Five Insider Real Estate Photo Tips!

Marc Mueller

Image is everything, as the saying goes and when you’re selling your house, first impressions are critical. First impressions happen online, no question. In fact, it’s been reported that 90% of home buying now starts online.

The first thing these web browsing home buyers are looking at? Of course, it’s the pictures!

Grab these real estate photo tips to sell/ rent your home quickly!

Following some basic but insightful tips for photographing your home can get your house noticed by the right buyers and ultimately sold faster! And, the great news is you don’t have to be a professional photographer or invest your life savings in cameras or equipment.

Grab these tips to make your home’s listing shine:

  1. Show every room of the interior – The buyers want a sneak peek at the entire place. The online tour should include that third bedroom, the small sun room, and even the laundry room! Give them what they want for two reasons: it might rule out buyers who have a specific desire that is a deal breaker and, on the flip side, a minor detail might be the sole reason they decide to check out your property.
  2. Invest in a tripod – For an under $20, you can make the investment in a basic tripod that will steady your hand and allow you to get great shots of your humble abode from a multitude of angles.
  3. Turn off your flash – Even very basic cameras work well with low light. The low light effect creates a warm and inviting feel. That’s exactly what you want to get home buyers to see themselves living in your home. As you turn off your camera’s flash, be sure to open the blinds and let the natural light shine in!
  4. Dress for success – Set your interior and exterior up to look their best. Accent pillows, decluttering efforts, planters and coffee table books all create an ambiance that appeals to buyers looking for a house to call their home.
  5. No, your phone is not good enough – Or maybe it is as long as it is 5 megapixels or higher. If not, an investment in a point and click camera will not set you back too much. Of course, you could always borrow too! Either way, quality photos seal the deal and grainy, pixelated images just won’t do when selling your home.

Some additional helpful tips for taking photographs of your home:

  • Shoot head on angles
  • Avoid mirrors when possible
  • Wide angle lenses might help with larger spaces
  • Adding color to the room can make the image pop (i.e. flowers, brightly colored art, candles, etc)
  • Take your pictures on a bright sunny day

Getting your best online presence is step one to attracting buyers as you enter the home selling process. Images are like your home’s first impression…be sure to make it a good one with these great tips.

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