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For Sale by Owner Miami

      Making the Decision to Enter the
      Miami Real Estate Market

      Investing in the Miami real estate market is one of the biggest financial ventures you will make in your lifetime. This is a city that is among the most well-known in the country and has remained a cultural hub for decades. Celebrities and businesses throughout the area thrive in a city that has grown to become as top vacation destination in the world.

      First, you will need to review your finances in order to better understand what options you have available. The real estate market in Miami remains strong, a factor that works in your favor when it comes to costs and potential asking price. Go over your assets and gauge just how much leeway you have to work with. Cut out any unnecessary costs and services, especially real estate brokers who ask for as much as 6% of the profits.

      If you want to benefit from this venture, you are definitely going to need to think the process thoroughly. The more strained your financial situation is, the greater care you will need to take with the assistance you use. It is necessary to find affordable services and negotiate for better prices whenever you can. It is best to personally handle the process yourself, whether that means you list a home for sale by owner in Miami or are looking for one.

      Understanding the Miami Housing Market

      Miami sell your home for sale by owner

      The city of Miami is a world famous vacation destination, so it makes sense that there is a continuous interest in homes located in the city. Homes put on the market in Miami are being sold for near-asking price for a reason. Anyone entering the real estate market, such as yourself, is able to take advantage of a strong market by researching available options.

      When you put your home on the market, you should expect a quick return on investment if you play your cards right. Buyers will be able to find an affordable home that fits their tastes fairly quickly. Real estate in Miami is constantly in demand; houses are being picked up as quickly as they go up for sale.

      The best way to handle real estate matters in Miami is to handle the process yourself. Doing so helps you avoid plenty of headaches such as overpriced brokers and realtors. However, selling your home can be complex and might actually cost you money. beycome saves you commission fees by connecting you directly with buyers. The site also provides users with a list of the necessary marketing tools and legal documents needed to close the sale yourself.

      • Listing on your Local MLS

      • Listing on top real estate sites

      • Full listing on beycome

      • Virtual Tour & YouTube© Video

      • Printable promotional items

      • Full legal offers online

      • Home Visit Manager

      • Open House Scheduler

      • Messaging Center

      • Photography Sessions

      • Comparative Marketing Tools

      Looking Over Your Options to Purchase Miami Real Estate

      Miami sell your home for sale by owner

      If you have decided to purchase a home in a Miami, the choices available may seem overwhelming. The city is an international cultural hub with a diverse range of businesses and attractions. Miami’s real estate market is pricey, but considering the popularity and value of the housing here, that is no surprise. Be sure to organize your finances in order to have a clearer look at the real estate you can and cannot afford in Miami.

      Purchasing a home in Miami may come with high-costs, but it should not cause so much financial stress that it will permanently scar you. Bear in mind that the cost of the average home in Miami is in the hundreds of thousands. The median down payment for mortgages across the country is 10 percent of the purchase price. You are better off looking for real estate with a rate of about 6% for the next 30 years to cut down on the pricing.

      You should also look into mortgaging for additional help when purchasing your dream home in Miami. Start by learning more about your credit score and what it looks like before using it for any major purchases. Look into pre-approval after closing your home and talk to the appropriate mortgage lenders. You have a better chance for pre-approval if you have good credit score, money down, savings, along with steady employment.

      Common Types of Mortgages

      • 203k Rehab Loan

      • ARM

      • Conventional

      • FHA

      • Interest Only

      • USDA

      • VA

       You cannot apply for a mortgage free of charge, they often comes with fees. The prices will be higher if you decide to include private mortgage insurance. Save money and simplify the mortgage process by using a website such as

      Important Documentation Needed for a Mortgage

      • Addresses for Involved Properties

      • Birthdates

      • Employment History

      • Paystubs

      • Proof of Homeowners Insurance

      • Purchase Agreements

      • Social Security Numbers

      • Tax Returns

      • Title Documentation

      • W-2

      Things to Consider When Shopping for Miami Home

      Miami is a city with history, filled with different areas to explore. When you’re shopping for an apartment, condo or house, look for one near some of the trendiest neighborhoods.

      Miami Neighborhoods

      Miami Neighborhoods

      • Aventura: A coastal neighborhood that is well-connected to the many locations in Miami. This place has become a popular destination for people from the Northern states to visit during winter months.

      • Brickell: Also known as the financial district, this is an area celebrated for its lively atmosphere and variety of businesses. When you live here, you have access to a full range of entertainment.

      • Coconut Grove: This area is also situated along the vibrant Florida coast. It's home to several commercial centers and shopping districts, all in a beautiful and active area.  

