A Guide to Cleaning Your Air Conditioner and Why It’s Important


Just like with many other appliances that you have in your house, this one also requires regular maintenance if you want to constantly have good air quality in your household. For instance, filters that are placed inside your AC are made to collect dust, however, if you do not clean them frequently, they are going to clog up.

And that’s not something you want to experience because then they’ll be filled with mold and moisture. That’s precisely why you should never forget to regularly clean your air conditioner. If you do it, it’s going to be much more efficient.

Plus, your costs are going to be drastically lower. Now, if you’re still having second thoughts when it comes to this then maybe it would be recommendable to read our guide to see how cleaning your AC is beneficial for you.

Tips to Help You Clean Your AC

Clean the Condenser Coils:

If you want to start doing this then first you have to turn off all power that is running to your AC unit. Turn off all those power points that your air conditioner is plugged into, and it also wouldn’t hurt if you turned it off at the circuit board. Why is this a must? It’s because you’ll be working with a huge outdoor constituent of the system, hence, it’s of huge importance that the power is being turned off. If you want to reach and clean these condenser coils, then you will have to get rid of the outer casing.

In that case, you should have either a screwdriver or something that’s similar to it. Once the outer casing is being eliminated, you should get rid of any other component that doesn’t allow access to the coils, and then you can locate them. 

Furthermore, then you should remove any surface dirt by utilizing a duster or a stiff brush and then eliminate caked or trapped dirt by putting the right cleaning agent and then rinse it away with water after ten to fifteen minutes.


Clean the Indoor Unit Dust Filters

Every indoor AC comes with a unit that contains dust filters that must be cleaned regularly. If that’s something you cannot do all by yourself, then AC technicians at BillyAircon.com.sg suggest hiring a professional who is going to help you do it. Bear in mind that if the filter is too clogged, your air conditioner is not going to be able to function normally.

That can lead to much bigger running expenses. Most manufacturers think that it would be smart to clean the filters at least once every couple of weeks, however, everything depends on how frequently you are using this device. 

Generally speaking, cleaning the dust filters is not as difficult as it may appear to be, which is why we decided to provide you with some beneficial instructions that will help it do it all on your own:

  • Bring the filters outside and give them a solid shake and brush. If you want to, you can always vacuum them by employing the vacuum cleaner’s dusting brush.
  • If you notice that the filters are extremely dirty then you can apply some warm water, along with a detergent, and rinse them thoroughly. Ensure they are totally dry before you put them back in the unit.

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Clean and Clear Debris From Condenser:

At the base of the condenser, you will come across the debris and leaves that must be removed if you want your air conditioner to be clean. If the AC condenser possibly has a drain, then you need to make sure to eliminate these substances too.

When it comes to the blower’s fan blades, you can utilize a vacuum along with a rag to properly clean it, and then you should fasten any mounting bolts that are loose. Add a few drops of oil or you can put WD-40 into the ports in case the fan motor has them.

Once you’re done cleaning the AC, round up the condenser and then get rid of any twigs, weeds, or vines that can potentially obstruct airflow through the unit.

Clean the AC’s Louvres

The AC’s lovers represent the angled dangling slats that can be found on the exterior of your AC unit that aims for airflow. If you haven’t employed the split aircon for quite some time, then you will notice lots of dust.

If that’s the case, then it would be recommendable to properly clean the louvers, along with the area behind them. You can do it by using either a vacuum cleaner or a dry cloth. It also wouldn’t hurt if you spray them with a solid antibacterial solution. 

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