myers Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores and Pharmacies

      1. Pharmacies: CVS, Walgreens, VH Pharmacy
      2. Grocery Stores: Publix, Whole Foods, Sedano’s
      3. Convenience Stores: 7-Eleven, Stop'n Shop, Red Apple Market

      Buying the Right Fort Myers Apartment, Condo or House

      Fort Myers sell your home for sale by owner

      You will need to be thorough in your search for a Fort Myers home, otherwise, you start wasting time and money. Keep some questions in mind to run through every time you find a home worth looking into. Convenience, privacy, and comfort are large factors of any real estate that should be noted. A home may seem perfect on paper, but if it is not comfortable then it is hardly worth the effort.

      Make sure the exterior of any home matches your standards. If there are problems with the immediate surrounding area around your home or the neighborhood then that could hurt the resale value. The area may also make it uncomfortable to live in an area if it is noisy, smelly, or too overcrowded. Thoroughly check the area around a home before deciding whether or not it is the right choice for you.

      Check to see that the home you are looking into is capable of matching your basic needs. The exterior of the home will also need to be checked since the architecture and design have a large impact on residents. Fort Myers has a wide variety of architectural styles in between all of its many neighborhoods. Each style of design comes with different amenities and conveniences. 

      • A/C Systems

      • Ceiling Heights

      • Closets and other Storage Spaces

      • Floor Plans

      • Natural Lighting

      • Number of Rooms

      • Numbers of Floors

      • Garages or Parking

      • Plumbing Systems

      • Numbers of Porches or Decks

      • Room Locations

      • Room Sizes

      • Sight Lines

      • Stair Types

      Searching for Fort Myers Apartments, Condos and Houses

      Fort Myers sell your home for sale by owner

      Stay focused when searching for a new home, you will need to pay attention if you want the process to be smooth and uncomplicated. It helps to have a clear goal in mind, a list of wants and needs that may quickly be run through when searching for accommodations. Once you have a solid idea of your needs, it becomes easier to make your way through the list of homes for sale by owner in Fort Myers. There are several resources available to help you find various apartments, condos and houses that match your standards. When you do find a home you are confident in, then a personal visit is highly recommended.

      Visiting a Fort Myers Property

      When you find a seemingly perfect home, do not take the place at face value simply by what you see online. Going in person to see the home in question may reveal a series of things that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Use the chance to look at the home in person to make notes, take photos, and mark off any issues that could develop in the future.

      Questions to Ask When Visiting a Fort Myers Property

      • Are there any association fees?

      • Has it recently been refurbished, redecorated or renovated?

      • What are the price comparisons like?

      • How long have the homes in question been listed for sale by their owner?

      • How much time to do you have to make a decision?

      • Is there a deadline?

      • What are the current utilities like?

      • Why are the owners selling?

      Making the Offer for Your Fort Myers Apartment, Condo or House

      Fort Myers sell your home for sale by owner

      When you decide to buy a home, then the process involves more than simply signing a document. Buying a home involves making an offer to the seller that is fair to both parties. Before you move forward on this step, it is highly recommended that you do some research first. Look into comparative market analysis and the average prices of homes in the areas you are interested in. You will also benefit from studying up on contingencies and the benefits that they provide you.

      Common Home Buying Contingencies

      You are capable of adding as many contingencies as you want to your purchase agreement. These add-on clauses provide a way out of an agreement if their standards are not met. If the seller fails to meet any of the contingency requirements, you are free to cancel the transaction. Some of the available contingencies include:

      • Financing Contingency

      • Home inspection Contingency

      • Sale Contingency

      • Title Contingency

      • Home Appraisal Contingency

      Competing for a Home

      There may be competition for a home placed on the market, requiring you to strengthen your offer. You may need to increase your offer or earnest money to show your commitment to a purchase. It also helps to lower contingency periods or lose some entirely, too many often makes sellers uncomfortable and unsure of your commitment to the purchase. You should interact with the seller in order to establish a stronger repertoire and lower the chances of them deciding to take someone else's offer. Introduce yourself via a cover letter, send some photos, provide an opinion on the property, and maybe even provide a photocopy of the earnest money check.