      • Coral Gables: Boasting unique businesses, this is another cultural hub in Miami. Homes and condos here are close to highways, good schools, and surrounded by shopping centers filled with a wide variety of stores.  

      • Downtown: Otherwise known as the center of business of Miami, this area is as central as it gets. A home here will provide you first-hand access to all the biggest events and happenings in the city.  

      • Little Haiti: This is a neighborhood on the rise. It’s an ideal time to purchase a home here being that prices for real estate are slowly increasing as the area continues to be renovated and redesigned.

      • Miami Beach: Complete with sun, surf, and plenty of sand, this island is the epitome of the Miami lifestyle. Homes here are always classy and can range from modest to luxury mansions on the shoreline.

      • Midtown: Found next to the popular Wynwood, Midtown is home to plenty of new properties and a central shopping center. When you live here, you can enjoy the best of Miami at a fraction of the cost of the nearby neighborhoods.

      • South Beach: As the southern part of Miami Beach, residents can find an international and youthful crowd. Home to a world famous beach and nightlife, there is something for all ages here.

      • Wynwood: A neighborhood known for galleries and murals, this is Miami’s mecca for creative types where there are plenty of attractions that will inspire the artist in you.

      Miami Transportation

      Miami Neighborhoods

      Miami offers different modes of reliable public transportation. Some are free or have discounts.

      • Metrorail: A 25-mile rail system running from north to south that includes a new line to the Miami International Airport.

      • Metromover: Runs only in the downtown and Brickell area. It stops the most major locations sights, no ticket required.

      • Miami Buses: This system has over 1,000 active buses, 95 routes, and can take you practically anywhere in Miami with the right planning.

      • Miami Trolley: The Miami trolley is free and simplifies your commute in the same way a bus could.

      Miami Colleges

      Miami Neighborhoods

      • University of Miami: A private, non-sectarian school with high standards for its students. This school has an 81% success rate with a penchant for high student achievements. 1320 S Dixie Hwy, Coral Gables, FL 33146

      • Florida International University: A metropolitan public research university with a great reputation in the Greater Miami area. This school has two campuses and plenty to offer to potential students. 11200 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33199

      • Miami Dade College: This accessible college has several campuses and locations all throughout Miami.  Various

      Miami Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores and Pharmacies

      1. Pharmacies: CVS, Walgreens, VH Pharmacy

      2. Grocery Stores: Publix, Whole Foods, Sedano’s

      3. Convenience Stores: 7-Eleven, Stop'n Shop, Red Apple Market

      Buying the Right Miami Apartment, Condo or House

      Miami sell your home for sale by owner

      When looking to purchase a property in Miami, be as thorough as possible in your search. It helps to make a list of questions to help guide your search. Pay particular attention to the convenience, privacy, and comfort of the real estate. You want to be as comfortable as possible, so make sure the amenities available are up to your standards.

      When your basic needs are met, the structural aspects of the real estate should be examined next. Look over the architecture of the home and that of the surrounding neighborhood to decide if it matches your tastes. Miami is full of neighborhoods all with their own unique styles and architectural history. Despite their unique attributes, they may still be prone to repairs.

      The exterior of a home is important, but so is the area surrounding the real estate as well. The home may match all your needs and expectations, but the surrounding area could hurt an otherwise amazing real estate opportunity. The area could be too noisy, foul-smelling, or overcrowded. Look into the area surrounding any real estate you are interested in order to avoid any purchases you will come to regret.

      • A/C Systems

      • Ceiling Heights

      • Closets and other Storage Spaces

      • Floor Plans

      • Natural Lighting

      • Number of Rooms

      • Numbers of Floors

      • Garages or Parking

      • Plumbing Systems

      • Numbers of Porches or Decks

      • Room Locations

      • Room Sizes

      • Sight Lines

      • Stair Types

      Searching for Miami Apartments, Condos and Houses

      Miami sell your home for sale by owner

      Your search for a home in Miami should be focused, with a clear idea of what you want and what you need. When you decide on these factors, you can then begin searching through various apartments, condos and houses. There are several resources available to help you with the search, most notably the internet, advertisements, and open houses. Hone in on the perfect home by asking as many questions as you need to feel confident in making your choice.

      Visiting Miami Properties

      When you are searching for a home to buy, it may take more than a quick internet search to find the right place for you. Visit open houses and arrange private showings for first-hand looks at the property you are interested in. Use the opportunity to take notes and photos for later, pay attention to any issues or problems that would make living in the home problematic.

      Questions to Ask When Visiting a Miami Property

      • Are there any association fees?

      • Has it recently been refurbished, redecorated or renovated?

      • What are the price comparisons like?

