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What you get


Amplify & multiply your exposure

Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, RE/MAX, Homes.com, Movoto, Coldwell banker, Apartments.com, MLS.com, IDX and thousands more! Increase your exposure by targeting the 150 million+ monthly visitors they generate.

*Rental listings added through MLS will no longer appear on the Zillow Rentals network ( Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads).


No agent? No commission!

Close by yourself without an agent, & pay zero commission. We provide you with legal forms and expert real estate support.


Maximum pictures

Prospects spend 60% of their time looking at listing photos. We allow the maximum authorized by the MLS.


Unlimited: time, change, support

We list your home until it closes with unlimited changes to price, pictures or description. Our real estate specialist is available when you are.

beycome savings

Choose the package that works for you

Flat Fee MLS

$99 one time

Your essential listing solution.

Covering Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Georgia, Rhode Island, California, South Carolina and Alabama.



Listing on your local MLS

Listing on top real estate sites

Receive full legal offers online

All legal forms & documents

Real estate live support 6 days/week

Virtual tour & YouTube© video

Home visit manager

Open house scheduler

Messaging center

Unlimited pictures in beycome

Dual comparative market analysis

Social media sharing

Best value

Flat fee MLS

$199 one time

Yard & Openhouse sign + keylock & more.

Covering Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Georgia, Rhode Island, California, South Carolina and Alabama.


Includes the Flat Fee MLS
package plus:

Full listing featured on beycome.com

Customizable Flyers and brochure

Maximum pictures allowed

1x Key lock box

1x personalized yard signage

1x open house signage package

Craigslist© easy click & share Ad

Printable promotional items

Property listing on top classified websites as: Oodle, Listanza, Yakaz & more

Flat Fee MLS

$299 one time

Professional real estate photographer session.

Covering Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Rhode Island and Alabama.


Includes Flat fee MLS
Premium package plus:

25x professional HD pictures

1x photography session

Full ownership of the photos

Why choose beycome?

beycome savings

Serious savings

Save an average of $16,083 when selling a home and an average of $2,021 per year when renting a unit.

beycome savings

More money

Sell or lease your home for more money.
Ever hear of a sale-to-list-ratio?
We're at 96.5%.

beycome savings

Cut commission

Pay 0% seller agent commission fees.
Close directly without an agent,
and pay zero commission.

beycome savings

Fast closing

Close at a much faster rate.
beycome users typically close 11 days earlier
than the national average.

What our smart-users have to say about us

over $59 million saved to date & still counting

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Jean Baptiste R. Saved $31k

"What more could I ask?
If you're hesitant to use beycome, don't be.
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Buy rent or sell with beycome

Kyle D Saved $18.9k

"I was very impressed with this company.
From the initial assignment by our agent
it was a great experience.

Buy rent or sell with beycome

Marc & Staci K. Saved $13k

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With love and gratitude, Mission Accomplished...

Buy rent or sell with beycome

Jean Baptiste R. Saved $31k

"What more could I ask?
If you're hesitant to use beycome, don't be...

Buy rent or sell with beycome

Kyle D Saved $18.9k

"I was very impressed with this company.
From the initial assignment by our agent
it was a great experience.

Buy rent or sell with beycome

Marc & Staci K. Saved $13k

"We officially close TOMORROW!!!!
And yes we got our asking price...

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*Assumes typical listing agent commission of 3%, refund subject to sold price, agent commission, market and are subject to a minimum commission of $999.
Refunds may vary.

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It’s how much we’ve saved our smart users.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MLS© , Multiple Listing Service, is used by licensed brokers and realtors to list and search for properties on their own database. Every area has its own MLS© platform. In fact, there are over 958 across the United States. beycome currently covers Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Georgia, Rhode Island, California and South Carolina.

Your property will be syndicated to over 1000 websites including: Realtor.com©, Zillow©, Trulia©, Hotpads©, RE/MAX©, Homes.com©, Movoto©, Coldwell banker©, Apartments.com©, Century 21©, Redfin©, and more!

Depending on your regional MLS, you can upload from 1 to a maximum of 36 pictures ( some MLS allow a maximum of 24 pictures) and from 1 to 2 videos. Attachments must be original.

Yes! The MLS that beycome uses is the same one used by real estate agents and brokers. All participating MLS real estate agents belong to their regional association, so you can rest assured that your property will be listed locally. Agents are able to view your listing and contact you.

No, there is no catch or hidden fee.
Important: Georgia FMLS Fee: The FMLS charges a 0.0012 fee due at closing for properties listed in the FMLS. The 0.12% fee is paid directly to the FMLS at closing and is not paid to us. There is a $25 fee to cancel a listing from each Georgia MLS ( GMLS and FMLS). It is mandatory for the following counties to be listed in the FMLS: Barrow, Bartow, Cherokee, Cobb, Dawson, DeKalb, Douglas, Forsyth, Fulton (North of I-20), Gordon, Gwinnett, Hall, Lumpkin, Paulding, Pickens, and Walton.
Example: If the sale price of your home is $300,000 the fee to the FMLS would be $360. (300,000 x 0.0012). This fee is not an extra revenue or commission generated by beycome. This fee is mandatory by the FMLS on every transaction made in Georgia. More information here.

