Prepare For The Big Move With These Helpful Tips From Pro Movers

Moving from one house to another can be a big job. It’s not just moving boxes and furniture, it’s moving memories too. You have to prepare your old place for the new owner, pack up all of your belongings and then find storage space for everything you’re taking with you. And that’s before you even get started moving! In this article, we’ll give some helpful tips on making moving day less stressful and more successful – so read on if you want to know what pro movers do!

Get an estimate from movers beforehand

When planning a move, it’s important not to leave movers out of your budget. You’ll need them when you get there and they will have costs associated with labor and equipment rental too which should be factored into consideration beforehand so as not to overspend later down the line!

The experts from say that a good place to start is by getting a few quotes from different movers while also asking the right questions on their experience, insurance coverage, and any additional fees they might charge.

And don’t forget: movers are experts who can do wonders for you before you even make the journey from point A to B. A lot of movers, especially ones from Muval, know tips and tricks that could come in handy during packing time or otherwise day-of coordination efforts, such as how best to store delicate valuables like wine glasses, extra linens, or tableware. You could say that their knowledge is gold. 

Also, it’s always good for you to know what your budget is beforehand because estimating costs without actually knowing how many items are being moved or where they need to go simply isn’t enough information. This can result in an inaccurate estimate which could cost you extra money if scaled back later on down the line when there’s more information on the mover’s estimate.

Create a spreadsheet or checklist of what to pack first

When you are packing your things for the big move, you need to start with packing the most important things. 

The first checklist might include your kitchen items, bedding, and anything you need for the next few days.  

The second checklist should be packing important clothes for this week or two weeks. You can start with a bag of things to wear, followed by another bag containing underwear, socks, bras, etcetera. Once done with those bags, move on to other clothing like sweaters and jackets.

When making your checklist make sure you’re being realistic about how much space there is in your new house, so you don’t pack too many suitcases before realizing they won’t all fit into one room…or worse yet, not enough storage space at all!

Label boxes so you know where they should be placed when unpacked

Labeling boxes and containers is an easy and essential step to take when moving. It ensures you know where everything goes, reduces the risk of losing things in transit, and makes unpacking much easier.

Label boxes with their contents (i.e., “kitchen” or “bathroom”) so it’s clear what they contain without having to open them first. Also, label boxes outside and inside if possible; label visible sides on all six sides for maximum visibility. 

Labeling is also a good idea if you have more than one person doing the packing; make sure both people know which labels go where. Each person can start with their label and not worry about mixing them up! 

Get rid of any items that are not necessary for the move – donate them or sell 

It’s really important to get rid of all items that are not necessary for the move. It might be hard, but it will make your life easier later. Don’t forget to dispose of any hazardous materials too!

You don’t have to throw away everything you don’t need. You can donate or sell items that you’re not using. Your items will get a second chance in someone else’s home and the money goes towards your moving expenses!

Some items you should consider donating are clothes, books, toys, and furniture. For example, that old TV that still works but isn’t worth much now, books about topics you don’t care about anymore, toys from when your kids were young, furniture with deep scratches or broken parts you never use, etc.

Items worth selling would include jewelry in good condition, electronics like laptops, full sets of dishes, Silverware Antiques, rugs or lamps in good condition, etc.

Check your homeowner’s insurance coverage 

Homeowner insurance is about more than just fire and theft. It can also cover your belongings if they were accidentally damaged during the move or stolen from your home while you’re away.

For those who have a homeowner’s insurance policy that includes lost property coverage, it is also important to go through your belongings ahead of time and take pictures or videos! This way the items are documented for any future disputes with an insurer if something happens during the move. 

Furthermore, homeowner insurance may not be included in rent, so check with an agent ahead of time to make sure that enough coverage will be provided in your new home.

The next thing on the list? Checking to make sure all bills are paid and secured ahead of time! If there are any past due payments set up through autopayment, cancel them immediately. And don’t forget things like gas service – go through each utility and make sure they’re set to automatic before you start moving.

Check your homeowner's insurance coverage 

Moving is a big thing in your life. That’s why you need to make sure you have a plan before you start the moving process. The best part about planning ahead for this daunting task? You can save time and money by avoiding last-minute stressors like traffic, renting trucks, or paying expensive storage rates. How will you be getting started with your move? 

Before anything make sure to use our checklist as your guide for what items you should pack first, how to label boxes so they stay organized when unpacking at their final destination, and more helpful tips that will ease some of the stress associated with relocation. We hope our guide has helped pave the way for an easy transition into your new home!

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