      • How long have the homes in question been listed for sale by their owner?

      • How much time to do you have to make a decision?

      • Is there a deadline?

      • What are the current utilities like?

      • Why are the owners selling?

      Making the Offer for Your Miami Apartment, Condo or House

      Miami sell your home for sale by owner

      Buying property is not as simple as signing your name on a paper and providing a check. You will need to make a fair offer that is fair to all the parties involved. Do some research before making this offer, focus mainly on comparative market analysis and the average prices of homes in the area. You should also learn about contingencies and all the protection they may provide you.

      Common Home Buying Contingencies

      • Financing Contingency

      • Home inspection Contingency

      • Sale Contingency

      • Title Contingency

      • Home Appraisal Contingency

      For properties higher in demand, you may need to strengthen your offer. Work with a lender preferred by your listing agent to do so. Increase the rate offered to confirm the contract, or earnest money. Shorten contingency periods or waive them entirely. At the very least, introduce yourself to the seller with a cover letter, some photos and your opinion on the apartment, condo or house. Show the seller how serious you are; a photocopy of the earnest money check will definitely help.

      If you bid too low, do not be surprised if the seller rejects your offer. Should a bidding war begin, you will need to compete with others over are offering more. The seller may also back out if you scare them away with too many contingencies.

      Home sellers are looking for committed buyers instead of someone who will cancel the contract at the drop of a hat. Sellers are also looking to sell quickly, which they cannot do if you face financial problems or drag your feet making any decisions. Negotiate your terms quickly and efficiently to have a better chance at closing the deal and buying the apartment, condo or house.

      Closing your Miami Property

      Miami sell your home for sale by owner

      Just because you are finishing up a contract does not mean that you can relax or ignore the final closing. There are closing costs you need to watch, with lender and third-party fees that should not go above 2-5%. The process should also fall between 30-45 days to complete.

      You should close the deal quickly.  Following the correct steps to ensures that the sale is done without issue.

      • Make the earnest money deposit

      • Order the title

      • Inspect the home (personally and professionally)

      • Purchase insurance

      • Walk through the home again.

      Once all that is complete, you can submit a cashier’s check for the down payment and closing costs. Once you close the escrow and sign the necessary paperwork, you will become the proud Miami homeowner.

      Things to do in Miami

      Miami homeowners have many attractions that will increase interest in their property.

      Miami Entertainment

      Miami entertaiment

      • Jungle Island: Have a fun trip with the whole family at this safari style adventure. Meet exotic animals in a variety of climates at this zoological based theme park. 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami, FL 33132-1611

      • The Great Escape Room: Try your hand at the latest trend! Can you solve the clues and escape this puzzle filled room? 2315 S Le Jeune Rd, Suite 200, Miami, FL 33134-5016

      • CineBistro: Want to enjoy your movie accompanied with a fresh, high-quality meal? CineBistro is a theatre with a full staff of waiters ready to bring you a delicious meal during your movie. 11471 NW 12th St, Dolphin Mall, Miami, FL 33172-6900

      Miami Restaurants

      Miami restaurants

      1. Makoto: A restaurant headed by a famous cook who delivers the quality to you. Enjoy a high-class meal with a variety of plates to choose from. 9700 Collins Ave, Bal Harbour, FL

      2. Mandolin Aegean Bistro: A Greek and Turkish fusion restaurant with a matching atmosphere and dedicated staff. Enjoy a range of meals that come straight from the Greek Isles to your plate. 4312 NE 2nd Ave

      • Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill: Lead by a culinary revolutionary, taste fine cuisine from their three kitchens. 3252 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL

      Miami Bars

      Miami bars

      • Ball & Chain: Open for over half a century, the stage at this bar has been graced with some of the most famous names in music. Recently reopened and revitalized for the modern age, guests can now once again enjoy the atmosphere of this famous Calle 8 establishment. 1513 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135-5218

      • Wood Tavern: Great drinks, lively atmosphere, and entertainment to liven up your time off with this famous bar. 2531 NW 2nd Ave, Wynwood, Miami, FL 33127-4305  

      • Blue Martini Brickell: Trendy and welcoming, this bar offers great drinks and live entertainment. With over 42 signature martinis this bar has plenty to offer its many regular  visitors. 900 S Miami Ave # 25, Miami, FL 33130-3044

      Miami Clubs

      Miami Clubs

      • Club Space: Try out this all-night club that transformed downtown into the place to be for late night partying. This club opens at 11 PM and doesn't close until the sun comes up. Come fashionably late and join the party until the morning light. 34 NE 11 St., Miami, 305-495-8712