Once we receive all the information required to list your property on the MLS, please allow 1 business day to 36 hours to process your request.

Until your property is closed or you want to cancel the service. There is no expiration date and there are no recurring fees.

Yes! We are a licensed real estate brokerage:
Florida license number #BK3187552,
Illinois under license #471-020006,
Minnesota under license #40493701,
Georgia under license #396707,
Rhode Island under license REB.0018814,
California license CalBRE #01737574,
More coming soon.

We list your contact information in the broker/real estate remarks section (a section visible only to individuals with access to the MLS – typically real estate brokers or agents). When we are contacted about your property, we immediately relay that information to you (and we provide the interested home buyer or renter with your contact information) by email and from your beycome dashboard so that you can close the deal directly! Think of us as your secretaries. We’re always available to make your home closing process simple and equitable. More info

Individuals who are not licensed cannot list properties within the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). A property can only be listed by real estate brokers, like beycome (or real estate attorneys) who pay MLS© fees which allow them to access the MLS©. Real estate brokers are responsible for keeping MLS© listings up to date..

beycome is for you if you don’t want to pay a percentage-based commission, live in Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Georgia, Rhode Island, California or South Carolina and want to save lots of money!

Why The Flat Fee MLS is Needed?

The MLS© and its syndicated websites allow you to put your home in front of 150 million + monthly visitors and generate over 80% of all real estate deals. This database helps real estate agents easily find listings.
Your property will be syndicated to over 1000 websites, such as realtor.com©, homes.com©, Zillow©, rent.com©, re/max©, century 21©, Coldwell banker©, Trulia© , IDX© and many, many more.

General Rhode Island MLS information

beycome savings

How much can you save on a home in Rhode Island?


When you sell a home in Rhode Island, how much do you think you will make in the end? Working with an agent could cost you up to 5.5 - 6% by the time the deal is closed. Meaning, a deal that leads to a $400,000 sale could have you giving up $20,000-$26,000. You can avoid a significant loss by working with beycome and close your deal without an agent.


Leasing out a home with a Rhode Island agent may end up costing you 10% of the overall annual rent. For example, when you rent out an apartment for $31,920 annually, that could be cut down by $3,000 - $3,500. beycome avoids percentage-based fees and you otherwise would have spent on an agent.

Easy Steps to List Your Rhode Island Property

1 - Fill out the information that is requested

2 - Choose the appropriate option for listing/payment

3 - Fill out the registration form and submit

4 - Fill out the listing details and upload any photos

Once the process is completed, syndication will make sure that the listing is placed throughout the selected MLS database. For any problems or concerns, beycome is willing and able to assist in the process. Feel free to contact us for any issues you have.

beycome savings
beycome savings

How beycome’s Flat Fee MLS© Works

In the Rhode Island real estate market, percentage-based fees could cost you thousands by the time a deal closes. A real estate broker will take up to 6% on a sale or 10% of an annual rental cost. Working with beycome will help you avoid unnecessary percentage based commissions. Instead, simply pay a flat fee to list your home on the MLS©. Packages to list on the MLS© start at only $99. With beycome, your home is listed while the rest of the money that could have gone towards paying a broker never left your pocket.

The beycome difference

- For a single flat fee payment of $99, you can list on your local MLS© for an unlimited amount of time.

- On average, beycome clients save around $14,000 during a home sale closing and $2,000 during a rental.

- beycome provides syndication for your listing on sites like Realtor.com©, Zillow.com©, Redfin©, RE/MAX©, Trulia©, and hundreds more.

- We provide a 90-day money back guarantee if one or more of the following conditions are not met in a 90 day period (i) if you aren't able to sell or lease your home, (ii) don’t receive two legitimate offers, (iii) or if your property is not under contract.

*Rental listings added through MLS will no longer appear on the Zillow Rentals network ( Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads).

beycome savings

Why Use beycome’s Rhode Island Flat Fee MLS© Service for Selling and Renting Rather Than a Traditional Real Estate Agent?

Why? Because you deserve to be in control of your sale and should not pay fees that could have been avoided. Why should you lose 6% to 10% off of the closing costs in commission fees? beycome helps you avoid this by paying a one-time flat fee. With this single flat fee, you will be able to list your home, condo, or apartment on the MLS©. You can put any information on the online listing and negotiate any contracts on your terms.

If you wish to cancel our services, you can do so without any additional charges. You are also provided with a 90-day money-back guarantee in case you are unable to sell, do not receive at least two legitimate offers, or your property is not under contract. Our staff of real estate experts is willing and able to help you with your needs. They are on call six days a week and can assist in English, Spanish, or French.

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