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For Sale by Owner Venice

      Making the Decision to Enter the
      Venice Real Estate Market

      Choosing to enter the Venice real estate market isn’t an easy decision.  Entering the real estate market of one of the top coastal communities in America may be even more difficult.  Venice, FL is a lovely waterfront community that is home to more than 20,000 people.  Since there will always be a need for new homes to accommodate the snowbirds that flock there each year to escape the frigid temperature up North, the housing market remains a competitive one.

      Prior to making the decision to buy or sell, it is important to audit your finances and figure out which resources you need in order to proceed.  As the housing market is strong in Venice, FL, now may be a good time to consider looking into your options.

      Think about the kind of asking price you are seeking and consider how flexible you are willing to be at this time?  Going with a broker will definitely cost you more money, so try to figure out how to eliminate any unnecessary expenses.  

      Making money is usually one of the top priorities of someone who wants to deal with real estate, so you need to be deliberate about your planning.  Being strained financial means that you will need to be in making these decisions. You need to find the valuable services you need at a price you can afford to list a home for sale by owner in Venice, FL.

      Understanding the Venice Housing Market

      Venice sell your home for sale by owner

      Venice, FL was voted as one of the top 10 Happiest Seaside Towns by Coastal Living.  The city also includes a bit of land only accessible by the Intracoastal Waterway that is affectionately called “Venice Island” by locals.  It is known for having a high population of snowbirds who usually come from the North East. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 20,746.

      More than 75 percent of the homes in Venice, FL were constructed after 1970 and 20 percent of those were built after 2000, so this market is fairly young for a Florida community.

      Something that makes Venice, FL stand out is the small but mighty Venice Police Department presence in this community.  Beyond standard police services, they have special units for bike patrols, traffic patrols, and boat patrols. Safety is a big deal in this city and you feel it without being smothered by it.

      The median listing price for homes in this area is $250,000.  With the housing market strong, a would-be home-owner can take advantage of this situation and conduct some research on the best way for you to proceed in handling the market. Homes here are actually so popular that they are purchased almost as quickly as they go up on sale.  That’s the reality of the market we are in right now.

      Handling the real estate process yourself saves you so much time, money and worry, but you still need some help to make sure you have all of your bases covered when dealing with the real estate market yourself.  The team at beycome helps you cut out all unnecessary fees and extra middlemen. beycome connects you directly to the buyers and gives you all the legal documents required to successfully buy or sell your home yourself.

      Additionally, beycome offers a suite of marketing tools which include:

      • Listing on your Local MLS

      • Listing on top real estate sites

      • Virtual tour & youtube© Video

      • Messaging Center

      • Photography Sessions

      • Printable promotional items

      • Receive full legal offers online

      • Home Visit Manager

      • Open House Scheduler

      • Comparative Marketing Tools

      Looking Over Your Options to Purchase Venice Real Estate

      Venice sell your home for sale by owner

      When are looking to buy a home in Venice, the options available may seem overwhelming at first. Venice is a wonderful waterfront community, with plenty of people looking to settle in a gorgeous local just like this. You will need to work in an efficient, focused manner if you want to purchase the best home for you in this location. However, efficiency requires a firm understanding of what your financial situation is. That information is invaluable if you want to move through the process with minimal issues.

      Knowing your financial situation is important because it gives you a firmer grasp on the limits of your purchasing ability. The average Venice home is worth hundreds of dollars to purchase, although renting is a viable option for a more modest budget. You can also look for financial help to help bridge the gap in costs. Consider applying for a mortgage, there are plenty of options available for a variety of financial scenarios. You will need to pay, however since the median down payment for mortgages across the country is 10 percent of the purchase price.

      Finding the Right Mortgage

      Finding the right mortgage for you requires that you look into your credit score. You will see better mortgage options with good-looking credit score, money down, savings, and active employment. If you hit the right requirements, you also become eligible for pre-approval after closing your home. There will be fees that mount with private mortgage insurance unless you handle them promptly. The process is made easier with the help of specialized mortgage companies like who can help you with your mortgage needs.  

