7 Tips For Better Energy & Feng Shui in Your Home

1 year ago

So now that you have your new beautiful house/apartment, it’s time to decorate it and make it yours.

One of the strategies I have seen that works wonders is how to improve the Feng Shui or Chi of your temple (home)! This will help positive energies to keep circulating constantly around your new place.

But first things first… What is Feng Shui?

Well, the ancient Chinese believed in the existence of an invisible energy or force called chi. Chi is the “life’s breath” or energy that binds life together. The practice of Feng Shui teaches us how to influence chi and its affect on our daily lives.

In simple English, we can say that feng shui is simply an ancient guideline for making our home attractive, functional, and joyful.

So, here you have some proven ways and tips that helped me personally strengthen my home’s feng shui.

Tip 1: Find your POWER POSITION

Every room has a “power position”. Don’t know which one it is? well, it’s the farthest spot from the door and not directly facing the entrance (usually diagonal).

That’s the best location for your bed, desk, or even TV.

Important to remember: Your bed shouldn’t be directly in line with the door. That means if you’re sleeping with your feet pointed toward the door, you’re creating some bad juju. Known as the “coffin position,” it’s considered the position of death and “ain’t nobody got time for that” kind of vibe in their home.

Tip 2: Keep Things Flowing

One of the main ideas is that energy should peacefully move through your home. Furniture placed in the middle of your home’s main arteries can clog those arteries leading to a constricted environment.

Also open the windows often, allow as much natural light as possible into your home, and consider using full-spectrum lights.

Tip 3: Your Entrance Way Must Be Inviting

Feng shui is all about energy—banishing the bad vibes and welcoming the good ones. Even if you think this concept of “energy” is mumbo-jumbo (and the idea of hanging crystals makes you want to gag), consider it in more basic terms. Does your home make you feel good? Or does it make you feel unsettled? That, my dear friend, is energy!

Invite good energy indoors by creating a welcoming spot using calming artwork, greenery, and mirrors (but don’t face them toward the door). Paint your door if it’s in bad shape, hang some plants and add a clean door mat out front. Make an entrance way appropriate for a place YOU would want to enter.

Tip 4: Be Like Water

Water represents wealth (cash, money) in Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui principles, it’s advantageous to place a water element, such as a fountain, near the entry of your home. It can be just inside or just outside, but the most important part is that the water should be flowing towards the center of your home.

Get ready to enjoy more cash flow and connections with key people thanks to this simple tip!

Tip 5: Clean Your Mess

Clutter doesn’t just make your house look like a disaster. It’s also bad for your home’s energy! Get rid of everything you do not love in your house.

Clutter blocks positive energy from moving freely throughout our spaces.

Do not skip this step, as it is an essential one in creating harmonious feng shui energy.

Tip 6: Use Your Elements

Classic feng shui has five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Balanced properly, they represent all of nature and restore harmony and balance into our homes.

Each element has a corresponding color or hue, e.g. red is passion, blue is relaxation, brown is grounding and so on. Try to not lean too heavily on one color, but rather try to create an elemental balance in your home to have balance in your life.

Tip 7: Keep the Bathroom Room Door Closed

Many people get concerned about the bathroom when it comes to Feng Shui. The idea is that the water goes out of the home here. Since water is related to wealth, we don’t want our money being flushed away. I have also been taught that water comes back in as it’s being drained (no we don’t), but to be safe, I recommend that you keep the toilet seat cover down and the bathroom door closed to reduce this effect.

Well, there you have it beycomers! 7 easy steps to live more harmoniously in your new flat. Bring awesome energy and positive vibes… Namaste.

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