Things to Keep in Mind When Preparing to Move

Things to Keep in Mind When Preparing to Move


Moving can be quite an overwhelming experience, and even though it is exciting for you to move to a new home, organizing everything can indeed be stressful. That being said, there definitely are ways for you to make your moving process way easier, and it’s all based on how well you assess organizing. Naturally, not all of us are intrinsically expert organizers, and this is exactly why, in this article, we are going to make sure to tackle all of the vital aspects that you need to keep in mind while preparing to move. Let’s get right into it.

Plan in advance

Many people tend to underestimate just how much is the entire process going to take. Making deadlines that you’re not able to fulfill is going to ensure that you make mistakes that you otherwise wouldn’t while making the entire process way more chaotic. So, how should you assess planning in advance?


As a rule of thumb, it would be best that once you estimate how long it will take you, make sure that you at least double that number. This will allow you to stress way less, while also having time to tackle any unexpected problems. Anyhow – it’s vital that you do have a good plan in place, and all of the things that we’re going to assess further on are going to help you with that.


Assessing the scope of work

We have talked about the importance of planning ahead, but, how should you assess the scope of work in the first place? Specialists on moving services over at Sparta Movers go on to explain how many people aren’t even aware that a lot of companies offer a free assessment of both the scope and the price that you can expect from a move of any type. This type of assessment is extremely helpful due to the fact that if you don’t have a lot of experience with moving, the probability is high that you are going to end up making a mistake in judgment.


Decluttering first is vital

Decluttering is not only going to make the process of moving and organizing your stuff easier, but it will also allow you to assess whether you even need all the things that you have laying around. If you avoid decluttering and just start putting everything in boxes, you probably aren’t even going to see much of the things that you are packing. Making piles of items in various categories is going to make it way easier, and you will also be able to assess whether you can donate, give away, or throw away some stuff while at it.

It won’t work without labeling

Labeling truly is what makes everything come together when it comes to moving. Even though it does slow the process down, you are going to be incredibly grateful to yourself from the past once you start unpacking at your new home. You might think that you are going to remember where you put your stuff, but trust us – at some point, everything gets mixed up unless you label things.

Make sure to keep it light

People often tend to make a big mistake regarding over packing boxes. While it might seem easier at the time that you just stack as many things as you possibly can in each and every box in order to utilize space – the problem is that these boxes are going to be incredibly hard to carry. Not only is this going to make the moving process way harder regarding the physicality of it, but it is also going to make the possibility of you potentially dropping and damaging items skyrocket. That being said – pack light, even though you end up using more boxes, it really is worth it.

Track everything in one place

Last but definitely not least, let’s talk about how you should keep track of the entire process. First of all, tracking your progress is going to ensure that no stone is left unturned – it is going to help you stay on the right track by giving you an overview of the entire situation at all times. 

So, it would be best that you track everything in one same place – no matter what your preferred way of doing so be. You can utilize a notebook, you can also make notes on your laptop, it doesn’t really matter. All it matters is that it is transportable so that you can write what you need on the go.

Track everything in one place


Ultimately, it all boils down to proper planning and good organization – rushing things really isn’t going to get you anywhere constructively and the probability is high that the entire process is going to end up being even more complicated. That being said, make sure that you follow all of the tips that we have talked about previously, and your moving process will surely go as smoothly as possible. Good luck.


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