      Common mortgages you will see include:  

      • 203k Rehab Loan

      • ARM

      • Conventional

      • FHA

      • Interest Only

      • USDA

      • VA

      You should also have the proper documentation ready in order to provide it when needed. Common documentation to need includes:

      • Addresses for Involved Properties

      • Birthdates

      • Employment History

      • Paystubs

      • Proof of Homeowners Insurance

      • Purchase Agreements

      • Social Security Numbers

      • Tax Returns

      • Title Documentation

      • W-2

      Things to Consider When Shopping for Venice Home

      Venice is a popular location for its beautiful, natural aesthetics and high-end shopping. The area is a practical paradise at the shore of one of the states most affordable beachfront properties. If you have wanted the ocean at the foot of your door, then this is the place to be. Families are moving to this area in mass for the schooling as well, with some of the best public education systems and family-friendly neighborhoods to be found in Florida.

      Venice Neighborhoods

      Venice Neighborhoods

      • Casey Key: A dream neighborhood for anyone who wants to make sure the sapphire waves are never far from their door. Homes here are also incredibly expensive, making it the destination of the celebrated and wealthy.

      • Enchanted Isles: Venice is its own unique slice of paradise, but it does share some parallels with a famous city of the same in Italy. This neighborhoods lies at the edge of the waterfront and provides quality homes to boat owners. The locale remains the best location to enjoy the clear waters and smell of salt in the air.

      • Grand Palm: This family-friendly area is completely filled with activities for people of all ages. The sheer amount of activities matches the number of homes that provide access to everything this locale has to offer. There are fitness centers, hiking trails, dog parks, pools, water slides, and areas for every several sports.

      • IslandWalk at the West Villages: This is an area to meet up with others and make some friends in the area. There are plenty of recreational locations that give the area the feel of a tropical resort.

      • Myakka River Trails: This area is quieter than others, with an accompanying natural vibe with acres of grown beauty. This gated community comes with restricted access and is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy their privacy.

      Venice Transportation

      Venice Neighborhoods

      Public Transportation:

      1. SCAT, the Sarasota County Area Transit system

      2. Greyhound Lines

      3. Bicycle paths

      Venice Colleges

      Venice Neighborhoods

      1. State College of Florida- Venice SCF is the largest public college in the area.  It serves 11,000 students and about 14,000 people attend professional or personal enrichment classes per year.8000 South Tamiami Tr., Venice, FL 34293, Venice, FL 34293

      2. Florida Flight Training Center Flying is very popular in this area.  This school offers many professional and personal flight training programs with a guarantee of 250 Hours of total flight time and at least 116 hours of ground instruction.160 Airport Ave E, Venice, FL 34285

      Venice Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores and Pharmacies

      Pharmacies: CVS, Walgreens, VH Pharmacy

      Grocery Stores: Publix, Whole Foods, Sedano’s

      Convenience Stores: 7-Eleven, Stop'n Shop, Red Apple Market

      Buying the Right Venice Apartment, Condo or House

      Venice sell your home for sale by owner

      When you are looking for the right Venice home to purchase, information becomes key to making the best decision possible. To that effect, you should have a list of questions ready to ask an owner as soon as you can. Focus on questions that have to do with a homes convenience, privacy, and comfort. These factors are what make a location a home at the end of the day and are vital to a long-term residence. Technology has reached a point where you can fully explore a home online, but a personal visit is always recommended.

      You should also have utilities on the mind when looking into how worth a home is of your time and funds. Venice has a variety of locales in different environments which means different utility needs. You should research what the area is like during the different seasons and what they offer in terms of conveniences and amenities.

      Common Property Aspects

      You need to consider both the interior and exterior aspects of a homeowner considering it for purchase. This includes the neighborhood, which may have an overabundance of smells, noises, or people that could ruin a properties benefits. If the neighborhood or style of a home does not reach your standards, then it may be in your best interest to lower it on your list of priorities. For interior matters, make not of utilities such as:

      • A/C Systems

      • Ceiling Heights

      • Closets and other Storage Spaces

      • Floor Plans

      • Natural Lighting

      • Number of Rooms

      • Numbers of Floors

      • Garages or Parking

      • Plumbing Systems

      • Numbers of Porches or Decks

      • Room Locations

      • Room Sizes

      • Sight Lines

      • Stair Types

      Searching for Venice Apartments, Condos and Houses

      Venice sell your home for sale by owner

      You should have a clear set of goals concerning what it is you hope to find when looking for a home for sale by owner in Venice, FL. With these goals in mind, it becomes that much easier to organize your thoughts and form a plan to reach them. This plan should include your price range, the window of time you have to work with, and any willingness you have for negotiation. You can move through the list of Venice homes for sale by owner when you have a set standard to route out any undesirable options. It is also strongly recommended to see a home in-person for better insight into its better qualities.