      • LIV: This club is known as the hottest place to see and be seen. The very model of what it means to be a nightclub, this is the place to be. 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, 305-674-468

      • Do Not Sit on the Furniture: This oddball South Beach location was made for pure enjoyment and a unique time. Friendly, welcoming, and with only one rule: Do not sit on the couches or chairs. 423 16th St., Miami Beach, 510-551-5067

      Miami Lounges

      Miami Lounges

      • Bardot: This musical setting is set to cover all your lyrical tastes as you enjoy some of the cheapest drinks in Miami. This lounge defines a musical nightlife in Miami features top shelf liquor. 3456 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33127, (305) 576-5570

      • Purdy Lounge: This lounge is unique thanks to its grunge atmosphere and relaxed vibes.  Take a visit to the off-road location and enjoy the retro aesthetic. 1811 Purdy Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, 305-531-4622

      • Lilt Lounge: Feel like sophisticated night out? This high class venue is filled to the brim with clientele who dress their best and come to impress. 270 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami, FL 33131, (305) 351-7403

      Pricing An Apartment, Condo or House for Sale by Owner in Miami

      Miami sell your home for sale by owner

      When you are in the process of selling your home, research becomes invaluable before making any decisions. Look up headlines like “Miami for sale by owner” or “for sale by owner in Miami” to narrow down your search. Look at how other homes sold earlier in the quarter handled the process and use that as a reference point for your own planning. Check their presentation, advertising and any attractive qualities that should influence your decisions.

      Questions to Ask When Pricing a Property:

      • What are the demographics of your area?

      • Are homes like yours sold often?

      • Are certain occupations attracted to your area?

      Miami is a popular city, and is a famed cultural hub by those living here. There is no end to the clubs, restaurants, bars, museums, and other attractions which all attract their fair share of attention.

      The Internet is a reliable tool to advertise and research Miami properties listed on the market. Look up other for sale by owner homes in Miami and compare similar properties to have greater context. Real estate in Miami is hotly contested for both buyers and sellers so every advantage in the field counts.  Furthermore, consider making a list of nearby attractions to look over as you make your decisions. Miami is a vacation hotspot for a reason and buyers will be looking to see what your neighborhood has to offer.

      Preparing your Miami Home

      Any home for sale by owner in Miami needs preparation for its showing, and if you are buying one, then it may need repairs or renovation. There are tons of services available to make a home for sale by owners in Miami more presentable.

      Local Miami Inspectors

      Miami home inspection for sale by owner

      A home valuation analysis done by an inspector will provide an objective view on the quality of your home based on its location and home quality.

      Associated Building Inspectors 
      17850 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33157
      (305) 378-4555

      Alliance Home Inspections
      Miami, FL
      (800) 447-3147

      Home Pro Miami
      Miami, FL

      (786) 558-5286


      Home Inspection King
      Miami, FL
      (305) 721-0303

      T/M Home Inspection
      3247 NW 11th Ave, Miami, FL 33127
      (305) 469-0260


      Home Repair in Miami

      Miami plumber services

      If your home is leaky or you have systems that do not work correctly, repair services are a must.  Businesses in the Miami area include:


      A good plumber will make sure that the pipes throughout your home do not have issues that would otherwise ruin a sale.

      Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup
      1726 NW 36th St #3, Miami, FL 33142
      (305) 535-2373

      EZ Miami Plumbing Inc.
      S., 1201 Le Jeune Road, Miami, FL 33134 Miami, FL
      (305) 798-0751

      Miami Emergency Plumbing
      Miami, FL
      (305) 501-2093

      USA Plumbing and Septic, Inc - Plumber
      2745 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33142
      (305) 856-1696

      Miami Rooter
      2834, 7005 N Waterway Dr #307, Miami, FL 33155
      (786) 474-3100

      Ez Plumbing Repair & Services
      27 NW 10th Ave, Miami, FL 33128
      (786) 239-6529

      Miami Handymen

      Miami handyman services

      A handyman will take care of smaller scale carpentry and other repairs.

      Miami Handyman Services, Inc.
      4245 SW 84th Ave, Miami, FL 33155
      (305) 225-9443

      Tri Miami Handyman Services
      Miami, FL
      (305) 744-6038

      Andromeda Handyman Services
      Miami, FL
      (305) 799-0982

      Exclusive Handyman Services
      Miami, FL
      (786) 543-7991

      Handyman Services
      SW 88th St #n207, Miami, FL 33130
      (786) 970-4663

      Local Handyman Services Miami
       8318 NW 56th St, Doral, FL 33166
      (956) 307-6439

      Miami Contractors

      Miami contractor services

      Contractors will increase your curb appeal and handle larger scale repairs.