      You should also pay attention to how much you are bidding and whether or not the amount works. If you bid too low, then that opens up the chance for others to come in and start a bidding war. You need to understand your finances and see your limits so that you do not bid beyond what you can pay or an amount that will cause you to lose money instead.

      You will need to show a home seller that you are committed to a purchase and move through the process quickly. Sellers become uncomfortable when you drag your feet or cannot provide a guarantee of payment. Negotiate smoothly and have your affairs in order so that the transaction is done without any issues.

      Closing your Fort Myers Property

      Fort Myers sell your home for sale by owner

      Buying a home is a process that needs to be overviewed from beginning to end, from the starting bid to the closing costs. These final costs involve lender and third-party fees you need to watch so that they do not go above 2-5%. You should also focus on closing the deal quickly, aiming for a time period of 30-45 days. Following the correct steps to ensures that the sale is done without issue.

      • Make the earnest money deposit

      • Order the title

      • Inspect the home (personally and professionally)

      • Purchase insurance

      • Walk through the home again.

      Once these steps are done, you can submit a cashier’s check for the down payment and closing costs. Once you close the escrow and sign the necessary paperwork, you can then call yourself a proud Fort Myers homeowner.

      Things to do in Fort Myers

      When you want to purchase a home in Fort Myers it is in your best interest to research the area surrounding any property. Look into properties closer to the more popular Fort Myers destinations people enjoy visiting. Your home benefits from the boost in real-estate value while you can enjoy the hottest spots in the city. 

      Fort Myers Entertainment

      Fort Myers entertaiment

      Sun Splash Water Park: Take a trip to one Florida’s largest water parks. Featuring a lazy-river, as well as high-speed flumes, this water park offers rides for everyone. Families, couples, and individuals can enjoy splashing around during Fort Myers’ hot season. 400 Santa Barbara Blvd. Cape Coral, Fl 33991.

      Zoomers Amusement Park: For some family and friend fun, visit Zoomers, an indoor and outdoor amusement park that features a go-kart track, bumper boats, an arcade, and more. This attraction also has summer camps’, which provides a way for adolescents’ to be looked after. 17455 Summerlin Rd. , Fort Myers, Fl 33908

      Salty Sam's Pirate Cruise: Join in on a 90-minute cruise, where you can explore all areas of a large “pirate” ship while listening to tales told by the Fort Myers Beach crew. With a full bar, an array of snack and souvenirs, this cruise keeps you satisfied and entertained.

      Fort Myers Restaurants

      Fort Myers restaurants

      The Go Go Diner: From savory corned beef hash to rich red velvet pancakes, the Go Go Diner serves classics and innovative dishes every day. This diner features a chef from the Culinary Institute of America who has a knack for creating one of a kind entrees. 957 Pondella Rd North Fort Myers, Fl 33903

      Chef Brooke’s Natural Café: For vegans and vegetarians, try Chef Brooke’s plant-based creations. Incorporating local ingredients, this cafe offers fresh dishes, such as, the Kimchi Veggie Wrap (with vegetables and raw sunflower hummus wrapped in a collard leaf), and raw nachos (vegetables with walnut meat, cashew cheese sauce, and pico over dehydrated nachos). For meat-eaters, there’s other options available as well. 1850 Boy Scout Dr #A106 Fort Myers, Fl 33907.

      Blu Sushi: Since 2002, Blu Sushi has amazed both South Florida locals and tourists, not just because of the food, but because of the underwater interior design. Still though, the food is worth noting—this restaurant offers classic rolls (like yellowtail and spider), as well as creative specialty rolls (such as the Skinny Love: with tuna, salmon, tilapia, smelt roe, asparagus and scallions wrapped in seaweed—no rice). 13451 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers, Fl 33919.

