How to Build a Dog House

You’ve finally done it. You found the perfect house for your family, the neighbors are awesome, there is so much to do in town, and you finished painting and renovating the interior. Everything’s just what you’ve been dreaming about.

Except for one thing.

That kennel you’ve been using in your old back yard doesn’t match your new yard space, it’s tacky. Your pup is getting so much bigger every year as well, and you want your seashell-white carpets to stay pristine here. That didn’t work out as well in the rental with little Jamie running around inside all the time.

Why not give your dog something you will both love? Create the perfect luxury dog house that will set a new trend in your neighborhood. The possibilities are endless.

What Kind of Home Do You Want for Your Dog?

If you like rural country settings, you can create elegance out of simplicity with a finished wood build. Add a window or two to make it stand out and feel much more like a backyard home. With an all-wood approach, you can design a ranch-style house or a modern style with a deck and toy-box. Add some paint to show your artistic flair or keep the natural wood finish for a rustic touch.

Do you have long winters? Insulate your dog house! You can create a cozy yet comfortable space that will keep your best friend happy and safe even during the harshest months of the year. You can insulate practically any design you come up with.

How about up-cycling this project? If you have leftover building materials from past DIY jobs, you can take an innovative approach without any extra expenses and be sure to have a completely one-of-a-kind design. Great way to spoil your pup and show care to the environment. Another way to creatively use leftover materials is to use lumber and build a log-cabin style house, especially if you own a property that required a lot of clearing. This idea could pair well with a 19th century-themed backyard patio area for friends and family gatherings.

Do you enjoy sitting on your balcony with a glass of wine, watching the sunset? Create the same atmosphere and build a rooftop deck for the dog house! After you’ve decided your design for the house you can easily create a matching deck. Add a dog bed and prepare for dog pads, and you’ll make all the other dogs grimace with envy.

What if you love having your dog indoors and could never let him or her sleep alone outside? Build your own indoor kennel! With this idea, you can create a design that matches your furniture and you could use the top of the kennel as an end table if you want it in a common area or your bedroom. Who thought a building project could be this fun?

Planning How to Build Your Doghouse

After you decide what kind of home you want to build, then you can start planning how to go about making it. A doghouse needs to have its floor high enough of the ground to prevent flooding on rainy days and chilled ground during winter. Make sure you take your dog’s personality into account. Do they like sleeping in the sun? In the shade? On the roof? Do they like more space or less? Take your dog’s size into consideration. Smaller homes can be cramped but larger homes take longer to heat. 

Get the Materials

Making a doghouse is much easier when you gather the right materials. You will need: 

  • Circular/Table Saw 
  • Hammer 
  • Measuring Tape 
  • Dust Mask, Hearing Protection, and Goggles 
  • Straight Edge
  • Paint Brush
  • Nails
  • Shingles 
  • Paint and Paint Brush
  • Wooden Boards 

DIY Dog House Building 

The first part of building your doghouse is to cut out the right amount of wood to compose the walls, floor, and ceiling. After that, you can start on the house building process. 

  • Cut the plywood to match your plans using the straight edge to help guide your saw. Cut out the walls and the roof. Then you can cut out the door. 
  • Start putting it together using construction adhesive and nails. 
  • Get the roof and floor ready before attaching them to the rest of the pieces. Use caulk to protect against the weather and metal hinges for the roof pieces to allow easier access for cleaning and repairs for the inside.
  • Paint the wood, preferably a weather-resistant brand. 
  • Add shingles to the roof.Add awning, panels, and so on for aesthetic purposes. 

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