Making the Decision to Sell
your Gainesville Home.

When you decide to sell your home, it is important to know just how much weight your decision is. A home for sale by owner in Gainesville is a valuable commodity, especially due to the real estate economy in the area. The average listing for a home on sale by owner in Gainesville goes for nearly 200,000 dollars. But the profit you make from a sale changes when you need to factor in the extra costs that come with any Gainesville home for sale by owner.

Your first step will be to analyze and take stock of the resources you have available. You will have a firmer grasp on your options when you understand what assets you have and which you need. It is also important to note how much financial breathing room you have during negotiations.

Listing your home for sale yourself will help you save money that would otherwise go into paying a broker. Pay attention to other factors like your time frame and whether you have time for negotiation. If your home is in poor condition, then any repairs or upgrades you are willing to make go a long way towards receiving your asking price.

Understanding the Gainesville Market

Gainesville sell your home for sale by owner

If you plan on selling your home, then researching Gainesville's current real estate market conditions will be necessary. Gainesville properties are valuable due to the recent rise in real estate interest in the area. The city is an important employment hub for researchers in the health care and biotechnology fields. The city's population is in the hundreds of thousands with more looking for a Gainesville home for sale by owner to try to move in themselves.

Gainesville’s recent successes have led to a higher demand in real estate and faster sales in the process. The current real estate climate has a Gainesville home for sale by owner picked up within weeks after listing. If you want to take full advantage of climate, then listing the home for sale by owner in Gainesville yourself is the preferred option. There is plenty of professional assistance ready to work with you through the process. For example, has a dedicated staff and various tools you will need to successfully sell your home. Our services include important:

  • Listing on your Local MLS
  • Listing on top real estate sites
  • Full listing on
  • Virtual tour & youtube© Video
  • Printable promotional items
  • Receive full legal offers online
  • Home Visit Manager
  • Open House Scheduler
  • Messaging Center
  • Photography Sessions
  • Comparative Marketing Tools

Deciding How to Price Your Gainesville House

Gainesville pricing your home for sale by owner

Headlines like “Gainesville for sale by owner” or “for sale by owner in Gainesville” are great places to start researching other real estate sales in your area. You will be able to find homes like yours that were recently sold and delve into what they did and how their efforts went.

Create some questions beforehand to focus your research as you look into these other homes. Are people actively looking for Gainesville homes for sale by owners? What condition were the homes in? What were the areas like for the homes sold? Do the jobs of potential buyers in the area factor in at all?

There are hundreds of thousands of people currently living in Gainesville. A majority of these people work in manufacturing, education, and health fields. The inflow of professionals have raised the quality of life for the city and increased interest for real estate in the area. With this interest comes increased competition in the housing market, but also opportunity.

Look at real estate listings in your area and take stock of the competition. Check out open houses nearby and how the different ways they show off their best qualities. Gainesville for sale by home owner has plenty to offer potential buyers looking for a home. The city is full of lively locations and businesses to visit.

The list of noteworthy locations in Gainesville is long, and includes places like:

Gainesville Entertainment

Gainesville entertaiment

  1. Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo: Enjoy your time at a zoo that hosts a full range of animals to see. Species from several continents are on display with there is even a petting zoo for the children. 3000 NW 83rd St Gainesville, FL 32606.
  2. Florida Museum of Natural History: A fully manned museum full of exhibits for the whole family, and the best part: it's completely free. Enjoy this locations look at the natural world and its various exhibits. 3215 Hull Rd Gainesville, FL 32611.
  3. Arcade Bar: Want a drink? Want to play on some arcade cabinets? Try doing both at this unique local with classic games and plenty of cocktails to try out. 4 E University Ave Gainesville, FL 32601.

Gainesville Colleges

Gainesville culinary locations

  1. University of Florida: Ranked as one of the best public schools in the U.S. This school is 2,000 acres large and provides quality education for its students. Gainesville, FL 32611.
  2. Santa Fe College: With more than 50 accredited programs in the arts and sciences, this is a college to see. It has been around for over 50 years and continues to provide students with a top-quality school experience.3000 NW 83 St, Gainesville, FL 32606.
  3. University of Florida College of Medicine: For a more specialized school try this medical aspect of the accredited university when pursuing a career in fields involving health and medicine. 1600 SW Archer Rd M509, Gainesville, FL 32610.