      Fort Myers Bars

      Fort Myers bars

      City Tavern: Locally owned and operated, City Tavern is a hot-spot for happy hour specials and nightlife entertainment. They’ve received top awards for best “Happy Hour,” “Friendliest Staff,” and “Best Girls Night Out”. Everyday they offer domestic beer and 16-ounce drafts for only $3.50, and wells and wines for $4.50. 2206 Bay St, Fort Myers, FL 33901.

      The Firestone Skybar & Martini Bar: This four-story establishment has an extravagant ambiance, including a waterfront rooftop. Serving drinks and a full dinner menu, while providing live music and celebrity guest DJ’s, the Firestone Skybar & Martini Bar has it all. Try the Downtown Diva Martini, which consists of: Ketel One Botanicals cucumber mint vodka, St. Germain, fresh raspberries, lemon juice, simple syrup and club soda.  

      Space39 Art Bar & Martini Lounge: Featuring upbeat Motown, Funk, Soul, Blues, and Reggae Bands, Space Art Bar & Martini Lounge showcases live performances every week. Additionally, they cater to private parties, birthday parties, and corporate events; they even offer a customized food and drink menu for any special occasion. Locals love the Pumpkin Pie Martini, a rich blend of hand-crafted heavy creams, pumpkin spices and various liquors that is reminiscent of a slice your Grandma’s homemade pumpkin pie.

      Fort Myers Clubs

      Fort Myers Clubs

      Dixie Roadhouse: A country themed club that specializes in presenting a fine southern vibe complete with line dancing! This popular destination offers the largest hardwood dance floor around with plenty of room for dancing and guest bands. Hip-hop and dance mixes are thrown in as well to keep the party varied and fresh every night. Free line dance lessons offered at the beginning of every night. 1023 SE 47th Terrace, Cape Coral, FL 33904.

      The Buddha Nightclub: What was once a Chinese restaurant is now one of the most well-known nightlife locations in the area. Drinks are cheap, music is loud, and the pool of local talent often graces the stage for their chance to shine. It’s a club for everyone with casual wear being the standard for people with party on the mind. 12701 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33919.

      Celsius Night Club: A classic nightclub for all your Fort Meyer party and dancing needs. The music is thumping while the drinks keep coming with the dedicated and skilled staff. 2213 Main St, Fort Myers, FL 33901.

      Fort Myers Lounges

      Fort Myers Lounges

      Miscue Lounge: Good prices and a full bar make this place a great location to relax. The pool hall location is a great meetup location to play a few rounds and buy some drinks. 2011 Carrell Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33901.

      Kava Culture Kava Bar: Take a breather at this patio location dedicated to helping you take a load off. Play a board game, drink some kava, and enjoy the live music as you take in the tropical climate. 2400 First St #104A, Fort Myers, FL 33901.

      Pricing An Apartment, Condo or House for Sale by Owner in Fort Myers

      Fort Myers sell your home for sale by owner

      When it comes to figuring out pricing, there’s only one word: research! For instance, you will find it helpful to compare similar homes and units in Fort Myers that have recently sold— and fortunately, most information is available online. Additionally, you may visit open houses in Fort Myers to understand what the competition looks like. Due to advanced search engines, you can now order a home valuation analysis in just several clicks (however, a real-life inspector is highly recommended).

      Along with basic price comparing, it’s advisable to assess the style and trends of Fort Myers homes, such as: the kitchen, bathroom, exterior and roof. Ask yourself if it needs updating. Furthermore, you can create and publish a list of unique qualities that your house has in comparison to other homes in Fort Myers. For instance, think of your demographics; What attractions makes this location valuable and remarkable? After researching the housing market in Fort Myers, you should estimate the minimum and maximum value of your home.

      Preparing your Fort Myers Home

      In preparing a house to sell, it’s important to know how it compares in relation to other Fort Myers homes’. By understating specific contrasts, you will know the areas that need an uplift or alterations. There are specialized local services to help make this process run smoothly and efficiently.

