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17 tips to a Successful Open House

We as humans are creatures of habits, so despite all the changes technology has made in the way houses are bought and sold, the one standard feature that we all like and appreciate, remains:


Once you have listed your home, it is very, very important you have open houses… especially the first few weeks that it’s on the market. Since your property was recently listed, you will be welcoming prospective buyers (plus nosy neighbors) to see the house at its best!
So, make sure to follow our 17 tips to a Successful Open House.
When a home hits the market, the first target is to increase the exposure of the property, thus increasing the chances of selling quickly for a better price. The Internet may have changed the way and/or aspects of an open house, but will never change the most significant one… Making an amazing first impression.
You should go above and beyond to make this possible. Don’t cut corners with your future prospects.

Let me give you some ideas besides the 17 I already shared:

*Get Rid of Clutter: If the house has too many pieces of furniture and knickknacks, it’s hard for potential buyers to see the home’s features. You should start packing before the house goes on the market, making the home as sparse and streamlined as possible.
*Don’t Show Your Privates: Home buyers want to walk into the house and visualize it as their new home. If your prospect sees your family pictures and your children’s crayon drawings on the fridge during their visit, this will make decisions more difficult since they will envision it as someone else’s home, rather than seeing themselves in the picture!
*Leash Fido Away: Dogs, cats or other pets should neither be seen nor heard during the open house. If they can’t be removed from the house, they need to be confined to a less trafficked space.
*Advertise Your Home: Make sure you list your Open house in the MLS as well as your social media! This will help you tons. Beycome offers you all these options for your Open house to be a hit.
*Put Up the Sign: In addition to putting a sign on your front lawn, put signs at major intersections directing people to the house. Tying balloons to the signs make them more visible! “If people can’t find the house, you’re shooting yourself in the foot” people may say.
So there you have it beycomers! These easy steps will guarantee you have a successful Open House.
Also, to make sure you get all of these amazing tools, you can now sign up for the “Open House Signage Package”, Available in our Premium Options.
Take advantage of all these tools and close that deal… We are rooting for you!

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