Scheduling Your Open House

Preparing for your first open house is exciting. They’re a time-honored real estate tradition to reel in interested buyers and renters while they approach you with questions or even offers. But when is the best time to host an open house? In addition to our popular open house kit, beycome uncovers key tactics to attract the most interested and qualified parties.

First, take a look at your schedule and see which dates and times are best for you. One of the best benefits of a by-owner transaction is that you can do things on time. Write down different days of the week and times during the day you can set aside first before deciding on a final list.

Generally, These Times Work

  • Saturday and Sunday: These are the most common days to host an open house. If you’re looking for general advice, most sellers find success on weekend afternoons. 1pm – 4pm, for instance. Opening too early on the weekends, such as 8 am or 9 am, risks losing people who like to sleep in after a long week.
  • Monday through Friday: It’s still possible to hold morning and afternoon open houses for those who don’t work the traditional “9 to 5”, but you will get less foot traffic. Instead, these times can be set aside for scheduled showings. Commuter open houses are your best bet from Monday through Friday. 5 pm – 7 pm works for those who can’t make it on the weekend and want to stop by the property right after work.

Remember, don’t take these generalities to heart. This is simply a way to get into the mindset of your buyer and understand how to work around their lifestyle. beycome knows that there are many ways you can schedule an open house that may look different than “everybody else’s”. Below you can read some more advanced ways of leveraging your city, area, and neighborhood for even more traffic.

Your Neighborhood

Think about where your neighborhood is located and the nearby facilities. For example, do you live close to a school? Plan the open house around opening and closing. So if the school hours are 8 am – 4 pm, your open house can start at 4:30 pm, just after families pick the kids up. As a bonus, you can place beycome’s custom marketing flyers and business cards on a community bulletin board if they have one. Be sure to mention your property’s convenient location!

Live in a neighborhood with frequent garage sales? See if you can discuss your open house with neighbors that host them and ask permission to place fliers close by. It will be easy for patrons to walk from the garage sales over to your property.

You can even use other open houses to help you decide. Families are very likely to visit more than one listing in a day, so if you notice signs for other showings in your neighborhood, hang some of your own memorable, eye-catching signs for the same hours!

Local Events

Local events don’t have to get in the way of hosting your open house. Instead, plan your hours around them. Active streets or neighborhoods close to a city or downtown area can market to regular traffic to make the most out of a showing. This includes art shows, festivals, wine tastings, and popular social gatherings. Plan the open house for either a few hours before or a few hours afterward. This way, families can easily transition from your house to the event (or vice-versa).

Keep in mind, however, that the events you choose to draw in the kind of crowd you want to sell to. So consider that “low-key” and “family-friendly” occasions are your best bet. Any event that goes too late into the night, such as a concert, may not work to your advantage.

Scheduling Conflicts

Prospective buyers want to be able to plan showings around their schedule, so any conflicts may prevent them from showing up. This is why scheduling a showing during an event, holiday, or occasion can spell trouble for attendance.

So what does this mean? While most people have showings on Sunday afternoons, weekly sports games (like football and soccer) will play a huge factor while it’s in season. No one will want to miss the big game, so try to find an alternative date. Or plan the showing for afterward.

Other conflicts include hard-to-predict factors such as weather conditions. Though we can’t always know what the weather will do, it’s good to plan around expected heavy rain, wind, and snow.

Bonus Open House Tips!

  • Create a demand: Give attendees a window of a few hours (such as 10 am – 1 pm) instead of an all-day pass. This gives the impression that time is limited and increases demand. Besides, you wouldn’t want to wait around all day. If a person is truly interested in the property, they will make time to come within that window.
  • Have “exclusive” showings: Host special showings for specific people who have already shown interest. Friends and neighbors can be invited to this occasion. Offer drinks and appetizers in a relaxed setting. This allows you to discuss the property without distractions when people aren’t streaming in and out.
  • Have repeat visitors? Invest a little more time in those who come back for a second look. This means they’re more interested in the house, and they’re more likely to make you an offer.

You can view more of beycome’s top tips for a successful open house here!

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