How to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Natural ways to make your home smell great!

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Imagine returning home after a tiring day at work only to notice a nasty odor. Won’t it irritate you?


If the smell prevails, you may get used to it, but it doesn’t mean that others can’t smell it. So, you should get rid of the smell for the sake of your guests and to maintain a comfortable environment in your home.


A fragrant atmosphere positively influences your lifestyle and induces calmness. Here are some ways you can easily make your home smell amazing:



Get Indoor Plants



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Plants enhance the appeal of your garden, but it doesn’t mean you can’t bring them indoors. Get some plants for your home that can survive indoors in low light conditions. They will keep the air fresh and fragrant. You can go for a variety of indoor plants including jasmine, scented geraniums, gardenia, citrus, and tea rose begonia.



Use Food Scraps



The strong odor of garbage can affect the quality of indoor air. Before putting garbage in the can, add a few leaves of a fragrant plant or peels of oranges and lemons to prevent the smell from spreading. This way, you can keep the garbage odor at bay and keep your home fresh and fragrant.



Use Vanilla Extract



If your fridge stinks, it’ll ruin the quality of food kept inside and also make it difficult for you to work in your kitchen. The smell is quite common in refrigerators since the porous plastic absorbs the odor of stale food over the years.


To keep the smell at bay, you should thoroughly clean the refrigerator every now and then. Vanilla extract can also give it a sweet smell. All you need to do is to soak a few cotton balls in vanilla extract and keep them in a small bowl. Place this bowl in your refrigerator so it can absorb strong smells. Don’t forget to replace the cotton balls every week.



Make Scent-Filled Jars



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You can buy air fresheners to make your home smell good. But why spend money on these expensive fake rolex products when you can keep your home fragrant with low-cost, homemade solutions?


Cinnamon, mint, citrus slices, and herbs are your go-to solutions when it comes to getting rid of unpleasant smells. Add cinnamon sticks, dried apples, and dried lemon or orange peels to a jar filled with simmering water. Place these jars in your living room, kitchen, and bedroom to deodorize the space.



Prepare a Room Freshener with Vinegar



Vinegar is known for its distinct aroma. You can make natural air fresheners with the help of white vinegar.


Take several small cotton balls in a bowl and dip them in the vinegar. Place these bowls in different rooms to eliminate smells. It can also absorb the smell of tobacco. So, if you smoke, you should try out this solution to keep the indoor air fresh. And you also can go fishing with the best kayak on the market.


It’s recommended to replace the cotton balls at least once a week.



Eliminate the Odor Coming from Wet Dogs



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Your pet dog can be your great companion, but it doesn’t mean they can’t contribute to the discomfort. The dreadful odor coming from wet dogs is something that can make you think you should get rid of your furry friend.


Instead of getting worked up, you should try to get rid of the nasty odor. This smell is produced due to the bacteria on the skin of dogs that thrive in the presence of moisture. So, towel-dry your pet and then use a blow dryer to eliminate the bacteria.


Once you’ve removed the smell from your pet’s skin, you can use the aforementioned tips to make your home smell fresh and amazing.