      Visiting a Venice Property

      When you visit a home in-person, you allow yourself greater opportunity to look through the property and get a better feel for it. The experience really helps give you a feel of how a home feels and whether or not you will be comfortable living there. You should also take the opportunity as a chance to learn more about the property and its various aspects.

      Questions to Ask When Visiting a Venice Property

      • Are there any association fees?

      • Has it recently been refurbished, redecorated or renovated?

      • What are the price comparisons like?

      • How long have the homes in question been listed for sale by their owner?

      • How much time to do you have to make a decision?

      • Is there a deadline?

      • What are the current utilities like?

      • Why are the owners selling?

      Making the Offer for Your Venice Apartment, Condo or House

      Venice sell your home for sale by owner

      When you decide to buy a home, the next step involves providing an offer both sides can agree is acceptable. You will want to name an offer that does not stain your funds but also keeps the seller’s interest. It is best to come to a negotiation informed, it helps to know about the area’s comparative market analysis and the average prices of homes in the area. It also helps to learn about contingencies and their many benefits.

      Common Home Buying Contingencies

      When you think of a contingency, think of a safety net that helps keep you from spending money on a falsely advertised home. To put it simply, contingencies allow you to back out of a purchase agreement with no penalties. These contingencies rely on certain requirements that are outlined and added to purchase agreements. You, as the buyer, can add as many of these clauses as you want. However, you should be careful about how many you add in. Too many contingencies added to an agreement can make it seem that you are not committed to a purchase. Common contingencies to take note of include:

      • Financing Contingency

      • Home inspection Contingency

      • Sale Contingency

      • Title Contingency

      • Home Appraisal Contingency

      Competing for a Home

      Venice is a popular location, which means plenty of eyes on the properties going up for sale here. The issue starts with your offer, if it is too low then that provides plenty of opportunity for others to come in and make bids of their own. You will be able to avoid having a home sold from under you by strengthening your bids. To make a bid more appealing, you need to consider raising it or earnest money to show commitment. You should also connect with the seller, try sending a cover letter, a photocopy of the earnest money check, and even an opinion on the property.

      Sellers also appreciate clients who work through the process quickly with little issues. If you cause the process to last any longer than require it could lead to them moving n to another buyer. Be quick, be efficient, be decisive, and show that you are there to make a purchase.

      Closing your Venice Property

      Venice sell your home for sale by owner

      Closing the home is the final step in the home purchasing process, it comes with a series of requirements to pay attention to. These requirements include the fees from lenders and third-party fees that range from 2-5% of the final cost in price. You should aim for the process to take 30-45 days to complete.  Steps included for closing include:

      • Make the earnest money deposit

      • Order the title

      • Inspect the home (personally and professionally)

      • Purchase insurance

      • Walk through the home again.

      Afterward, submit the cashier’s check for the down payment and closing costs. Once you close the escrow and sign the necessary paperwork, you become a proud Venice homeowner.

      Things to do in Venice

      Venice, FL has about 30 large scale community events each year  such as Italian Feast & Carnival, Book Fair & Writers Festival in March, Chalk Festival, Blues Festival, and Holiday Parade in November, and Christmas Boat Parade in December. However, the Shark Tooth Festival in April each year to celebrate the abundance of fossilized shark teeth that can be found in the area is the most popular.  The area also has plenty of entertainment to be found year-round:

      Venice Entertainment

      Venice entertaiment

      Lake Venice Golf Club is an award-winning spot and it is just gorgeous.  In addition to the course itself, the club boasts a practice range, pro shop, and restaurant.  1801 South Harbor Drive, Venice, Florida

      The Venice Theater is the largest per-capita community theater in the United States. It has a huge operating budget of about $3 million, so you and your family can experience some great times there. 140 W. Tampa Ave. Venice, FL 34285

      Caspersen Beach Park is considered to be one of the best beaches in Venice.  It offers hiking and nature trails as well as a picnic shelter, playground, fishing pier, and canoe launch. 4100 Harbor Dr, Venice, FL 34285

      Venice Restaurants

      Venice restaurants

      The dining scene in Venice, FL has something for everyone.  Here are a few of the most popular options.

