Is Curb Appeal Affecting Your Sale? Here’s How to Fix It

First impressions mean everything, especially in a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) or a direct owner transaction. Not preparing the outside of your home or enhancing your curb appeal is a bit like wearing pajamas at a job interview, no one is going to take you seriously! Staging your house, apartment, or condo on the inside is an excellent way to attract offers, but no one can make an offer if they have no desire to walk through the front door.

In today’s post, beycome is going to share with you some of our most important tips to upgrade your curb appeal. Some of these methods may even go a long way towards increasing the value of your home.

Tackle the Big Issues First:

First things first. Grab a notepad and pen, then take a walk around the property. Make a list of all the big, problematic areas that will take the most time and energy to fix. This includes general wear and tear but also roof damage, a broken fence or garage door, or anything large or expensive that needs to be replaced. These big-ticket items can really bring down the selling price of the house, and you want to make sure these factors don’t get in the way of a healthy profit.

The big issues are the ones that will need the most amount of time and attention, so make an appointment with the right party (repairman, roofer, etc) as soon as you discover the issue. If you find out down the line that an expensive repair is needed, calculate whether the investment in fixing the issue is worth the extra cash you would get in the For Sale By Owner revenue.

First impressions matter. That’s why when it comes to Real Estate, beycome has all the tips you need for curb appeal success.

Power Wash, Clean, and Scrape Away:

It doesn’t matter if you own a less expensive or modest property. As long as the place looks clean and well cared for, you’re just as likely to find success as anyone else. You can start by clearing away clutter such as old lawn furniture and children’s toys. Rake away brown leaves and get rid of dead or dying plants that may be hanging around. Mow the lawn and don’t forget the weeds!

Power wash the sidewalk, walls, and roof. This helps clean away tough stains, mold, or grime that may turn away the buyer and keep the place looking brand new. All of these tasks will make space seem larger. Not only that, prospective buyers will be able to see the space as a blank canvas for their own property. For this part, you can always hire a crew or landscaper if you haven’t done any work on your lawn for a while. Or put your DIY skills to the test on your own.

When you clean the outside of your home, it’s not just for the sake of curb appeal. This is also done so that you can take unforgettable property pictures for your listing. Don’t worry, beycome has a few tips and tricks for staging the perfect outdoor photos.

Upgrade Away!

Now’s the time to make your property stand out simply by replacing or adding a few items. A For Sale By Owner Property can incorporate these upgrades as a value-added bonus.

  • People rarely replace hardware such as doorknobs, so you can make the house seem newer simply by switching them out.
  • If you don’t have them already, add front porch lights with motion sensors. This can be viewed as a bonus safety feature for new residents.
  • Add a little light to your walkway. A string of tea lights, for instance, can offer a cozy setting at night.
  • Edge your driveway with block stones along with the asphalt. You can also landscape the border with greenery for a custom-built look!
  • Put out a few pots of colorful fresh flowers or hanging planters to draw attention to the spaces you want buyers to notice (such as a new front porch or garden area).
  • Have you considered a mailbox makeover? Install a mailbox with a brick or stone base. Don’t forget to add the house number in bold, dark letters. The new base will also make it more sturdy than one with a wooden post.

If you’re having a difficult time knowing which parts of your property to upgrade, enlist the help of a third party, such as a friend or family member. They may be able to point out details you haven’t noticed before.
Remember the small details. Even something as small as chipped paint can turn away potential buyers. One of the most important tasks is making sure the paint on your property is absolutely pristine. beycome shows you how to paint the exterior of your home so that its personality shines through. We hope these tips help you out in your FSBO venture!

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