      Local Fort Myers Inspectors

      Fort Myers home inspection for sale by owner

      Offering an objective examination of the condition of your home, an inspector calculates its current financial value. Fort Myers inspectors to take note of, include:

      Harbor Home Inspection  
      12471 McGregor Blvd,
      Fort Myers, FL 33919
      (239) 590-3858

      Acp Home Inspections
      4600 Summerlin Rd #C2-426
      Fort Myers, FL 33919
      (239) 277-0799

      Comprehensive Building Consultants
      13650 Fiddlesticks Blvd #202
      Fort Myers, FL 33912
      (239) 481-397

      Assurance home inspection services, llc.
      6771 Southwell Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33966
      (239) 770-3391

      HomeTeam Inspection Service
      Fort Myers, FL
      (239) 201-2134

      Dream Home Inspection Services
      541 New York Dr #82, Fort Myers, FL 33905
      (239) 940-0489

      Home Repair in Fort Myers

      Fort Myers plumber services

      If a pipe leaks or a shower handle doesn't work properly, this will negatively influence potential buyers. Therefore, it’s important to use repair services if needed, such as:

      Aztec Plumbing & Drains
      12410 Metro Pkwy
      Fort Myers, FL 33966
      (239) 471-3813

      Tranquility Plumbing Inc
      4306 Kernel Cir
      Fort Myers, FL 33916
      (239) 939-3000

      Diversified Plumbing Services of SW Florida
      13650 Fiddlesticks Blvd Suite 202-358
      Fort Myers, FL 33912
      (239) 850-6674

      R L Wilson Plumbing, Inc.
      4750 Bayline Dr, North Fort Myers, FL 33917
      (239) 656-0053

      American Construction & Plumbing, Inc.
      2092 Beacon Manor Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33907
      (239) 896-2947

      Cypress Plumbing of Southwest Florida, Inc.
      2655 Meadow Ln, Fort Myers, FL 33901
      (239) 542-3133

      Fort Myers Handymen

      Fort Myers handyman services

      From carpentry to fixing cabinets, a handyman will fix a home, which makes a difference in overall presentation. Some professionals to consider includes:

      Champion Home Services, Inc.
      118 Zebora Circle
      Fort Myers, FL 33913
      (941) 525-5665

      Tradesmen International
      4100 Center Pointe Drive
      Suite 107
      Ft. Myers, FL 33916(239) 277-2701

      The Handyman Company
      4100 Evans Ave
      Fort Myers, FL 33901
      (239) 205-7009

      Guy and Gals Handyman Services
      11220 Metro Pkwy #9, Fort Myers, FL 33966
      (239) 344-0013

      Ken Blow Handyman Services
      Fort Myers, FL 33905
      (239) 693-8011

      Fort Myers, FL
      (941) 417-075

      Fort Myers Contractors

      Fort Myers contractor services

      Home contractors handle larger scale repairs, such as remodeling the entire kitchen. Local contractors include: 

      Contractor Campus
      1953 Colonial Blvd
      Fort Myers, FL 33907
      (866) 986-7978

      Bateman Contracting
      3160 Kutak Rd
      Fort Myers, FL 33916
      (239) 337-1123

      Wildcate Renovation, LCC
      3710 Canal St
      Fort Myers, FL 33916
      (239) 226-1461

      Superior Contracting
      5740 Zip Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33905
      (239) 693-5127

      USI West Coast Insulation
      3218 Marion St, Fort Myers, FL 33916
      (239) 334-2338

      Coconut Grove Construction Corp
      1520 N Tamiami Trail, North Fort Myers, FL 33903
      (239) 690-120

      Fort Myers Landscaping

      Fort Myers landscaper

      Quite simply, the front yard is the first area potential buyers will see; likewise, the backyard may be the last. Therefore, you should consider hiring professional landscapers—this may seal the deal as their work will leave a lasting impression. Local landscapers include:

      Sunman’s Nursery & Landscaping
      13311 Mcgregor Blvd
      Fort Myers, FL 33919
      (239) 789-2950