      Crow's Nest Restaurant & Marina is a waterfront eatery that features delicious surf and turf fare with a beautiful view.  It is located at 1968 Tarpon Center Dr, Venice, FL 34285

      Darrell's Restaurant feast on heavenly barbecue and Southern comfort food at this family-friendly staple located at 215 S Tamiami Trail, Venice, FL 34285

      Cassariano Italian Eatery brings old world Italian dishes with wonderful wine pairings in a classy environment and is located at 313 W Venice Ave, Venice, FL 34285.

      Venice Bars

      Venice bars

      Outlook Sports Bar is a great casual place for dancing and happy hour.  It is located at 889 Venice Bypass, Venice, FL 34285.

      Daiquiri Deck Island of Venice live performances and a fully stocked bar make this a great venue to unwind.  It is located at 300 W Venice Ave, Venice, FL 34285.

      Tap & Cork is a lively casual joint that beer lovers enjoy with great drinks and a festive vibe it is located at 101 W Venice Ave #16, Venice, FL 34285.

      Venice Clubs

      Venice Clubs

      Club 41 offers live music, billiards and lots of fun and is located at 2252 S Tamiami Trail, Venice, FL 34239

      Off The Wagon Brewery & Kitchen live music and drink specials make this an exciting place to hang out and it can be found at 2107 S Tamiami Trail, Venice, FL 34293.

      Venice Lounges

      Venice Lounges

      Zebra Lounge is a piano bar with great cocktails and even better munchies that is located at 215 Miami Ave W, Venice, FL 34285

      Norma Jean's is known for its delicious steaks as well as their very happy happy hour and can be found at 1635 U.S. 41 Bypass, Venice, FL 34285

      Pricing An Apartment, Condo or House for Sale by Owner in Venice

      Venice sell your home for sale by owner

      Prior to putting your home on the market, be sure to perform due diligence and look around and see what else is up for sale in this community.  Simple online searches can help with this, but there are other ways to do your research. Some people prefer to drive around and check out other properties to see for themselves what is going on with the “for sale by owner in Venice, FL” market.  

      There are some questions you should ask yourself before putting your home up for sale.  Where are homes similar to yours selling and for how much? What are the demographics of your neighborhood?  What are common interests of the community?

      Pay attention to what is most important to local buyers and how those interests can be connected to your home.  Check out other for sale by owner listings throughout the area and figure out what you like and don’t like about those listings.  Create lists of points of interest, good schools, popular restaurants and any other amenity that your neighborhood provides. By doing this kind of research, you will be ahead of the field and will have the background information ready when it is time to actively market and advertise the sale of your home.

      Preparing your Venice Home

      Before any home is put up for sale by owner in Venice, FL some preparations are needed to take place first. There are many services that make this process happen easier and safer for everyone involved.

      Local Venice Inspectors

      Venice home inspection for sale by owner

      A home valuation analysis done by an inspector will provide an objective view on the quality of your home based on its location and home quality. 

      SWF Home Inspections, LLC

      264 S Tamiami Trail, Venice, FL 34285

      (941) 800-2611


      Hodges & Associates

      230 S Tamiami Trail, Venice, FL 34285

      (941) 488-464

      SRQ Inspections LLC

      Venice, FL

      (941) 232-039

      Home Repair in Venice

      Venice plumber services

      Prior to selling your home, it is important to fix anything really wrong with it.  You may need to hire professionals to help you achieve your goal of selling your Venice, FL home. 

      Citrus Plumbing of Venice Inc.

      125 Corporation Way

      (941) 484-4990


      Hill & Hill Plumbing Co.

      249 Grove St

      (941) 488-266


      Plumber John, Inc.

      (941) 488-1800

      Prestia Plumbing of Venice

      (941) 451-6827


      Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

      795 Commerce Dr #14, Venice, FL 34292

      Phone: (941) 497-600

      Venice Handymen

      Venice handyman services

      Hire a handyman to make repairs to the look of your home and increase interest.

      Happy Home Handyman Services

      356 Center Rd, Venice, FL 34285

      (941) 525-0414


      Venice Florida Handyman & Pickup Delivery Services

      1435 East Venice Ave., #104-200

      Venice, Florida 34292



      Handypro of Sarasota-Home Remodeling

      312 E Venice Ave, Venice, FL 34285

      (941) 777-5651

      Venice Contractors

      Venice contractor services

      A professional contractor will help increase overall appearance of your home. Their services are necessary for larger home renovations.

      Krauth Construction, Inc.

