How to Prepare Your House for Sale

Here’s a brief guide to help you prepare your house for sale and make a positive impression on the customers.

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Preparing your home for sale is quite a task. You want to impress potential buyers so as to sell your property at compatible rates. But it takes time and effort to address the problems in the house. Whether you intend to sell your Rhode Island home via traditional way or list your home on the MLS, you should make sure the property can attract buyers before listing it.

Here’s a brief guide to help you prepare your house for sale and make a positive impression on the customers:

Inspect Your House

In order to evaluate the condition of your house and determine the problems you need to resolve, you should thoroughly inspect the premises. Look out for any structural damages, leaking plumbing system, loose doorknobs, broken doors or window frames, and the signs of rodents or insect infestation. Note down the identified problems so you don’t forget to address them later.

Clean the Outdoors

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Before listing your house on a real estate platform, don’t forget to clean up the outdoor space. The potential buyers will notice your garden first when visiting the place. A clean and well-maintained garden provides you with the opportunity to leave a great first impression on the buyers.

So, you should mow the lawn, get rid of pest-infested plants, trim and prune garden plants, and add attractive flowering plants.

You should also focus on the exterior of your house. Wash the patio, walls, and sidewalk to get rid of dirt and debris. Clean the roof gutters and chimney and also make repairs as needed.


Clean the Front Door and Windows

Make the entrance of your house more welcoming to the potential buyers. Clear away the clutter from the entrance. Remove the shoe rack away from the entrance, or else the buyers may not be impressed.

Clean the front door and windows. Carefully check the hinges and frames to ensure they are in place. If you think that the buyers and buyer’s agents don’t notice such small defects, you’re wrong!

So, it’s best to detect and resolve the problems beforehand, to avoid any problems down the line.


Eliminate Odors

How’d you feel if you visit a house with the intention to purchase it and the place stinks? You may not be interested in buying that property anymore.

If you want to sell your property at a good price, you should make the property attractive to the buyers. So, get rid of the odors at the earliest. If the smell arises due to the clogged pipes, you should acquire the services of plumbers to clean the drainage system. Also, use air fresheners or other natural remedies to get rid of the smell for good.


Renovate the Space

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Even the most spacious places look compact if they are messy and cluttered. So, get rid of the clutter and discard useless items.

If the paint has come off, you may want to paint your house again. It’s recommended to paint the interior space in neutral colors to make it more inviting.


Depersonalize Your House

The potential buyers should be able to picture themselves in the house to make a buying decision. So, remove your personal things, such as family photos, to make the house more appealing to your buyers.


Remove the Heavy Furniture

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Due to the heavy furniture, the buyers may feel like your house is too small. If you’re moving into another house and have bought the property, you should move the furniture to your new residence before the visits of potential buyers.

Selling your property is a daunting task, but if you want to get a good price, you should prepare it beforehand. With the help of the above tips, you can easily get your house ready for a sale and attract potential customers.

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