      Istueta Roofing
      7501 NW 7th St, Miami, FL 33126
      (305) 671-9190

      Jorda Mechanical Contractors
      Miami, FL 33144
      (305) 262-0095

      Golden Sands General Contractors
      2500 NW 39th St # 104, Miami, FL 33142
      (305) 633-3336

      Maranata Construction
      346 NW 57th Ave # J11, Miami, FL 33126
      (305) 269-4838

      Miami Landscaping

      Miami landscaper

      Any Miami home for sale by owner will need to stand out fully in order to attract the most potential buyers. Landscapers will keep the vegetation around your home trim and neat. Local landscapers include:

      Miami Landscaping
      690 SW 1st Ct, Miami, FL 33130
      (305) 507-9062

      Blossom Landscaping Inc
      830 NE 74th St, Miami, FL 33138
      (305) 754-6739

      Old School Landscaping Inc
      Miami, FL (786) 326-0704

      IntelliTurf of South Florida
      Miami, FL
      (305) 790-8183

      Home Declutter and Staging in Miami

      Miami staging decluttering

      If you decide to host an open house, the interior needs to be set up perfectly for any visitors. Declutter and staging services will organize your home to make it more presentable for potential buyers. Local professionals include:

      Vice City Cleaning
      1400 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132
      (305) 209-8724


      1-800-GOT-JUNK? Miami
      Miami, FL
      (800) 468-5865

      Less Is More Organizing Services
      975 Arthur Godfrey Rd Ste 600, Miami Beach, FL 33140
      (305) 912-7890

      Miami Pet Hotels

      Miami pet hotels

      If you need to keep your pet out of your home, a pet hotel will be able to hold them until your business is concluded. Local pet hotels include:

      Dog Dude Ranch
      6305 SW 120th Ave, Miami, FL 33183
      (305) 702-0475

      Petspa- Grooming, Resort, Daycare & Boutique
      9831 NW 58th St #139, Doral, FL 33178
      (305) 477-6626

      Doggies Gone Wild
      1675 NW 97th Ave, Miami, FL 33172
      (305) 629-6463

      Rio's Pet Spa & Boarding
      609 NE 127th St, North Miami, FL 33161
      (305) 935-5551

      3210 Grand Ave, Miami, FL 33133
      (305) 448-5225

      Barks and Tales Dog Spa | Pet Groomer & Pet Grooming & Boarding
      2037 NW 1st Pl, Miami, FL 33127
      (305) 571-1818

      Marketing Your Miami Home to Potential Buyers

      Miami sell your home for sale by owner

      Start with basic online advertising and the websites capable of showing apartments condos or houses available in the Miami area. beycome is a website that facilitates real estate transactions between buyers and sellers for a low-cost flat fee. Craigslist Miami is a widely used website that provides advertising space and marketing help.

      Classic methods of advertising are also available and allow you to look into local marketing. Physical ads like flyers and yard signs are an easy way to see any local homes for sale. An open house is also a good way to check out homes directly.  Newspapers provide ad space for local real estate

      • Diario Las Américas

      • Miami Herald

      • El Nuevo Herald

      • The Miami News

      • Miami New Times

      • Miami Today

      • The Miami Hurricane

      • Florida Keys Keynoter

      • Miami News Record

      Miami Photography

      Miami sell your home for sale by owner

      For home sellers, be sure to check out the local Miami scene for professionals working in the field. Photographers are are able to provide quality photos of your apartment, condo or home that will help to strengthen social media efforts.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more all rely on having suitable photos up to provide context to any potential buyers. Miami photographers to take note of include:

      Miami Photo
      210 Almeria Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134
      (786) 251-0830

      Spectrum Real Estate Photography
      5750 Collins Ave #5-B, Miami Beach, FL 33140
      (305) 206-8002

      Miami Realty
      4025 SW 159th Ave, Miramar, FL 33027
      (954) 709-8823

      Luxury Property Imaging
      8311 NW 64th St #8, Miami, FL 33166
      (305) 401-7064

      Miami Real Estate Photography
      10121 SW 98th Ave, Miami, FL 33176
      (305) 401-3229

      Looking Up a House, Condo or Apartment for Sale by Owner in Miami

      Real estate in the city of Miami is constantly in demand by a market that understands just how valuable homes here are. Cut out any middle men and handle the purchase or sale or real estate yourself and connect with associates directly. beycome is here to simplify the real estate transaction process.  So avoid commission fees, problematic realtors, and slow results by taking the most proactive approach to real estate.

      Call us at 1-844-239-2663 and we’ll help you get started on your home buying journey!