Gainesville Restaurants

Gainesville restaurants

  1. Embers: Behind the Mediterranean-esque plaza is a steakhouse with a hug menu. All entrees come with two sides which makes every meal an experience. 2776, 3545 SW 34th St, Gainesville, FL 32608.
  2. The Top: The walls of this stylized restaurant is adorned with the artwork of artists who have come and gone. Check out the unique bar in an environment that caters to the individual with the need for a different dining experience. 30 N Main St.
  3. The Fat Tuscan Cafe: This restaurant celebrates the old country and provides food cooked with generations old recipes. Try some of the best italian cuisine in Gainesville when you visit this celebrated location. 725 NE 1st St.

Gainesville Bars

Gainesville bars

  1. Whiskey House: If you are in the mood for a location with 300+ bottles of whiskey, and a selection of cocktails, draft beer, and cigars then this is the place for you. Check out the free live music and airy setting as you try the many drinks on the menu. 60 SW 2nd Street.
  2. The Dime: A retro-lovers dream, this small little hole in the wall bar is perfect for the drinker who wants a bar with personality. The whole bar is dedicated to providing well-made cocktails with a stylized feel. 4 E University Avenue.
  3. House of Beer: This bar provides quality and quantity at once, with over 40 taps constantly rotating to always change up the selection. This is a must-see location for any beer lover in the area. 19 W University Avenue.

Preparing your Gainesville Home

Evaluating Your Home

Your home may seem like it is suitable for visitors, but having guests over is not the same as potential buyers. They will have a much more critical eye and you will need to make sure your home is at its best. Have a home valuation analysis done to have a professional look over your home and give you its approximate value. Once you know how much your home is worth, work on increasing that number by making your home stand out more.

Local Gainesville Inspectors

Gainesville home inspection for sale by owner

5808 NW 45th Dr,
Gainesville, FL 32653
(352) 256-4854

Chastain Home Inspections
1511 NW 43rd Terrace,
Gainesville, FL 32605
(352) 745-1409

McGarry and Madsen Inspection
Gainesville, FL
(352) 283-1385

Advanced Home Inspections
1940 NW 34th Terrace,
Gainesville, FL 32605
(352) 376-8685

Thurmond Home Inspections LLC
Gainesville, FL
(352) 215-6205

Parsley Home Inspections
Gainesville, FL
(352) 634-0349

When you want to make your home more attractive to potential buyers, then consider the current trends in style. A home for sale by owner in Gainesville has plenty of room for renovations its kitchen, bathroom, exterior and roof. Document any changes and already existing qualities of your home for later use. This information will be valuable when you are calculating the net worth of your efforts. This list will also provide reasons for why your home should interest potential buyers.

When potential buyers search up Gainesville for sale by owner they will be looking into every part of the home. Take advantage of the many professionals in the city and work with them to raise your homes worth. Local businesses to take note of include:

Gainesville Repair

Your home may need vital repairs that keep your homes many systems running smoothly. Remember, any problems with the home you might have gotten used to could turn potential buyers away.

Gainesville Plumbers

Gainesville plumber services

The pipes throughout your home are not going to help your sale if they are leaky or rusty. Plumbers will help make sure your indoor plumbing is fully functional and working.

Quality Plumbing of Gainesville Inc.
Gainesville, FL
(352) 377-1009

Sunshine Plumbing and Gas Gainesville
5510 SW 41st Blvd #101, Gainesville, FL 32608
(352) 339-5791

J.W. Freeman Plumbing
4637 NW 6th St, Gainesville, FL 32609
(352) 316-3229

First Choice Plumbing Solutions
4101 NW 6th St, Gainesville, FL 32609
(352) 377-9447

Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
3822 NE 55th Pl, Gainesville, FL 32609
(352) 373-7828

Titletown Plumbing, LLC
4639 NW 6th St Suite D, Gainesville, FL 32609
(352) 318-8782

Gainesville Handyman

Gainesville handyman services

Hire a handyman to make small repairs to the look of your home and increase interest.

Alford's Affordable Services
Gainesville, FL
(352) 870-9862

Gainesville Home Services
Gainesville, FL
(352) 870-1312

Right Handy Man
Gainesville, FL
(352) 443-8605

Gainesville Contractors

Gainesville contractor services

A professional contractor will help increase overall appearance of your home. Their services are necessary for larger home renovations.

