7 Top Qualities of a Good Tenant

Own a rental property?


Own a rental property? You may have gone through the effort of finding a good tenant for your property.

Finding the perfect tenant who takes good care of your property and pays rent on time is difficult. As a safety measure, you should run a background check on potential renters to ensure they’re less likely to damage your property or become a nuisance to you or the neighbors.

Keep in mind the following top characteristics of a good tenant to find a responsible renter for your property:

1.   A Good Credit Score

Check the credit score of potential tenants before allowing them to move into the property. A good credit score indicates that they’re financially stable and clear their dues in time. So, it’s more likely that they won’t delay the payment of the house rent.

You’ll need the social security number of your tenants to dig into this information.

2.   Cleanliness

A good tenant takes good care of the rented property and keeps it clean. They won’t leave clutter indoors or throw junk in the backyard. Debris and filth tend to attract pests and insects that carry along many diseases.

When meeting potential tenants, it is important to consider their appearance. If they’re well-dressed, it’s more likely that they prefer living in a clean environment. Furthermore, if you get the opportunity to meet potential tenants at their current residence, it’ll be even easier to determine their lifestyle.

It’s best to add a clause on cleanliness in the rental agreement and discuss your cleanliness requirements in person. This will allow you to evict them from the property later if they fail to keep the premises clutter-free.

3.   Takes Ownership

A good tenant takes care of the property just like it’s their own. They try not to intentionally damage the house and abide by the agreement terms and conditions.

This practice benefits property owners as well as the tenants. Rental property owners don’t need to worry about additional repair costs, whereas tenants can claim their security deposit when leaving the property.

4.   No Criminal Background

Would you want to rent out your property to a person who has been involved in criminal activities? Probably no!

Verify the identity of potential tenants and run a background check to determine whether they have a history of getting into trouble with the law. It’ll protect you from legal issues down the line.

5.   Respectful Behavior

A good tenant is respectful towards the landlords. So, evaluate the behavior of potential tenants when interviewing them. If they respect you, they’re more likely to pay the rent as per the rental agreement.

On the other hand, a disrespectful tenant won’t only create problems for you, but they may also disturb the neighbors.

6.   Honesty

An ideal tenant is honest and doesn’t take advantage of the leniency of the landlord. Even if they’re unable to pay the rent, they’ll notify you in advance. Furthermore, if they damage the property, they’ll confess their mistake and agree to pay for the repairs.

Before signing the legal contract, get in touch with the employer of your potential tenants and the landlord of their current residence to gather relevant information.

7.   Responsible Behavior

Timeliness and accountability are some of the prominent qualities of a good tenant. You can determine whether or not your potential tenant is responsible at the time of appointments.

If they visit your property at the agreed time, it depicts they’re responsible and don’t neglect their duties. However, you can also contact their previous landlords to ask if they regularly pay the rent promptly.

Now that you know about the top qualities of tenants try to make better decisions while choosing a tenant for your rental property.

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