      Seabreeze Landscape Services
      16541 Amazon Ln
      Fort Myers, FL 33908
      (239) 560-6923

      R S Walsh Landscaping Inc
      8050 Penzance Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33912
      (239) 768-5655


      Estate Landscaping & Lawn Management
      2360 Prince St, Fort Myers, FL 33916
      (239) 498-1187

      Mainscape Landscaping Company
      13279 Treeline Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33913
      (239) 931-3364

      Juniper Landscaping-Fl
      5880 Staley Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33905
      (239) 561-5980

      Home Declutter and Staging in Fort Myers

      Fort Myers staging decluttering

      Before hosting an open house you must set up the interior with furniture and pictures. Additionally, it’s important to declutter each area. Fort Myers has multiple declutter and staging services; below includes several high-rated professionals:

      Great Jones
      1500 Jackson St Ste 300
      Fort Myers, FL 33901
      (877) 557-0180

      Staging Matters
      2053 W First St
      Fort Myers, FL 33901
      (239) 313-5544

      Jill Bellucci Organizing, LLC
      (941) 525-5844
      641 Briarwood Boulevard
      Naples, FL 34104


      Simply Designed Home Interiors & Staging
      Fort Myers, FL
      (239) 222-7879

      Stage & Amaze
      Fort Myers, FL
      (239) 228-3951

      Fort Myers Pet Hotels

      Fort Myers pet hotels

      When it comes to taking care of your pets during an open house, consider hiring a pet sitter or a kennel or hotel. Local services include:

      The Dog Resort
      12140 Metro Pkwy F
      Fort Myers, FL
      (239) 768-9800

      All American Pet Resorts Fort Myers
      14579 Global Pkwy,
      Fort Myers, FL
      (239) 939-3647

      Academy Kennels
      2691 N Airport Rd
      Fort Myers, FL
      (239) 936-1163


      Marketing Your Fort Myers Home to Potential Buyers

      Fort Myers sell your home for sale by owner

      When everything looks ready, the next step is to market. Online advertising works as a great way to show off your house to a larger audience. Consider using a website like—this resource carries out real estate transactions between buyers and sellers at a competitive and fair price. MLS and Craigslist Fort Myers can also work well in advertising your house.

      Traditional marketing tools include local newspapers, such as: The News-Press, Florida Today and The News Herald. Other classic methods includes yard signs, as well as posting flyers around town. By networking and making connections with friends, family and coworkers, potential buyers may be referenced and a one-on-one open house may conclude. Though you could personally write a creative ad for your Fort Myers house, you may want to hire a skilled copywriter (either one works).

      • Island Sand Paper
      • Fort Myers Beach Observer
      • The Sun Bay Paper 
      • Florida Weekly
      • The River Weekly

      Fort Myers Photography

      Fort Myers sell your home for sale by owner

      Professional photography can transform an ordinary house into an extremely appealing residence. By utilizing lighting and keying in on specific parts of the house, a photographer can draw in many candidates. With these photos, you will grow your audience on social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With presentable photos and attractive headlines, you will have a much easier time marketing your open house. Top-rated Fort Myers photographers include:

      Harborside Photography
      12734 Kenwood Ln #13
      Fort Myers, FL 33907
      (239) 940-2401

      Inspiring Lens
      Fort Myers, FL
      (239) 989-8271

      Pinnacle Real Estate Marketing
      4706 Chiquita Blvd S, Ste 200-437
      Cape Coral, FL 33914
      (239) 243-0433

      Looking Up a House, Condo or Apartment for Sale by Owner in Fort Myers

      After making the decision to sell your Fort Myers home, use only the resources that will help you save money and time. Fort Myers real estate is increasing in value and popularity, so you should use tools that don’t mess around with “hidden agendas”. beycome has free listings’, information and step-by-step selling guides, making real estate agents and brokers inessential. List your Fort Myers home on beycome, and you’ll be directly connected with buyers—this powerful option will make selling your Fort Myers home incredibly easy.

      Call us at 1-844-239-2663 and we’ll help you get started on your home buying journey!