Make Your Bedroom Better For Sleep With These Designers-Approved Tips

A Well Designed Bedroom Can Give You Quality Sleep That You Crave

While there are types of steps given on the routines you should follow for a good night’s sleep, if your bedroom is messy and doesn’t provide a soothing environment, you may not get the quality of rest that your body needs. When your bedroom provides a relaxing environment, then your quality of sleep improves. That is why many people enjoy staying in hotel rooms. This is because these rooms are designed in a manner that gives you a feeling of peace.

If you are wondering how you can change your bedroom to get better sleep, then read below some of the top designer-approved tips that can have a major impact on your comfort.

Get A Quality Mattress

The emphasis on a good quality mattress cannot be overstated. If you have been using a mattress for over 5 to 7 years and complain about backaches or other discomforts your body feels, then you must know that the culprit is your mattress. Memory foam mattresses like those from evenly distribute the body weight. This allows the mattress to return to its original shape when you have woken up, and there is no pressure on it anymore. Other factors to consider when you are buying the mattress are the size, sleeping style, and the support needed. A good mattress is an investment that can help you get quality sleep for a long time. 

Keep The Lighting Subtle

When you dim the lighting in your bedroom, it can help you fall asleep easily. You can add tall curtains that block any light at night and allow gentle sunshine in the daytime. High curtains, which can be hoisted with a rod just an inch or two below the ceiling, can make your room appear more spacious. They provide a look of elegance; as for the lamps, you can choose from a wide array of styles like table lamps, sconce, chandeliers, and so on. Use bulbs with lower wattage and provide a warm yellow light. If you need the bedroom to be brighter at times, you can use dimmers that will allow you to increase and decrease the intensity of the light as per your need. While we are still talking about how lighting can affect your sleep, don’t forget to ditch the phone screen light.

Using Calming Scents

There are some scents that help induce sleep. You can place a beautiful vase with cut flowers or add a potted plant to dress up your room. This will make your bedroom appear fresh and smell good. Some plants help to purify the air. Other ways of bringing in calming scents in your bedroom are to use aromatic candles like lavender or cedar, ceramic incense holders, or Himalayan Salt lamps. These are a beautiful addition to the visual appeal of the bedroom. You can switch the scents as the season changes, like using richer scents in the winter and more citrus ones in the summer. 

Readjust The Color Scheme 

Readjust The Color Scheme 

This is a very inexpensive option to change the mood of your bedroom. You can easily paint the furniture and the walls with colors that are soothing for you. Soothing colors can affect your emotions and routine as they bring a certain degree of calmness. While people have different preferences of colors, you don’t have to limit yourself to one tone. If bright and playful colors make you happy, then you should choose that. A creamy white is a generic color that is versatile and more widely used. Darker colors like navy blue and green can offer a calming effect as well. The idea is not to have too much contrast in the bedroom but rather a smooth blend of colors. 

Declutter Your Room

While you may add these beautiful elements to improve your bedroom, it will not bring you any peace if there is too much clutter. After all, have you ever seen a beautiful bedroom in a magazine that is full of clutter? Being organized and clearing clutter is vital for good quality sleep. It will reduce the feeling of anxiety. You can get baskets, drawers, and beautiful boxes to put things inside in an organized manner than just clutter it on the dressing table or leave it lying on the visible racks. Make it a habit to arrange your bed properly when you wake up in the morning so that when you go back to it at night, it looks more enticing and welcoming. 

Though some designer tips may look beautiful in a magazine, try to frame your room in a more personal and comfortable way. Make use of the space and change one element at a time.

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