      345 Warfield Ave.

      Venice, FL 34285

      (941) 809-0473


      Godfrey Remodeling & Repair

      537 E. Venice Ave Unit D

      Venice, FL. 34285

      (941) 323-081

      JC Phase Electrical, Inc.

      312 E. Venice Ave., Venice, Fl 34285

      Phone: (941) 412-5285

      Venice Landscaping

      Venice landscaper

      A landscaping service will help your home stand out to potential buyers. They keep your yard trimmed and neat while keeping the property as a whole presentable. Local landscaping services include:


      160 Pond Cypress Rd., Suite B, Venice, FL 34292

      Phone: 941.488.8897


      James & Terri Holland

      2280 Frederick Dr.

      Venice Fl, 34292


      Living Waters

      375 U.S. 41 Bypass

      375 U.S. 41 Bypass, Venice, FL 34285



      Hazletine Nurseries

      2401 North River Road

      Venice, Florida 34292

      (941) 485-1272

      Home Declutter and Staging in Venice

      Venice staging decluttering

      Local Venice declutter and staging services are able to help make your home more presentable for buyers. Declutter services organize the interior of your home. Staging is the process of making your home ready to receive guests and buyers. Local services include:

      The Jones of All Trades, LLC

      (813) 322-7819

      PO Box 1234

      Fort Myers, FL 33905

      Serving Venice, FL


      Laurel Bledsoe Design

      (502) 563-1114

      154 Bella Vista Terrace

      North Venice, FL 34275

      Serving Venice, FL

      Paradigm Staging(941) 306-9981

      4049 Crockers Lake Blvd, Ste 2317

      Sarasota, FL 34238

      Serving Venice, FL

      Venice Pet Hotels

      Venice pet hotels

      Unfortunately, sometimes we need to board our pets when showing our property to potential buyers, but these well-rated places will pamper your pet.

      Island Animal Hospital of Venice

      157 Miami Ave E

      (941) 484-9908


      Wag Watchers Dog Boarding & Pet Sitting

      (941) 584-4540

      Tropical Breeze Pet Resort

      3176 E Venice Ave 

      Lots of Lovins' Pet Care Services

      3168 Juno Rd, Venice, FL 34293

      Phone: (941) 587-7041


      Marketing Your Venice Home to Potential Buyers

      Venice sell your home for sale by owner

      After the home is beautified and fixed up, then you are ready to start marketing your Venice, FL home.  Going online is usually the most convenient way to launch your advertising campaign. beycome is a site that enables real estate transactions between buyers and sellers for an easy low-cost flat fee. Craigslist Sarasota-Bradenton is a good place to start.

      The newspaper here is the Venice Gondolier Sun. It is published twice each week and has a circulation of 13,500 copies, however, you may consider reaching out to other media outlets in the Sarasota metropolitan area.

      • Herald-Tribune

      • Channel 6SNN-6 News Now

      • Venice Gondolier Sun

      • Snn Six News Now

      • Tampa Tribune-Highlands Today

      • H T East Manatee Herald Tribune

      • Siesta Key Community

      • Englewood Herald Tribune

      • Sarasota Herald-Tribune

      • Pelican Press

      • Florida Marketing Media Group Inc

      • New Yorker Staats Zeitung

      • The Observer Group Inc

      • Newtons Studios Inc.

      Venice Photography

      Venice sell your home for sale by owner

      If you prefer classic marketing messages, you can advertise in the local newspaper or post signs and flyers around the neighborhood to attract buyers in a more traditional fashion.  As so many people move to Venice, FL from colder climates, you may want to branch out and post to other cities that are known for sending their snowbirds home to this city.

      Prion Photography

      1661 Bal Harbour Dr

      Venice, FL 34293


      Christopher Bunn

      Sarasota Venice Florida

      941 232 6536

      Al Larson Photo

      3334 NW 23rd St

      Cape Coral, FL 33993

      (239) 823-7533

      Looking Up a House, Condo or Apartment for Sale by Owner in Venice

      The real estate business for Venice is booming in no small part to the fact that people are finding out just how lovely it is. Finding the right people to trust when it comes to selling your home is essential.  The team at beycome is here to help you.  By working with us, you will save time, money and resources and you will have the peace of mind knowing that everything is being taken care of by a team who cares.  List your home yourself, and we will directly connect you with potential buyers.

      Call us at 1-844-239-2663 and we’ll help you get started on your home buying journey!