Florida – The Number 1 State for American Migration!

If we talk about American migration, nearly 40 million Americans move from one place to another every year.

There is no doubt that starting a new life and finding success in different states of the United States is not very easy. Different parts of the country provide different opportunities related to home ownership, education, and professional career.

With 49 other states to migrate to, Florida ‘the sunshine state is considered as the number 1 state for American migration. From an amazing culture of delicious food and beautiful natural scenery, Florida has a lot of other benefits to offer to immigrants.

Here are eight reasons why Florida is the best state to migrate to.

A high rate of immigrants acceptance

In comparison with other states, Florida has accepted the most immigrants in recent years. The Floridian population grew by 3.7% from international migration between the years 2010 and 2016 which is rough twice the national growth rate.

When it comes to Florida’s foreign-born population, more than 40% of people are from the Caribbean and more than 25% are from South and Central America.

The high rate of accepting immigrants has indeed made Florida the best state to move to, as it welcomes immigrants with open arms.

Provision of permanent resident status

In the 2015 fiscal year, approximately 605 green cards were issued per 100,000 state residents. This number is greater than that of any other state except New York.

The number of foreign-born Floridians that have been granted permanent resident status is greater than most of the states combined in the last several years. Although this is a huge step, it has created some large wealth differences between native and non-native Floridians. While a typical immigrant household earns $8000 less in a year as compared to a typical native household that earns far more than $5000 annually.

Job opportunities

In addition to being a popular migration spot, Florida is also a very high-in-demand vacation destination. Since so many tourists visit the place all year long, Florida’s economy remains on the boom. No matter which field you belong to or which industry you want to work in, you can easily come across numerous job opportunities in Florida – yes, the hospitality industry is not the only successful market in the sunshine state.

While a job search in a new state can be the most daunting task and one of the possible reasons why people hesitate in migrating to someplace new, Florida with its endless job opportunities is the perfect place for migration.

The weather

The weather in Florida is to die for! The Floridians enjoy beautiful and relatively warm weather the entire year. People living in the Northern sides usually have a winter home in Florida as a backup to avoid the freezing cold temperatures of their home state. Some of them end up making it their permanent home because who would not like to wear shorts and t-shirts all year long?

Even when it rains in Florida, it does not last for long – the rainstorms only last for a few minutes to a couple of hours. After the rain stops pouring, you will find yourself tanning in the sun – talk about the unpredictability of the weather!

Natural and local attractions

Florida is home to some fantastic natural attractions. The beaches especially are very popular and people from all over the world visit Florida to enjoy the beaches in the perfect Floridian weather. In addition to the heavenly beaches, there are many state parks, which are home to a wide range of wildlife.

Moreover, there are museums, world-class restaurants, concert venues, shopping malls, and many live shows that bring entertainment to your life. To top it off, Florida residents are offered special discounts on theme parks and other local attractions.

While living in Florida, you do not need to go on vacations – the state itself is so big and beautiful that it is easy to enjoy a vacation without even leaving.

The happy-go-lucky people

The people of Florida are gems – you will love the best crossbow company of such wonderful, kind, and happy souls. While you are in Florida, it is highly likely that you will find yourself in a good mood ALL the time. There is some infectious happy vibe in the state, which is bound to make you happy. Moreover, the residents of Florida have so many special life stories to tell that you will never get bored. Living with happy people who make you happy is a dream, isn’t it?

Housing costs

The houses in Florida are so beautiful and amazing that you will find yourself dreaming to live in one. The good news is that you easily can! These houses are not only meant to be enjoyed by CEOs and celebrities but you can easily find a beautiful house that fits your preference because Florida has houses available at every price point.

The cost of living

The best thing about Florida is that you do not have to pay state income tax every year. The cost of living is super affordable and the quality of life is so rich. What else could you ask for? Florida is one of the most affordable places to live and perhaps this is the reason why people are migrating to this state in large numbers every year.


With its divine beauty and beautiful landscape, Florida has always been popular as a vacation spot. However, the living conditions and opportunities that the state offers cannot be disregarded. By welcoming a huge number of migrants in the recent past, Florida has managed to become the number 1 state for American migration.

With affordable living and housing costs, an extremely diverse job market, and bright opportunities, it is definitely the best place to move to. Moreover, several communities in Florida are dedicated to retirees and snowbirds – some people move to this warm state in winter to avoid snow while some migrate after retirement to enjoy life in the state of sunshine.

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