Gainesville Restoration & Remodeling, Inc.
4607 NW 6th St, Gainesville, FL 32609
(352) 372-1221

W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor, Inc.
515 SE 11 Pl, Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 372-3963

Perry Roofing Contractors
2505 NW 71st Pl, Gainesville, FL 32653
(352) 373-2724

Mark Hurm & Co., LLC
3411 N Main Terrace, Gainesville, FL 32609
(352) 378-9422

Shore Builders, Inc.
2727 NW 43rd St suite 7c, Gainesville, FL 32606
(352) 339-3322

Central Florida Contractors
711 NW 23rd Ave #3, Gainesville, FL 32609
(352) 378-3869

Gainesville Landscapers

Gainesville landscaper

The area surrounding your home needs to stand out to potential buyers. A landscaping service will help keep your yard trimmed and neat which makes a difference when negotiating a sale. Local landscaping services include:

Gainesville Lawnscaping - Lawn Care and Landscaping
4306 NW 21st St, Gainesville, FL 32605
(352) 505-3411

The Master's Lawn Care
1610 NW 55th Pl #1, Gainesville, FL 32653
(352) 378-5296

Select Scape Landscape
Gainesville, FL
(352) 678-5517

Oasis Landscape Services Inc
6812 NW 18 Dr, Gainesville, FL 32653
(352) 373-9530

SiteOne Landscape Supply
2320 NW 71st Pl, Gainesville, FL 32653
(352) 371-8011

Millhopper Lawn & Landscape
Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 258-1121

Gainesville Declutter and Staging

Gainesville staging decluttering

Local Gainesville declutter and staging services are able to turn your home in property worth noticing. Declutter services organize the interior of your home. Staging is the process of making your home ready to receive potential buyers. Local services include:

Designing Decor - Home Design and Decorating, Interior Design
Gainesville, FL
(352) 665-2393

Pet Hotels in Gainesville

Gainesville pet hotels

If you own a pet and need it out of the house for a little bit, then use a pet hotel to keep them somewhere comfortable and safe. These establishments specialize in taking care of your pets while you are busy finalizing any sales. Local pet hotels include:

Prestige Pet Resort & Spa
3717 NW 13th St, Gainesville, FL 32609
(352) 505-5304

Shores Animal Hospital
3717 NW 13th St, Gainesville, FL 32609
(352) 372-8387

Dog's Rule
2161 NE 1st Blvd, Gainesville, FL 32609
(352) 505-0019

Newberry Animal Hospital Main St.
1609 S Main St, Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 372-5391

Town & Country Veterinarians and Pet Resort
6980 SW Archer Rd, Gainesville, FL 32608
(352) 378-6027

Marketing Your Gainesville Home to Potential Buyers

Gainesville for sale by owner

A Gainesville home for sale by owner is a title that draws interest and allows you to bring in potential buyers. Online advertising is a great way to quickly spread the word of any home for sale by owner in Gainesville. Beycome is a website that that facilitates real estate transactions between buyers and sellers for a low-cost flat fee. Craigslist Gainesville is a popular site that provides simple and easy methods of reaching an online audience.

Look into using more classic methods of advertising in order to increase exposure you campaign’s exposure. Flyers, yard signs, and business cards are simple, yet effective, ways of locally spreading word of a Gainesville home for sale by owner. Beycome provides homeowners with all of these marketing tools and more. For local advertising, newspapers to consider contacting include:

  • The Journal Gazette
  • The News-Sentinel

Gainesville Photography

Gainesville advertising for sale by owner

This city has plenty of local help available to promote Gainesville for sale by owner. Writers will help you make ads, graphic designers can develop a style for your campaign and photographers will provide solid foundations for any social media campaigns. Social media thrives on accurate, detailed focused photos which makes hiring a photographer a top priority. Local Gainesville photographers to take note of include:

Aaron Bailey Photography & Design LLC
1041 NE 6 St, Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 283-4674

Mojakdesigns, LLC
Gainesville, FL
(352) 359-4657

Home - Hoggetowne Photography
1500 NW 35th Way, Gainesville, FL 32605
(352) 377-6755

PhotoTale Studio LLC
3419 NW 67th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32653
(352) 327-8313

Sweet Serendipity Photography
9111 SW 53 Pl suite a, Gainesville, FL 32608
(352) 278-3448

Chris Watkins - Commercial Photography
4105 NW 17th Pl, Gainesville, FL 32605
(352) 328-7811

When you have quality photos of your home it becomes easier to use websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more for advertising. Gainesville for sale by owner is a common enough headline with everyone wanting a piece of the city so you need to work hard in order to stand out amongst the competition.

A Home for Sale by Owner in Gainesville

The fact that no one knows your home better than you only supports a choice to list your Gainesville home for sale by owner yourself. This decision saves you time and money by allowing you to avoid commissions and negotiations with problematic brokers or realtors. The resources saved can then go into connecting with other businesses in the Gainesville real estate field. Beycome is here to connect you to others who will assist with every step of the sales process. So handle the process yourself and maximize your profits as you list your home for sale.


Call us at 1-844-239-2663 and we’ll help you get started on your home buying journey!