Yard Signage…Good or Bad Idea?


<strong><em>OF COURSE, IT'S A GOOD IDEA !!!</em></strong>

Yard signage is a great way to let potential buyers and renters know that your property is available. At beycome.com, we are the first company ever to implement a QR Code directly onto your personal yard sign.

<strong><em>What is a QR code?</em></strong>

QR code stands for Quick Response Code. It is a special design barcode with a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached.

<strong><em>How does that help my property?</em></strong>

Statistics show that FSBO sales represent 9%  residential real estate sales, out of this, 36% of FSBO’s use yard signs to market and sell their home*. QR codes give a quick response to anyone seeking information. When a potential buyer or renter sees a yard sign on the lawn of a property, they may spontaneously call or knock on the door of the property. But what happens when you are not home or unavailable to take a call? Do you just go on and lose a potential lead? Not anymore. Our QR Codes embedded directly into your yard sign means your listing is showing whether you are available or not. Once a potential buyer scans the QR code on your yard sign, they are automatically brought to your listing on beycome.com and have instant access to your listed property, including pictures, details, contact info and most importantly your calendar, letting them know when you are available for a showing.

<strong><em>How do I scan a QR Code?</em></strong>

In order to scan a QR code, first you’ll need an app that can read QR codes ( QR code reader).

  1. This first thing you are going to need to do here is go to the Google Play store for Android users or the App store on iTunes for iPhone users and download a free QR Code Reader app.
  2. Next launch the app.
  1. Next you’ll need to find a nifty code to scan (like the one on your yard sign). Place your phone to fit the dimensions of the scanner
  2. Next you’ll get a prompt asking you to “open the URL?”
  3. Once you press ok/yes, it will bring you directly to your listing on beycome.com

<strong><em>How do I get my yard sign?</em></strong>

Once your home is listed on beycome.com, getting your  yard sign is simple. Just send us an email at yardsigns@beycome.com letting us know you would like a yard sign sent to you. Be sure to include the mailing address you would like it sent to. Once we receive your request, we will confirm via email. Our yard signs are totally FREE, but only on 1 condition…

The condition is we ask that upon receipt and placement of your yard signage, you take a picture and email it to yardsigns@beycome.com

That’s it!

Yard Sign Technical Description:

Signage will include: type of property, #of bedrooms, # of bathrooms and your contact #

Your yard sign is approx. 18in x 24in

It is made from thick 4mm corrugated plastic and double stuck

It includes a beefy 26in metal/plastic wire frame stakes insert directly and easily into the lawn


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